March 7, 2003

National Council on Education in the Ceramic Arts 37th Annual Conference BORDERS IN FLUX MARCH

The National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts is holding its 37th Annual Conference, BORDERS IN FLUX at the Town and Country Hotel March 12 – 15. The conference is expected to attract an international group of more than 4,000 attendees, who will participate in a full array of panels and lectures dealing with varied aspects of the ceramic arts, including theme-related topics.

Participants will also attend demonstrations, international, graduate student, and K-12 slide forums, screenings of videos on ceramic art, as well as special sessions on glazes and kilns. Over 100 art galleries, art spaces, studios, museums and alternative spaces throughout the San Diego County area will feature exhibitions with a focus on ceramic art during the week of the conference.

Come to this extraordinary event and see the full range of the ceramic arts from functional pottery to sculptural ceramics and ceramic installations.

The conference theme, Borders in Flux, focuses on a global view of the ceramic arts, from the ancient traditions of pottery making to the most current cutting-edge contemporary art. As the borders of our world fade and merge, the cultural distinctions that once clearly defined much of what ceramists produced in the past have ebbed. San Diego’s location at the edge of the Pacific provides an ideal setting for this forum.

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