March 31, 2000

Chávez Major Civil Rights Leader

Chávez spent his life fighting for the rights of the Farm workers of America. This was and is the obvious focus of honoring César Chávez among the Mexican -Latino, Filipino, and African American communities. Who toiled in the fields of America's farms and fields. We now make bold to say:

César Chávez was a major national leader in the movement to gain the Civil Rights of all Americans whether they labored in the back breaking fields of the nations agricultural farms in the valleys of Imperial or Kern, county farms. The potato fields of the midwest, or the orange orchards of Florida, or the labor intensive sweat shops in the industries of our country. César Chávez, sacrificed himself to gain justice, equality, and to remove the economic shackles that kept them chained to perpetual serfdom in the nations work places.

On this day, March 31, 2000 we pause to honor the memory of César Chávez and to recommit ourselves to continue the struggles to gaining justice and equality under our laws, our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Chávez showed the way

It is up to us to follow in his footsteps!

We can do no less.

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