Volume XXIV Number 10~ March 10, 2000

FrontPage Stories

Yeghegnadzor, Armenia Celebrates "Peace Corps Day 2000"

By: Daniel L. Muñoz

March 1, 2000, Yarvan, Armenia… This is a country that has been Catholic since the fourth century AD though not in communion with the Pope, there has been movement to bring the Armenian church back into the realm of the Holy See. Turkey lies to the South West, the Black Sea to the West, Russia to the North and the Caspian Sea to the East. Armenia has been on the main road to conquest by every major empire since Alexander the Great who attempted to conquer the ancient world in 336 AD. Now it is under peaceful invasion by the Peace Corps which is attempting to lend a hand to Armenians in developing their own country.

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Educator Calls for Bilingual Nation
By Patrisia Gonzalez and Roberto Rodriguez
For the past several decades, this country has been subjected to Orwellian-type politics where nearly everything has been projected as the opposite of what it really is.

Without A Bishop, Chiapas Indians May Be Martyrs In The Making
By Alberto Huerta
British writer Graham Greene once told me that the Catholic Church needed martyrs in order to survive. It comes as no surprise then that the Vatican recently announced the coming canonization of 28 Mexicans who died in the Cristero movement of seventy years ago, a period when President Plutarco Elias Calles persecuted the Church. But the Vatican announced another name too: Juan Diego, the 16th century Indian who witnessed the miraculous appearances of Our Lady of Guadalupe, an historic moment that initiated large-scale indigenous conversions. I wonder if sainthood for Juan Diego will appease the Maya Indios in Chiapas, who are without a bishop.

History of Chicano Cinema's Rise Told For First Time by UCLA Scholar
Chon Noriega in New Book

The rise of Chicano cinema as a powerful expression of the Chicano civil rights movement - closely linked with television, government regulation, and media reform - is told for the first time in a new book by Chon Noriega, UCLA associate professor of film and television, publications director at the UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center, and author and editor of numerous books on Latino media and culture.

Noticias de México...
Tijuana — Siete sicarios al servicio del narcotraficante Vicente Zambada Niebla, hijo del capo Ismael "El Mayo" Zambada, fueron detenidos por haber ejecutado a 15 personas, entre ellas al director de la Policia Municipal, Alfredo de la Torre Márquez y a la familia Gallardo.


Arturo Vargas Works Toward Social Change and Justice
Basking Ridge, NJ — Arturo Vargas was only 10 years old when he joined his parents in a picket line to protest overcrowding and the lack of a cafeteria and sufficient playground space at his elementary school in the Pico Union area of Los Angeles.

Arturo Vargas Trabaja a Favor de la Justicia y el Cambio Social
Basking Ridge, NJ — Arturo Vargas tenía sólo 10 años de edad cuando se unió a sus padres en una demostración en contra de la sobrepoblación y la falta de espacio en la cafetería y el área de recreo en su escuela primaria en Pico Unión en Los Angeles.

Guillermo Linares is named Chair of the President's Advisory Commission on
Educational Excellence for Hispanic Americans
The President announced the appointment of Guillermo Linares as Chair of the President's Advisory Commission on Educational Excellence for Hispanic Americans.

Martinez' First Novel Receives International Literary Award
BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — Crossing (Bilingual Review Press, 1998), the first novel by Indiana University Assistant Professor of English Manuel Martinez, was recently named one of the 10 best books of 1999 by a writer of color by PEN American Center, a worldwide organization of literary writers.

UFW could win right to represent workers
By John A. Lehr, Ventura County Star writer
Wednesday March 8, 2000 - In a stunning turn of fortune, the United Farm Workers could be on the verge of winning the right to represent Ventura County employees of the state's largest strawberry grower despite losing an election at the company's farms last spring.

City of Encinitas Awarded Grant for Census 2000 Outreach Event
The San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) has awarded a $2,500 grant to the City of Encinitas Community Development Department to promote the forthcoming Census 2000 effort. SANDAG established the San Diego Region Census 2000 Complete Count Committee (CCC) in 1998 to involve local elected officials and community leaders in implementing outreach activities to historically undercounted groups.

La Ciudad de Encinitas Recibe Subvención Para su Evento de Publicidad
del Censos del 2000

La Asociación de Gobiernos de San Diego (SANDAG) otorgó una subvención de $2,500 al Departamento de Desarrollo de la Comunidad de la Ciudad de Encinitas para promover el futuro Censo del 2000. SANDAG estableció en 1998 un Comité de Conteo Total Para el Censo del 2000 en la Región de San Diego (CCC) para integrar a oficiales electos y líderes de la comunidad en la coordinación de actividades de divulgación entre los grupos históricamente marginados.

Patricia Garcia Named New Commissioner for Child Support
Superior Court judges have appointed Patricia Garcia to a new commissioner position for handling child support cases.

First-time ever Conference for Spanish speaking brain tumor patients
Oakland, Ca. — Access to information in Spanish is everything to someone who has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. But until recently, that information has been unavailable.

