Volume XXVI Number 10 March, 8, 2002

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Vista School District Strikes Out with Family:

Baseball Program Gets Oversight Committee

By Yvette tenBerge

In March 2001, after a heated exchange with his coach during the fifth inning of a game, Isaias "Ziggy" Luna was kicked off Vista High School's junior-varsity baseball team. Unlike most families who find themselves in this situation, the Luna's fought back.

Elizabeth and Toby Luna are a lot like many other parents in the Vista area. Both graduated from Vista High, and both work hard to support their two sons. As their boys grew, Mr. and Ms. Luna spent their weekends attending Little League baseball games, and their nights helping with homework. Over the years, America's national pastime came to be a labor of love for their family.

Isaias "Ziggy" Luna's 2001 Baseball picture.

When their elder son, Ziggy, began playing baseball at Vista High, though, the Luna's realized that they were in the middle of a system that revolved less around a simple love for the game and more around politics. After a year-long battle, their complaint has resulted in the Vista Unified School District's (VUSD) creation of a still unnamed committee whose job it will be to "clarify codes of conduct and procedures of discipline" for both students-athletes and coaches.

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The Story of a Bracero
By Rigoberto Garcia Perez
Interviewed by David Bacon
BLYTHE, CA (3/2/01) — President George Bush has declared his intention to restart negotiations over immigration reform with the Mexican government of Vicente Fox. But the main reform under consideration, in the post 9/11 era, is no longer an amnesty for undocumented immigrants. Both governments have proposed a temporary worker program that looks hauntingly familiar — like the bracero program of 1941-1964. One participant in that program, Rigoberto Garcia Perez, remembers that while it was humiliating and abusive, also led to his family settling in the US. He told his story to David Bacon, as part of a documentation project on transnational communities sponsored by the Rockefeller Foundation.

Hungarian "Rom" Visit San Diego
by: D. L. Muñoz
The first ROM (Gypsies) arrived in the American continent in 1498 accompanying Christopher Columbus on his third voyage to the New world. It would not be until 1880, that the first major wave of "Roma" sailed to the United States fleeing from persecution in Serbia, Russia, and Austria-Hungry. They had come so far only to be excluded from the right to immigrate by the United States immigration policy in 1885. It seemed that no one wanted the Rom.

Que es esto: Texas debate in Spanish?
By Kris Axtman
HOUSTON, March 1, 2002 -- It's a common refrain among many Hispanics in the Southwest: We didn't cross the border; the border crossed us.

Pope To Canonise Two During Mexico, Guatemala Visits
Agence France-Presse -- Pope John Paul II will visit Mexico and Guatemala to canonise an Aztec indian and a priest as part of a marathon trip in late July and early August which begins in Canada, the Vatican said Tuesday.


Progreso y Pujanza en el Bello Puerto de Tampico y Sus Contornos
Por: Paco Zavala
Ciudad de características muy "Sui generis", rodeada casi totalmente de agua, pues se encuentra enclavada entre el paralelo 22 y el Trópico de Cáncer en el Golfo de México, la rodean los caudalosos ríos Pánuco y Tamesí y la famosa Laguna del Chairel. Tampico ciudad joven, pacífica, hermosa, trabajadora, con una belleza exhuberante y exótica. Aquí en este girón de la patria mexicana confluyen un crecimiento demográfico de casi cinco millones de habitantes compuesto primordialmente por la raza criolla y mestiza, pero también existe mucha población proveniente de Arabia, de España, de Israel, de China y actualmente también de Corea. Con un clima tropical por excelencia.

The California Endowment Appoints a New Program Officer for San Diego and Imperial Counties
The California Endowment, the state's largest health foundation, recently appointed Olga de la Cruz-Cañon, a new program officer, to work with community-based organizations located in San Diego and Imperial counties. Ms. de la Cruz-Cañon will conduct outreach to organizations to increase their awareness of funding opportunities, review health-related grant proposals from various Southern Ca-lifornia-based community organizations, help to develop programs to assist underserved communities, and monitor foundations grants.

Susan Guevara y Pam Muñoz Ryan Ganadores del Premio Pura Belpré
Susan Guevara, ilustradora del libro "Chato and the Party Animals", escrito por Gary Soto y publicado por G.P. Putnam's Sons, y Pam Muñoz Ryan autora del libro "Esperanza Rising" publicado por Scholastic Press, son los ganadores del Premio Pura Belpré del año 2002. Este premio se otorga a los escritores e ilustradores latinos cuyo trabajo refleja el mejor retrato de la cultura latina en un libro para niños. El premio fue anunciado durante la Conferencia de Invierno de la American Library Association (ALA) en Nueva Orleans, Louisiana el día 21 de enero de 2002.

Por Diego Alvarez
Colombia, ya era hora
El pasado 20 de febrero, el presidente de Colombia, Andrés Pastrana, decidió poner fin a las negociaciones de paz que sostenía con el grupo guerrillero FARC, Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia, un grupo que ha sembrado el terror durante los últimos 40 años en ese país suramericano.

Women's Hall of Fame to honor lives and legacies of five San Diego women at the Inaugural Induction Ceremony
In recognition of Women's History Month five outstanding women will be recognized for their significant contributions to the qualify of life, history, and culture of San Diego County as the Inaugural Inductees of the San Diego County Women's Hall of Fame.

