March 31, 2000

FCC Lottery Determines Order for Accepting Applications for Low Power FM Radio Station Licenses

Actual Dates of Filing Windows to be Announced in Later Public Notice

Washington, DC — The FCC held its low power FM lottery to determine the order in which it will accept applications for this new radio service.

The Lottery determined that the applicants from the following group of states will be the first to be accepted: Alaska, California, District of Columbia, Georgia, Indiana, Louisiana, Maine, Mariana Islands, Maryland, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Utah.

The Commission will take applications during a five-day filing window that will be announced in a subsequent Public Notice to be issued at the end of April, 30 days prior to the first day of the filing window, which will be at the end of May.

As he kicked-off the lottery process, FCC Chairman William E. Kennard, said, "Today we begin a process that offers access to the airwaves to many Americans— such as members of schools, churches, minority groups, public safety agencies, volunteer fire departments and other local community groups. I look forward to the FCC's soon receiving applications from many groups that through these short-range, low to the FCC's soon receiving applications from many groups that, through these short-range, low power radio stations, will have a voice to serve their local communities."

Commissioner Gloria Trist-ani said, "My grandfather, the late U.S. Senator Dennis Chavez, taught me that one of the most important things we can do as public servants is to give a voice to the voices. That's why low power radio is so important."

The Commission will be accepting applications in five groups. Evenly divided within those five groups are the 50 states, as well as U.S. possessions and territories.

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