March 12, 1999

USIU and Newschool of Architecture to Cooperate on General Education and Student Housing

United States International University (USIU) and San Diego's Newschool of Architecture have entered into a cooperative agreement aimed at attracting students from outside of California to enroll in Newschool's Bachelor of Architecture program.

The agreement, signed in December by USIU President Garry D. Hays and New-school President Gordon Bishop, provides for the institutions to cooperate in three specific areas: general education courses; on-campus housing; and access to services and facilities.

Students admitted to New-school's Bachelor of Architecture program are now permitted to take general education courses at USIU in partial fulfillment of their degree requirements and to reside in USIU's student residence halls.

Until now, many New-school students have completed their general education requirements at local community colleges and have been responsible for finding housing on their own. The agreement with USIU provides these students with the experience of a residential campus life, since they will have the opportunity to be fully integrated into USIU's campus life, students activities, residence hall events, and other on-campus functions. These students may participate in USIU's student clubs, use USIU athletics facilities, and dine in the campus cafeteria during and after the completion of their general education courses at USIU.

For those students admitted to Newschool's degree program, but who need additional coursework in English as a second language in order to be successful in their academic programs, concurrent enrollment in USIU's ESL classes is also permitted.

"We expect this new initiative to be mutually beneficial," stated USIU President Garry Hays. "USIU stands to increase the number of students taking general education courses and living in the residence halls, further enhancing our efforts to emphasize undergraduate education."

Newschool of Architecture is the only professional school accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board located in San Diego County. It enrolls 120 students in both undergraduate and graduate degree programs, and is located in an urban loft building in downtown San Diego, at 1249 F Street. Newschool students typically live downtown and work in professional offices nearby. There are limited cocurricular activities at the college.

"We are excited about working with USIU, a leader in providing high quality educational experiences for its students," stated Dr. Gordon Bishop, president of New-school of Architecture. He continued, "We are pleased to be able to offer Newschool students the housing, general education classes, and student services available at USIU's Scripps Ranch campus.

USIU is a private, independent university offering bachelor's master's and doctoral degree programs in a variety of subject areas. USIU does not offer degree program in architecture.

The agreement provides that both USIU and the Newschool will market the cooperative program to all newly recruited undergraduate students. The first students are expected to participate in Spring Quarter 1999.

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