March 5, 1999

Stricter Admissions Standards Means Rejection For Many


More than 5,200 San Diego State University enrollment applicants will have to attend college elsewhere in the fall after they were denied acceptance due to the school's tougher admissions criteria.

SDSU announced Tuesday it had admitted 14,920 freshmen and undergraduate transfer students under the school's first year of an enrollment-management program aimed at reducing overcrowding. Another 5,219 applicants who met admissions standards for the rest of the universities within the California State University system received rejection letters from SDSU in the mail this week.

Another 6,700 applicants who didn't meet the CSU standands also were turned away for the fall 1999 semester.

``We understand there are some disappointed people out there, and we regret that,'' said University President Stephen L. Weber.

He said SDSU could no longer accept every CSU-eligible student because it lacks funding and space.

Universities within the CSU system accept its applicants by using an ``eligibility index'' that adds a combination of student grades and test scores. To be admitted to any university within the system, a student would have to score 2,900 points. At SDSU, a student would need a score of 3,400 to be accepted.

The average grade-point average of students accepted by SDSU for the fall semester is 3.48.

University officials estimate 43 out of every 100 applicants accepted will decide to enroll, which would equal 6,356 new students.

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