March 3, 2000


Memo from "YES on Prop 22" folks: "If at first you don't succeed… Blame someone else and seek counseling."


Got a nota from Dan Walter (main man at Sacramento Bee) in response to a question from El Jefito which was: Does the so call Hispanic vote really mean anything in the California Primary? Answer: "We (California) was almost relevant, but with Gore and Bush seemingly locking it up in Calif. Emphasis has shifted to New York." So, Mi Gente all the PEDO is all about nothing!


Que vergüenza… San Diego City Council who has not exactly been brimming for support for the Mexican, Latino community, took an official stance SUPPORTING THE GAY COMMUNITY!(On Prop 22)… What part of the City Charter states that: "An elected city council will take a stance, for or against, another community of San Diego against another?


Pregunta: "If we quit voting, will they all go away???"


G.W. Bush advice to Angelinos in response to a question as to what he would do to improve the local transportation system. His answer: "My hope is that you will be able to find good enough work to be able to afford a car!" Bush baby, you don't have a clue do you?


Sage advice: "I refuse to have a battle with an unarmed politician!"


TEZZY Poll: Three days after the Golden One endorsed McCain, he lost 10 points in ChiPol ratings? Who is next John??? The Ex Governor Pipa Wilson? That ought to be good for a 50% drop in ChiPol ratings.


John Mc: "It has been lovely. But excuse me, I have to scream now"!


Gov. Davis is a control freak. First he won't let anyone on his staff send any press releases unless he approves them and they follow his party line. Now he wants to control the Judges he appoints. "If you don't rule the way I think, then resign! My, my, are you also going to run out of the state all of us who disagree with you??? Ni Modo Cacique!

(A Governor "Boldly going nowhere!")


No olvide VOTAR and vote for your local candidates "not on what they say but on what they have done"!

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