March 10, 2000

54 % of San Diego Voters, Stayed Home!

Not even a Presidential Primary, nor the race for Mayor of San Diego, were of sufficient interest to the voters of San Diego City or the County for them to go vote. Only 46.4 percent of the registered voters in the entire county voted! Does it surprise you that the City of San Diego could only interest 44 percent of its registered voters to brave the rain and go vote?

If the Los Angeles figures are correct, only 7% of its huge Latino registered voters went to the polls! It is quiet obvious that in PROP 21, the Pete Wilson racist proposal that is aimed at our young Latino youth, and that it passed by 66 percent of the San Diego County votes cast, would indicate that the Mexican American, Latino voter did not necessarily leave his Jacal to go vote! 34% of all San Diego County voters opposed Prop 21. That means that 66% thought that jailing 14 year old children was a peachy-keen idea! Where were the Black & Latino voters? They were the ones most affected. Not only did our Gente not come out and vote but neither did the moderate-liberal Democratic vote turn out. It was a wash for Democrats, except for those that are conservative ala Pete Wilson type.

In spite of the County Democratic Party being controlled by the Gay community, it showed it didn't have much power when it came to core values. They couldn't stop the passage of PROP 22, that would limit marriages to heterosexual couples.

The heavy lopsided vote for 1A, the Indian gaming proposition, showed that even the staunchest conservative/fiscal responsible Republican can be snookered into supporting what he is led to believe is easy money. This one is going to come back and bite you.

Props 12,13,14,15, all passed handedly. Which only proves that the voters still haven't figured out that when the state borrows money it is YOU the taxpayer that is going to have to pay all the principal and the interest on the bonds. Please no more whining about your high taxes!

Props 30 & 31, the insurance companies financed propositions, demonstrated that if you repeat a lie enough times on television... the couch potatoes WILL BELIEVE IT. Better pray you are not involved as a 3rd party victim of an auto accident. To all of you that don't buy insurance… You won another one!

To the winners in the State Primary we congratulate you and may all your wishes and dreams come true. To those of you who go on to the General election and need some print advertisement, catch me during office hours!

To those that lost… It is better to have run and lost than not to run at all! At least you got your 30 seconds of fame! (What a bummer don't know a soul that likes to lose!)

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