March 31, 2000

New Neighborhood Center Will Provide Assistance to Families in Need

Members of the southeastern San Diego Community and the San Diego Workforce Partnership, Inc. gathered on Saturday to celebrate the opening of the Chollas View Work First Center. The event included a dedication ceremony and tours of The Center, which was created to assist local families making the transition from welfare dependency to economic independence.

"This is an example of a community coming together to come up with their own solutions to help them go to work," said Mary Benard, targeted adult programs director for the San Diego Workforce Partnership, Inc. "The Chollas View Work First Center is a dream come true."

The Chollas View Work First Center was developed by a collaboration of community organizations and community members to address the specific needs of the local area. The Center's innovative approach addresses four key issues that are both deficiencies in the local area infrastructure and present substantial barriers to permanent employment: lack of transportation, employment opportunities and affordable childcare as well as fragmented social service and employment programs. One of the key features of the Center is a childcare capacity building program that provides a coordinated series of childcare training and business development services.

The Chollas View Work First Center will also serve as a site for San Diego Youth @ Work, a San Diego Workforce Partnership, Inc. program, which focuses on increasing employment opportunities for at-risk youth living in targeted areas of southeastern San Diego.

The San Diego Workforce Partnership, Inc., is a public/private partnership between the City and County of San Diego and business and community leaders. The corporation invests more than $65 million annually in education, job training and employment resources for San Diego County residents and businesses.

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