SDUS District and San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce Education Foundation announce opening of web-based charter school
Global Learning Charter School to enroll home-school students
The San Diego Unified School District and the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce Education Foundation announce the opening of the county's newest charter school _ Global Learning Charter School.

Math/Science Program Reaches Out to K-12 Schools
When Renee Maldonado was in high school, she found that she hadn't taken the right courses to apply for college because her counselor didn't expect someone from her background to be interested in higher education.

Los Planteles De La UC Son Los Lideres Nacionales En La Matricula De Estudiantes provenientes De Familias De Bajos Ingresos
La Universidad de California matricula a más estudiantes pobres y de clase trabajadora que ninguna otra universidad privada o pública de renombre en el país, según un nuevo estudio de la Fundación James Irvine.

SDSU Streamlines Undergraduate Admissions
University Significantly Limits Spring Admissions in Favor of Greater Access in Fall
San Diego State University, in the midst of the unprecedented enrollment demands of "Tidal Wave 2," is streamlining its admissions cycles to help accommodate an unprecedented number of applicants for the fall 2002 semester.

Community Notes:
The Association of Chicana Activists Annual High School Conference of San Diego State University
The Association of Chicana Activists (A.Ch.A.) of San Diego State University, will be holding their 9th annual High School Conference on Saturday, March 9, 2002 from 8:30am to 4:00pm. The conference is held by a non-profit organization in order to encourage young Latinas/Chicanas to go to college and to pursue a higher education.


Voter Turn Out Shameful
Seventy Percent of San Diego County Voters Missing in Action!

Democracy took a beating at the polls this past Tuesday. With 1,355,756 San Di-ego County citizens registered to vote, only 29.6 percent (401,677) exercised their right. It is a testimonial to the failure of the political process when 954,079 voters fail to validate our form of government by not bothering to vote. There are 3,500,000 residents in San Diego County. We are now a county that is represented by only 29 percent of its registered voters.

Mexicanizing California?
By Domenico Maceri
"Our future students" I remarked to a colleague as we looked at a bus full of mostly Hispanics kids who were visiting the college where I work. Hispanics in California are growing by leaps and bounds. A recent study by UCLA researchers showed that Hispanic mothers had 247,796 (47%) of the 521,265 babies born in California in 1998, while non-Hispanic mothers had 33%.

How Can We Justify This?

By Representative Dennis J. Kucinich (D-Ohio)
Let us pray that our nation will remember that the unfolding of the promise of democracy in our nation paralleled the striving for civil rights. That is why we must challenge the rationale of the Patriot Act. We must ask why should America put aside guarantees of constitutional justice?

Día Internacional de la Mujer Bitacora de Absurdos
Por Claudia Hernandez
A través de los tiempos el hombre y la mujer han combatido en perenne lucha, la famosa lucha por la igualdad de derechos. Como toda batalla comienza con un ideal y pretendiendo un fin, sin embargo y como la historia lo ha demostrado, en un sinnúmero de ocasiones, suelen olvidarse las buenas intenciones en el transcurso de dicha batalla, ya que los protagonistas se ven seducidos por su propia naturaleza sensual secundando los principios, en los cuales se basó el ideal que generó su tan "justificada" lucha por una degeneración de intenciones e intereses resultando así las aberraciones humanas que hemos vivido desde el principio de la historia del hombre hasta nuestros días.

The Public Forum ... El Foro Publico
Orale Jefito!!
Maybe you will give a little support to someone in the PGOP. Oh, that's the new name of the California Republican Party if Riordan doesn't win the primary.

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Entertainment, Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

Calaca Press presents "Razor Edges of My Tongue" by Leticia Hernández-Linares
Razor Edges of My Tongue (Calaca Press) is Leticia Her-nández's first poetry chapbook, and it is sure to get your chones in a knot about some-thing...gentrification, Salvadoran history, aqua net, rebel saints, menudo from the can.

Se Otorgará el Premio Nacional de Dramaturgia Joven
Por Paco Zavala
México es un país nutrído de cultura en muchísimos aspectos y contornos; el arte fluye abundantemente en todas sus vertientes y formas. En fin, es un país rico en manifestaciones de arte y cultura en todo su territorio; se celebran fiestas regionales, religiosas, familiares. Siempre se tiene un motivo que justifique la celebración.

Margie Bermejo ofrecerá concierto para las mujeres junto con Dimitri Dudin al piano
El Consejo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes, a través del Centro Cultural Tijuana, invita al público en general a festejar el día internacional de la mujer con el concierto que ofrecerá Margie Bermejo (voz) junto con Dudin (piano), interpretando canciones populares de la música mexicana. Se llevará a cabo el 8 de marzo, a las 20:30 hrs., en el Foro del Jardín.

Raúl Hernández... El Navegante
El trovador Sinaloense Raúl Hernández, se anota otro gran éxito en su carrera musical con la producción del nuevo videoclip "El Navegante".

Calendar of Events . . .
by Berenice Cisneros
"La Feria de la Mujer"
Los sonidos sensacionales del Mariachi Mexicano que acompañarán las delicadas demostraciones de baile folklórico, resaltando la cuarta edición de "La Feria de la Mujer," que tomará lugar el 9 de marzo en el San Diego Concourse ubicado en el 202 "C" Street, San Diego.

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