Por Primera Vez Se Llevará a Cabo Una Conferencia Para Los Pacientes de
Tumor Cerebral de Habla Hispana

Oakland, Ca. — El acceso a la información en español lo es todo para alguien que ha sido diagnosticado con un tumor cerebral. Pero hasta hace poco, esa información no estaba disponible.

How to do Business in Mexico Without Speaking Spanish
Doing business in Mexico could be an important part of your business growth strategy. Now is the perfect time to take advantage of new state funding allocated to support California businesses expanding commerce with Mexico.

Cesar Chavez Essay Contest
The Cesar E. Chavez Commemoration Committee is holding a writing contest called "Reflections on Cesar E. Chavez Essay Contest" for all interested students from grades 7 - 12. Each student may enter an essay on "How has Cesar E. Chavez influenced your life and what impact has his work had or will his work have on your future?"

Bright Future For Young Latinas Depends Upon Empowerment Through Education
Hoboken, NJ — Latingirl magazine wants to help young Latinas achieve scholarly dreams. With a mission to empower girls by offering information and providing resources that will move young Latinas toward a brighter future, Latingirl magazine announces its second annual Latingirl Scholarship.

Nomination Deadline Draws Near For The Gates Millennium Scholars Initiative
Nomination Materials Due On or Before March 15
Fairfax, VA — The Gates Millennium Scholars initiative, launched in September 1999 with a $1 billion grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is designed to reduce financial barriers and increase the number of African American, Hispanic American, American Indian/Alaska Native, and Asian Pacific American students enrolling in and completing undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

Women Destination 2000 Conference Set for March 18
The seventh Annual Women Destination 2000, a one-day conference for women, will be held on Saturday, March 18, from 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., at the Helix High School cafeteria, 7323 University Avenue.

Primavera en acción -- ¡Limpie el botiquín!
Washington, D.C. — La primavera ya está cerca y con ella llega la desalentadora tarea de la "limpieza de primavera". Cuando limpie este año sus armarios y cajones, no olvide el botiquín. Durante la Semana Nacional de la Prevención de la Intoxicación (19-25 de marzo), el Consejo de Salud Familiar (Council on Family Health, CFH) les recuerda a las personas acerca de la "limpieza de primavera de los botiquines", para deshacerse de los medicamentos viejos o vencidos.

Community Notes...
Chula Vista Chamber Kicks Off Spanish Language Book Drive for George Bailey
Detention Center Inmates
When the International Committee of the Chula Vista Chamber of Commerce learned that Spanish-speaking inmates at the County's George Bailey Detention Center were without reading materials, they decided to take action. A drop-off site was quickly established at the Chamber, 233 4th Avenue, for "socially acceptable" Spanish-language paperback books and magazines. According to the Center, "Socially acceptable" means "not gang-related or no nudity."


54 % of San Diego Voters, Stayed Home!
Not even a Presidential Primary, nor the race for Mayor of San Diego, were of sufficient interest to the voters of San Diego City or the County for them to go vote. Only 46.4 percent of the registered voters in the entire county voted! Does it surprise you that the City of San Diego could only interest 44 percent of its registered voters to brave the rain and go vote?

An Open Letter:

By Lance Johnson
"Dear Amadou, I'll see you when I get there, brother." These words seeped from my soul into a black marker and onto a message board dedicated to the young man slain on his Bronx doorstep. He will forever remain a part of me. Our stories are one and the same. He is my brother because like him, I am young, I am male and I am black.

¿Reforzar la guerra contra las drogas, o terminarla?
por Jacob G. Hornberger
Con su nueva propuesta ante la legislatura, el gobernador republicano de Virginia, James Gilmore, quiere aplicar penas más fuertes a los consumidores y a los vendedores de drogas.

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Sporting news, reviews and other tid bits

Erin Brockovich, Divertida, Dramática y Poco Convencional
En un mundo donde no tenemos muchos héroes, la historia de "Erin Brockovich" es inspiradora y nos hace recordar el poder que puede tener el espíritu humano. Esta mujer, que con su pasión y tenacidad consiguió contra todo pronóstico, ganar una difícil batalla por los derechos de los menos privilegiados, aprendió, al mismo tiempo, una lección: la mejor manera de ayudarse a sí mismo es ayudando a los demás.

Calendar of Events...
by Berenice Cisneros
New Art from Downtown
The Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego monthly event "Free-for-All First Sunday" goes extraterrestrial with an art workshop led by two of the downtown artists in the current exhibition Off Broadway: New Art From Downtown San Diego.

Bullfight World...
By Lyn Sherwood
Two Spaniards the Best of Plaza Mexico Season
Spanish Matador Manuel Caballero and Spanish Rejoneador Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza have emerged as the most triumphant figures of the 1999-2000 bullfight season in La Plaza Mexico, while Eloy Cavazos turned in the best faena de muleta.

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