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Tuesday, March 5, 2002


State Offices

Governor: Gray Davis

Lt. Governor: Cruz Bustamente

Secretary of State: Michela Aliota

Controller: Steve Westly

Treasurer: Philip Angelides

Attorney General: Bill Lockyer

Insurance Commissioner: John Garamendi

Board of Equalization: Mary Christian Heising

Pictured, Michela Aliota

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Inzunza Takes Credit for "César Chávez Parkway": Chicano Artist Left Out
By Yvette tenBerge
As local politicians pat themselves on the back over their latest contribution to the Hispanic community ­ the renaming of a Barrio Logan street in honor of César Chávez ­ the Chicano artist who has campaigned for this change since 1995 goes unrecognized for his part in it.

Bush delinea cambios para el `welfare'
Maribel Hastings
WASHINGTON — El presidente George W. Bush propuso ayer introducir cambios en la controvertida ley de reforma a la Asistencia Pública (welfare) de 1996, entre ellos la restauración de estampillas de comida para inmigrantes, aumentar las horas de trabajo de los beneficiarios y promover el matrimonio de las mujeres que viven solas con hijos.

Bush's Welfare Reauthorization Plan Boosts Cash Aid, Weakens Work Requirements, and Broadens Government Intervention in Marriage
WASHINGTON - President Bush announced his plan for reauthorization of the 1996 Welfare Reform Act this week. It includes four proposals and his faith-based initiative, a "4-Plus-1" approach that may cost more than $19 billion. Kimble Ainslie, entitlements policy analyst at the Cato Institute, had the following comments:

Bush and House Republicans Fail the Hispanic Community
House Democrats blast Republican immigrant-related provisions of Welfare plan
Washington - Today (2/28/02), House Democrats announced their opposition to immigration-related provisions of President Bush's welfare reform proposal. Bush unveiled his welfare reform proposal this week and the Bush Administration announced that it opposes allowing legal immigrants who have been in this country for years to obtain welfare benefits and assistance. Bush is maintaining the ban on benefits for legal immigrants despite the fact that many low-income families who are playing by the rules will be worse off under this proposal.

White House Commission on Educational Excellence for Hispanic Americans Holds First Meeting
The first meeting of the president's Commission on Educational Excellence for Hispanic Americans took place today in Washington, D.C. Among the participants was Commissioner Jaime A. Escalante of Roseville, California who was appointed by President Bush to report and advise on strategies for improving the educational achievement of Hispanic Americans. Escalante's success in teaching advanced mathematics to inner-city students was portrayed in the 1988 Academy Award-nominated film Stand and Deliver.

`Throw the Bums Out' -- Argentines Seek Break from Begging Loans
By Roger Burbach
As Argentina's implosion continues, no one here will predict what may happen next.

Census finds marked upturn in Latino vote
By Bill Hillburg
WASHINGTON — The number of Latino voters in California and nationwide surged in the 2000 presidential election, but the turnout percentage among eligible Latinos remained unchanged from 1996, the Census Bureau reported today.


San Diego County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Selects New Board of Directors
The San Diego County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce will inaugurate its newly elected Board of Directors for the 2002-2003 term at its upcoming 13th Anniversary Installation Dinner & Silent Auction, March 8, 2002.

San Diego City Schools - School Beat
King Elementary Alleges Discrimination
by Mike MacCarthy
Alan Bersin loves to pound his chest on TV, during school board meetings, and in the Union-Tribune about the so-called "success" of his "Blueprint," especially in the "Focus Schools." But a funny thing happened the other day, one of the Focus Schools sent the Superintendent a letter on February 18, in which "Concerned Parents and Members of the King Community" document and allege an ongoing pattern of systemic discrimination at Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary. The following excerpted highlights reflect what they wrote:

City School Board Meeting Update
City School Board Postpones Two Key Issues
By Mike MacCarthy
At the February 26 San Diego city school board meeting, several new controversial issues drew heated testimony from both board members and public alike, but two stood out.

Estudiantes de Escuela Secundaria del País se Preparan Para el Futuro Por Medio de Experiencias Directas con Tecnología de Punta
Casi 700 estudiantes en seis estados aprenderán por medio de experiencias directas con tecnologías avanzadas y conocerán las oportunidades de carreras que éstas ofrecen, durante la cuarta presentación anual High Technlogy Day (día de la alta tecnología) de la Hispanic Association of Communications Employees of SBC Communications Inc. (Asociación Hispana de Empleados de Comunicaciones de SBC - HACEMOS).

