March 5, 2004

Madstone’s Premier Pic Series Returns To San Diego

Critically acclaimed series debuts six films over six-week period!

Madstone Theaters is thrilled to announce the return of the Premier Pic Series for a Spring 2004 session in San Diego, running for six weeks, March 19 through April 29, 2004. The six-week series will roll out the red carpet for six titles that made waves in the film world and are now premiering for the first time in San Diego. Each film screens for one week only! The films titles and opening dates are: 

March 19: MADE UP

In this charming coming-of-middle-age comedy, an aspiring cosmetologist teenager named Sarah (Eva Amurri) gives an elaborate makeover to her divorced mother Elizabeth Tivey (Brooke Adams). The complete aesthetic overhaul includes a tape-on face-lift, eye-tucks, and a wig. All the while Elizabeth’s sister Kate (Lynn Adams) documents the process for her video class. Then comes the ultimate test, when Elizabeth meets a fabulous new man. Is it the real or the “made-up” woman he’s attracted to?


Shooting on location in East Jerusalem, Ramallah, and at checkpoints between, “Rana’s Wedding” examines the Palestinian-Israeli conflict through the eyes of a young woman named Rana (Clara Khoury) who is on a difficult mission to marry the man of her choosing. When she awakens to a marriage ultimatum from her father, she chooses to follow her heart and leave the country, rather than marry a man from a pre-approved list. Now, with just ten hours to find her boyfriend in occupied Jerusalem, Rana must negotiate her way around roadblocks, soldiers, stone throwers and overworked officials ... into the heart of an elusive lover.


Alix (Ana Reeder) is a young white, educated, middle-class girl, in the unforgiving grips of drug addiction. Homeless, her daily life consists of hustling for drug money, and taking advantage of the few friends she has. When Digna (Michael Hyatt), a photographer on the verge of making it big, befriends Alix and attempts to set her on the path to recovery, the troubled girl’s emotional and ethical cores are put to the test. On the surface the two women seem to represent success and failure respectively. However, when their lives become intertwined, similarities between them are exposed.


A strange series of illogical events take place one evening somewhere in our hemisphere: a clerk is fired in a degrading manner; a lost immigrant is violently attacked on a busy street; a magician makes an error in his act. In the midst of mayhem, one person stands out. Karl (Lars Nordh) is covered in soot from the fire he has lit to burn down his furniture store in order to collect the insurance money. The following day the signs of chaos are taking hold as the madness grips the citizens and the city itself is strangled by a horrendous traffic jam. Kalle gradually becomes aware of the absurdity of the world and how difficult it is to be human.        


A slap-stick musical shot in black and white, “The American Astronaut” is a thrillingly original look at the ultimate lonely town that is outer space. In it, space travel is a dirty way of life dominated by loner space cowboys like Samuel Curtis (McAbee), an interplanetary trader from Nevada. Unaware that old friend Professor Hess (Rocco Sisto) is pursuing him and would like to kill him, Curtis sets forth through a rustic and remote solar system.

April 23: TYCOON

A high-energy thriller, “Tycoon” is based on the true story of Russian oligarch Boris Berezosky. In 1988 Platon Makovski (Vladimir Mashkov) and four bright college friends abandon their science studies for the shady world of post-Soviet business. Set over a 15-year period, “Tycoon” follows the police investigation into the attempted assassination of Makovski years later, delving into the private lives of those who looted their country and its inhabitants, yet were also the lifeblood of a nation paralyzed by inertia and the fear of change. Tycoon has become the highest grossing domestic film in Russian history.  Presented in Russian with English subtitles

Six titles. Six weeks. Get ready to... see what all the talk’s about! For more info contact Madstone Theaters at 619-299-4525 or visit

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