March 3, 2006

Q-V0. With the Olympics now over, pos we can concentrate on otras cosas! For one, did you know that Beijing, China will have their Olympics in TWO YEARS (2008)! The Chinese want to make sure their people are prepared! First thing the Locals are going to do is start their people training immediately TO NOT BE SPITTING ON THE STREET, FLOORS, and SIDEWALKS, ETC! Seems the Chinese have declared spitting a big NO NO! According to a press release the Director of Beijing’ Ethics Development Office will arrest you if they catch you spitting! So look out for the Mucus Monitors patrolling the streets of Beijing.They will not have you Spitting during the 08 Olympics!! Hijole! Están poco locos esta Gente!

El Judge de Miami, Florida got angry with La Placa de Miami. Seems they deported 15 Cubans who landed on an unused Bridge in the Florida Keys and then deported them back to Cuba…Seems they got mixed up on their “Wet-foot, Dry-Foot” policy. As you may, or may not know, if you can get all the way to Florida and make a landing on the beach or rocks etc ...You are then considered a Dry-Foot immigrant! You can then be allowed to stay in the U.S. Otherwise they send you back to Castro! Unfortunately, for them, the bridge wasn’t making contact with dry land… So, they made wet landing... Back to Cuba!

La Vida Loca… “NO SMOKING CURBS” are now in place in: Australia, most Beaches, Airports, Offices, Restaurants, streets. Manly and Bondi Beach, etc.Thinking of going to Bhutan? Smoking is banned throughout the Himalayan Kingdom! Fidel Castro has kicked the Cigar habit! Smoking is now banned on public transport, in shops. In Ireland, anyone caught smoking in Pubs, Restaurants faces a fine of 3,000 euros... Italy imposed a ban on smoking in all enclosed public places including bars and restaurants! Tobacco advertising has been prohibited in Norway. Spain which had 50,000 smoking related deaths annually has now banned smoking in offices, schools, cultural, centers, public transport. Businesses occupying more than 100sq m have to set up a separate smoking area. 30% of the Spanish population smoke! All we could find in San Diego, Calif. is that we now are asking volunteers to spend their days off picking up Cigarette Butts off our beaches! Good news. By 2008 the United Kingdom could be largely smoke-free zone!

Qué lástima that we don’t ban all cigarette and illegal drugs from the face of the Earth!

Pregunta: How cum …Por qué… the Republicans don’t speak out against their hero El Duque Cunningham? Is it because he is a former pilot, Naval Officer, and now a betrayer of the public trust? Come on, that’s why we don’t trust Republicans from the President on down. You all forget that when you took the oath of office as a Congressman or President that you’re representing all the American people living in this country AND NOT JUST THOSE WHO HOLD TO REPUBLICAN BELIEF’S! You took the oath of office as Congressman or as President or Vice President to represent ALL YOUR COUNTRYMEN! Not just those who belong to one party or the other!

It is incredible that Republicans play Zero-Sum Games as if the people of America all believe in exactly the same belief system. We hold some truths to be common to all! But the beauty of America is that we all don’t have to march in lock step! We can live as a nation and still not believe in walking in lockstep with every one! We in America retain the right to agree or disagree. But at the same time we hold some truths to be held in common.

Those of us that served our country in foreign battle fields perhaps understand that after placing your life in jeopardy in defense of your country and your beliefs, that your stake in America is perhaps little more strongly felt than others. And then there is a Cunningham, who has betrayed his Oath as an Officer and Gentleman! In a sense he betrayed every one who has struggled on the soil of foreign lands in defense of his country.

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