Por Fabián Doman
¿La Invasión Argentina?
El Departamento de Justicia anunció que a partir del jueves 21 de febrero los argentinos necesitan de una visa de turista para ingresar en territorio norteamericano.

La Prensa San Diego Editor Appointed to State Committee
Daniel H. Muñoz Jr. has been selected by the California Newspaper Publishers Association to represent them for a two year term on the Employment Development Department (EDD), Tax Branch, Small Business Employer Advisory Committee (SBEAC) effective February 5, 2002.

Ancianos de Minorías Piden Despliegue Universal de Banda Ancha
WASHINGTON — La Voices for Minority Elderly Coalition (VME), un grupo sin fines de lucro de organizaciones que representan las necesidades de los ancianos que son de las minorías, abogó hoy por una serie de principios encaminados a garantizar que la población anciana de minorías tenga acceso a servicios de Internet de banda ancha. Los miembros de VME son una muestra representativa de la población de la tercera edad: afroamericanos, asiático americanos, hispanos, indios norteamericanos.

Political Notes:
Coalition to oppose Ward Connerly's so called "Racial Privacy Initiative"
U.C. Regent, Ward Connerly and his American Civil Rights Coalition is gathering signatures to place his so-called "Racial Privacy Initiative" on the November ballot. This initiative would eliminate racial classifications on government forms relating to contracting, employment and admissions to colleges and universities.

Community Notes
The Friends of Parks and Recreation Foundation Now Collecting Donations to Help Rebuild Youth Activities at San Ysidr Recreation Center
Donations of checks, furniture, computers, recreational equipment and more are now being accepted to provide enrichment activities to youth at the San Ysidro Recreation Center, located on 179 Diza Road (92173).

Nominations for Disney's American Teacher Awards Now Being Accepted
The Walt Disney Company is accepting nominations for Disney's American Teacher Awards, which honors outstanding teachers who inspire the joy of learning in America's public and private school students in pre-kindergarten through 12th grades. Nominations are being accepted from students, parents, colleagues, teachers and community members. Teachers can be nominated via a toll free number, 1-877-ATA-TEACH (282-8322) or online at www.disneylearning.org

Comenzó El Período De Nominaciones Para Los Premios Disney Al Maestro Estadounidense
The Walt Disney Company está aceptando nominaciones para los Premios Disney al Maestro Estadounidense (Disney's American Teacher Awards), los cuales rinden homenaje a los maestros más sobresalientes que inspiran la alegría del aprendizaje en los estudiantes de las escuelas públicas y privadas, desde el preescolar hasta el doceavo grado. Las nominaciones pueden ser realizadas por los estudiantes, padres de familia, colegas, maestros y miembros de la comunidad.

Navy Officer's Widow Gets A Visit From a Team of Angels
The Navy Marine Corps Relief Society (NMCRS), an organization benefiting members of the military, their families and survivors, has teamed up with Pat & Oscar's Restaurants until the beginning of March. Today their project was a home fix-up for struggling 74 year-old Navy Officer Widow Mrs. Mary Martinez. After her husband of forty-eight years passed away a year ago, every part of her home has begun to fall apart. Despite the years she volunteered to various relief organizations, she has found that no one would come to her aid... until now.

PSAT Exam: A Key Step in Preparing Middle School Students For College
Attention parents of eighth-grade students: Did you know that there are certain steps your child can be taking now to prepare for college? In addition to developing good study and homework skills, staying academically motivated, and participating in extracurricular activities, eighth-graders can and should take the PSAT, or Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test before entering high school.

Innovative Approach Takes Aim at Domestic Violence
For some women it takes months, but most often it takes years before they decide to take that first step towards ending an abusive relationship, according to domestic violence experts. By then, some feel too powerless to find help. Most relationships involve children. Often, an abusive boyfriends is abusing alcohol or drugs.


Mary Salas a leader for the Future
The City of Chula Vista is facing a serious crossroads in its history. For the first time the large Mexican American community along with the help of the Filipino, Asian, Pan Pacific and the large segment of registered Democrats and moderate Republicans will have the opportunity to elect a Mexican American for Mayor.

