March 12, 1999

Notas Politicas.....

A Coup-d'etat was attempted by Republican Assembly members against the Assembly Minority Leader Rod Pacheco. The coup was led by Bakersfield Republican Roy Asburn. The attempt failed but it showed how the much the vaunted "big-tent" political effort by the State Republican party is nothing but a `pup-tent' with room only for Anglo Republicans. Capital Chicanos are wondering how much longer minority people of color are going to believe in the current State Republican political leadership.


Past President of the Hispanic National Bar Association Gregory Vega was appointed to the post of United States Attorney for the Southern District by President Bill Clinton. The Southern Districted is based in San Diego. He will be the chief federal prosecutor and law enforcement officer for the district.


Eighteen "Zapatistas" from Chiapas , Mexico, will arrive in Tijuana March 13 to attend the promote the "Consulta," a Zapatista plebiscite on the rights of indigenous peoples in Mexico. The Consulta will take place on March 21 throughout Mexico and internationally. Place and time of the event will be announced by the Brigada Dignidad y Libertad Mexico '99. For information call 619-238-1082.


Lucrecia Bermudez, a progressive Latina Lesbian she will run against Willie Brown current Mayor of San Francisco. In her last run for public office Bermudez received over 24,000 votes (12%) in her race for Supervisor. She stated "This is not a protest campaign against Mayor Brown. It is a serious effort to unseat Mayor Willie Brown and to disassemble the local political machine." The campaign may be contacted at (415) 643-6968.


Padre owner John J. Moores (Rancho Santa Fe) has been appointed to the U.C. Board of Regents by Governor Davis. Moores is a member of Scripps Research Inc., as well as owner of the Padres.


Congressman Brian Bilbray co-sponsored an anti-union labor bill that would repeal their right to have workers pay Union dues as condition of employment. This is being viewed as another move to weaken the ability of working class Americans to struggle against the major conglomerates that would turn the American working force into another 3rd world entity. Bilbray stated that he is representing his constituents of his district which happens to be a `working class district.


The Sweetwater Union High School District has been hit by a lawsuit alleging unlawful discrimination based upon both disability and national origin. Mr. David Solano is a Latino who has dyslexia. He is an auto technician and has been repeatedly passed over for promotion. The District, it is alleged, has failed to provide reasonable accommodation for his disability. Though it has accommodated white employees. Attorney Daniel E. Marshall is the attorney of record.


U.C.S.D. has been sued by the ACLU for violating the First Amendment free speech protections by being vague and subjective in it's policies. National Merit Scholar Ryan Benjamin Shapiro, a student, was punished by administrators for refusing to remove a political sign from his dormitory room that contained four-letter word (d u m b ?)

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