March 5, 1999

Disturbing Questions Surface After The Special Election

As Americans, we like to believe that our country is a Democratic society where the conduct and behavior of our political and institutionalized elements of our society are conducted in a fair and under democratic principles. The just concluded Special Election in the County of San Diego raises serious concerns over just how Democratic are our institutions are.

It is common knowledge that totalitarian regimes, of the Right or Left, are the only political entities where all public expressions of opinion are strictly controlled or forbidden. Examples of such governments are the Communist, country of Russia, China , Cuba and to some extent one party dominated regimes in Latin America. Nazi Germany, Vichi-France, Fascist Italy, Fascist Spain are but some other examples of totalitarian regimes where all aspects of human endeavor were and are tightly controlled. There is no freedom of speech or political disobedience to the ruling powers in régimes of this political nature. In some of these societies it is still courting death to disagree with the ruling oligarchies.

Serious concerns are raised when in the just concluded elections the following was noted:

Every single Municipality sided on the Pro-side of Prop L. Not one dissenting voice was raised.

1. Every one of them is ruled by Republican office holders. With very few Democrats or any other party being represented on the council or as Mayor.

Every single avenue to disseminate information to the public i.e. Television, Radio, Newspapers, magazines, Cable Television, and public supported radio supported Prop L.

2. A black out on anti-Prop L information was in place. Freedom to speak was so limited and controlled that the ability to bring both sides of the issue to the voters was practically non-existent.

3. The majority of information was one sided and the media made no efforts to be objective in their presentations. A total blackout was in place.

4. The principal media turned into propaganda arms of the ruling oligarchy, that was determined to force its will on the voters. Editorials, letters to the editors, and stories were biased with little but token efforts to present the different sides of the issue.

5. Most of the media forgot or ignored their raison d' etat ". It is for good reason that we are the 4th estate. In this election, the local media acted as an extension of the governing elite. There was only one view in their editorials and coverage.

As if led like sheep, many of the civic, business, social groups lined up on the pro-side of Prop L. It seemed like a conditioned response. The propaganda seemed to work on them. The tie-in between the Chamber of Commerce and the establishment was obvious. There was no deviance from their position.

Most strange of all, the congressional delegation from San Diego, usually an argumentative group, jumped in on the Pro-Side without even discussing it with the anti- forces. It almost seemed like Newt Gingrich had laid down a `contract on San Diego'... Their actions did little to enhance their political astuteness.

In spite of all that, the "people" refused to be sheep herded into obedience. What does that say about the unholy alliance that attempted to bulldoze Prop L? What does that say about the strength of our Democratic principles?

What is worrisome is that it was the Republican party that tried to impeach the President. We went through a period of time when the Republican leaders tried to impose a "Contract on America" in the Congress. And all the Republican Representatives walked in lockstep to try and impose Ginchrich's will... No matter what the American people thought about it.

Now we see a close up example of mostly Republicans attempt to stifle the Democratic process in San Diego and push Prop L without input from those that would disagree. If it hadn't been for their ignorance they might have succeeded.

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