Jeff Lee has the experience needed for Seat B San Diego City School Board
For the past four years we have watched the San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) and its board implement the "Blueprint for Student Success" under the stewardship of Superintendent Alan Bersin and the Chancellor of Instruction, Anthony Alvarado. Over the years we have watched the board become more and more polarized, divided between the majority who have loyally supported Bersin, Alvarado, and the Blueprint, and the minority board members who have questioned the implementation and the stewardship of Alan Bersin at every turn.

Prop E Needed to Protect the Public Purse!
Recent actions taken by our city's elected officials has shown that there is a high disregard for the way in which public money is used. Case in point is the construction of the PADRES ballpark. Funds over and above the amount originally approved by the voters have been taken from the General Operating Fund. Additional millions of dollars have been added on, without a public vote, to build a ballpark and related buildings. The entire development surrounding the proposed ball park will benefit and enrich the ownership of the PADRES. This raid of public funds for a private business was carried out by the Mayor and City Council, both of whom were elected to govern and protect the public interest.

Chula Vista Merece a Mary Salas Como Alcalde
Una cosa es cierta en la carrera para Alcalde de Chula Vista: el ganador será Hispano. Increíblemente, esta será la primera vez que la segunda ciudad más grande del Condado de San Diego tendrá un Latino para presidente municipal!

Recomendaciones Para el Puesto de Concejal de la Ciudad de Chula Vista
Los residentes de Chula Vista tendrán la oportunidad de escoger a sus próximos representantes, de entre seis candidatos, cada uno de los cuales estará rivalizando para los puestos No. 1 o No. 2 del Ayuntamiento de la Ciudad. El candidato que reciba más del 50 por ciento del voto ganará el puesto. Si ningún candidato recibe más del 50 por ciento del voto, los dos candidatos que obtengan la votación más alta se enfrentarán en las elecciones generales de Noviembre.

La Prop E Se Necesita Para Proteger los Recursos Públicos
Acciones recientes tomadas por oficiales electos de nuestra ciudad han demostrado que hay una gran negligencia en cómo y para qué se usan los fondos públicos. Un caso en referencia es la construcción del estadio de los PADRES. Los fondos que habían sido aprobados por los votantes y que fueron más elevados de lo esperado han sido tomados del fondo de Operaciones Generales con la aprobación de los votantes. Millones de dólares adicionales han sido sumados, sin el voto público, para construir el estadio y edificios relacionados. El desarrollo completo alrededor del propuesto estadio incrementará el enriquecimiento y beneficio del propietario del estadio de los PADRES. Esta invasión de fondos públicos para un negocio privado, fue llevado a cabo por el Alcalde y el Concejal de la Ciudad que habían sido elegidos para gobernar y proteger los intereses públicos.

Esto Sólo Sucede en México y es de Dar Risa
Por Lourdes Davis
Cuando termine de reirse de lo siguiente, medite por un momento sobre lo peligroso de la situación y sus posibles consecuencias:

It's that time again, to lite up la PIPA and stoke a little mota! Man no hay nada... anything... you can believe in el TEZZY. Todo es puro toro-popo on the tube, radio y los "dere-chistas" newspapers. When it comes to votar, mejor tome un pistito, open your book de Caló and let's go to it "a todo dar."

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Entertainment, Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

City Heights César Chávez Film Festival
`The Fight in the Fields: César Chávez and the Farmworkers' Struggle a film by Rick Tejada-Flores and Ray Telles.

Inicia el V Festival Internacional de Literatura Experimental
El Consejo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes, a través del Centro Cultural Tijuana, invita al V Festival Internacional de Literatura Experimental "Simulacrum", con la presencia de Miki Guadamur, Octavia Davis, Bill Marsh y Doug Rice. Se llevará a cabo el 1 de marzo, en el Café Literario de Teatro del Estado, en Mexicali, a las 20:00 hrs., y el 2 de marzo, en la Sala de Video del CECUT, a partir de las 20:00 hrs.

Calendar of Events . . .
by Berenice Cisneros
The Merchant of Venice
Previews for "The Merchant of Venice" written by William Shakespeare begin March 1 at the San Diego Rep's 250-seat Lyceum Space Theatre located at 79 Horton Plaza, downtown San Diego.

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