March 7, 2003

The Barrio speaks: Este Indio has had it with those locos en Washington D.C. El President and his TERRORISTAS, “Blanquitos”, don’t seem to give a damn if hundreds of thousands of nuestra gente (Chicanos Mexicanos, Latinos, Barrio Dudes) get their brains blown out just to make George W. Bush and his crazy Right- wingers feel they are the heavy metal in the nation! GUERRA/WAR, in defense of your country, is one thing. WAR, to fatten the pockets of the rich stock brokers and multi-billionaires, by turning it into a multi- billion dollar industry, making bombs, planes, Nukes, ships, & tanks, is another thing, especially if it will be paid for by the blood of our Raza.

Orale Gente, you ever notice that the only time the Gringo loves us is when they have programmed a war that will be fought over the bodies of our Chicanos? That’s the only time that los Gringos appreciate our WARRIOR BLOOD we inherited from our AZTEC Ancestor! NI MODO, YA BASTA!

PREGUNTA: To Washington D.C. Politics: Why don’t you send your children into the cauldron of massive firepower just so the STOCK MARKET AND THE OIL FIELDS KEEP GUSHING OUT OIL? Come on Mr. President, and the wimps in the Senate and Congress, show your commitment to stop terrorism! Line up your spoiled, pampered children and send them into the middle Iraq. Lets really see if this is really about saving the nation and just not an excuse to fatten your pockets! (At the last check made: Only one Republican elected official had a child in the armed forces!)

Canadians have decided to assist the U.S. in the war against terrorism. They have agreed to send two battleships, 6,000 ground troops, and 6 fighter jets (or the equivalency). The Brothers across the Canadian Border are not so dumb after all. When the exchange ratio is figured in, that means, they will send: ONE CANOE, 2 MOUNTIES, AND 2 FLYING SQUIRRELS!

Local REPUBLICANS must be getting worried that local BWB’s (brown-wanna-be’s) are not really getting hot and bothered over their leader G.W. B. To stoke up the fires of patriotism, and demonstrate how much they really love us brown folks, Mayor DICK Murphy has been put up to nominate Sylvia RIOS to the Port Commission! Hot flash! This would be the first HISPANIC to ever have been appointed! Before you rant your calzones apart jumping for joy, the establishment folks have already stripped the Port Commission of any relevant power and turned it into an irrelevant powerless Commission. Note, all the VIPS are bailing out of the Commission.

Alerta Gente: We may be growing in numbers, but the White Boys are already changing the local forms of government where the GOOD OLD BOYS (mostly all Euro-white) will remain at the seats of power and control! Shucks, look how irrelevant being Mayor of San Diego has gotten! The CHARGERS see the writing on the wall.

The Right Wing is working hard to turn the Supervisors into the only group that will have power to control all governmental functions of the City of San Diego and the County (all 18 municipalities)! The plan is to have a small number of White REPPIES (All living in Rancho Santa Fe, Del Mar, La Jolla and Northern County) rule! They already control all the dinero in the area!

Councilman Ralph Inzunza (San Diego District 8) ranked and rated by the San Diego Coastal Alliance as having the worse record in protecting the public interest in his voting. Inzunza was awarded an F grade. It appears Councilman Inzunza is a far better friend of Corky McMillin the Developer and the PADRES ownership than of the thousands of residents of District Eight that voted for him. At the other end of the scale Councilwoman Donna Frye was awarded a B plus receiving the highest rating among the Councilmen and the Mayor. Speaking of the Mayor, he was given an F grade. The Mayor in his performance mostly placed motions on the agenda that contained special gifts for insiders. Ninety one times he voted against the public interest! He is the Mayor representing whom????

Developer Corky McMillan, was named SLEEZY DEVELOPER OF THE YEAR by The San Diego Coastal Alliance in their First Annual Scorecard-2002.

Bueno Gente this Ash Wednesday, President George W. Bush, received a message from Pope John II. Cardinal Pio Laghi brought the message to the President. The Pope told him: “God is not on your side if you invade Iraq.” “A war would be a defeat for humanity and would neither be morally nor legally justified.” The President of the United States told the POPE: YOU ARE WRONG”! The Pope is the leader of the Catholic people of the world. Can we, as Catholics, go to war, that is neither morally nor legally justified? Many of us Catholics, that served in the previous wars, labored with this issue during WWII, Korea & Vietnam. We killed then and suffered the pain of knowing that we had broken one of the Ten Commandments “Though shall not Kill.” Our efforts to find spiritual solace and obsolvement, for what is considered a mortal sin, came to an end. The Church could not absolve us of this mortal sin if the war was not a justifiable war. To this day we live with this heavy burden on our soul. We know that we betrayed our mortal souls for following the Commander in Chief’s orders and slaughtering the combatants as well as non-combatants. I for one cannot ever do this again.

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