Volume XXIV Number 09~ March 3, 2000

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Coalición Intensifica Campaña Contra Anuncios Sobre el Alcohol en Areas con Niños

Comité aprueba partes de ordenanza que los prohiben

By José A. Alvarez

Armados con botellas conteniendo mensajes contra el alcohol y el apoyo de la asambleísta Susan Davis, la semana pasada un grupo de jóvenes intensificó su campaña para que el Concilio Municipal apruebe una ordenanza que prohiba la colocación de carteleras que promocionan bebidas alcohólicas cerca de áreas frecuentadas por niños.

En una conferencia de prensa realizada el 21 de febrero, Cristina Moreno (al micrófono), acompañada por un grupo de compañeros de la secundaria Torrey Pines, hace sentir sus preocupaciones sobre las carteleras que promueven bebidas alcohólicas cerca de áreas frecuentadas por niños.

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Independent Voters Threaten California's Two-Party System
By Rene P. Ciria-Cruz
SAN FRANCISCO — The growing number of independent voters, brought about by sweeping socioeconomic changes and the weaknesses of the two main political parties, is clouding the future of the two-party system in California.

Time to check Bush off the list

By James E. Garcia
I'm a political news junkie. I eat, breathe and live the stuff. To me, gripping prime-time television is CNN, MSNBC and the Jim Lerher News Hour. And as someone who specializes in writing about U.S. Latino politics, I like to think I'm usually a step or two ahead of the general public in being able to anticipate political trends.

A Homeboy Salutes Santana — One of "The Essential Ones"
By Roberto Lovato
LOS ANGELES — After leaving my home altar at 6 am, I turn on my computer. There on the homepage of the Internet service provider is Carlos Santana smiling, wearing a hat.

White House Proclamation:

Last spring, three women astronauts paused during a shuttle mission to pay homage to the past. Thousands of miles into space, floating above the floor of the shuttle, they raised a women's suffrage banner and posed for a picture. Astronaut Ellen Ochoa, a participant in this special tribute and a member of the President's Commission on the Celebration of Women in American History, said, "We wanted to show how far women have come in this century and to honor the people who fought for our rights. "Each year during the month of March, citizens across our country pause to honor the many heroes whose diligence and determination have helped to forge our Nation and enable people like Ellen Ochoa and her colleagues to soar so high.

Hispanic Radio Network/La Red Hispana
Por Rocio Alvarez
Honrando a la Mujer Hispana

"Eres tan inteligente --para una Mexicana..."
Esas palabras las escuchó muchas veces Vilma Martinez durante sus años de estudiante. Vilma se graduó de la Universidad de Texas en dos años y medio, y recibió una beca para estudiar derecho en Columbia Law School. Cuando comenzó a ejercer su profesión como abogada en Nueva York, defendiendo los derechos de los trabajadores, por fin pudo decir:

Changing Role of Women is Focus of Conference and International Women's Day
Celebration at UCSD

From the corporate boardrooms of Japan to Argentina's military regime and its "disappeared" victims, women have struggled to make a difference—and continue to grapple with change. Building New Societies: Women in Asia and Latin America is the subject of a major international conference and three keynote presentations by prominent women leaders

SWC Hosts Women's History Month Forum Panel Discussion
By Niki Wilkin
In celebration of Women's History Month, Southwestern College Basic Police Academy and SWC's New Horizons/Women's Resource Center will co-host an open forum panel discussion

Noticias de México...
Localizan Pesadilla de guerra y sueño de paz, mural desmontable de Diego Rivera
Después de 47 años de estar perdido, el mural Pesadilla de guerra y sueño de paz pintado por Diego Rivera en 1952 ha sido localizado en el Museo Pushkin de las Bellas Artes, en Moscú.


Partnering Parents and Children for a Successful Future
New Computer Center Opens at the Jacobs Center for Non-profit Innovation
An estimated 60 percent of U.S. jobs will require a working knowledge of information technology. Armed with this data and the technology goals of the U.S. Department of Education, the California Department of Education has challenged state schools to help students "connect, compute and compete" for their future.

USD Reaches Out to Help Linda Vista Students Move Up
Upward Bound Program Helps Low-Income Students Reach College
TRIO: Upward Bound, an innovative program to help low-income students become the first in their families to go to college, is coming to the University of San Diego.

San Ysidro resident part of Cal Poly team that wins a National Title
San Luis Obispo - Four members of the Cal Poly chapter of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers won a national Academic Olympiad held during the society's recent National Technical Career Conference in Washington, D.C.

Avoiding Food Poisoning
Last week the headlines read "Authorities suspect food poisoning in boy's death." Foodborne illness, apparently, was the cause of the death for Cesar Castillo, who ate leftover chicken from a potluck party.

Evitando Envenenamiento Por Alimentos
La semana pasada los periódicos decían "Autoridades sospechan de envenenamiento en la muerte de un niño". Aparentemente la enfermedad por envenenamiento fué la causa de la muerte de Cesar Castillo, quien comió pollo sobrante de una fiesta.

MALDEF Kicks Off Latino Health Care Outreach Project
The Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF) has launched a radio outreach campaign entitled Marcos y Maria. The first of its kind, this campaign will provide basic "how-to" information to help Latino immigrants adjust to living in the United States through a series of radio Public Service Announcements (PSAs).

El Porta Placas con Emblema de una Ballena Recaudó los Fondos Para Programas
Educativos Dedicados al Estudio del Medio Ambiente Marino
La Comisión de la Costa de California premió con $130,000 dólares a doce organizaciones en la segunda rotación de becas para programas educativos dedicados al estudio del medio ambiente marino de la costa. Los fondos de la venta del porta placas con el emblema de una ballena, recauda fondos para programas de esta naturaleza.


For the benefit of our readers, La Prensa San Diego presents its endorsement for the
March 7, 2000 Primary Election on the Candidates & Issues.


Proposition 26 Means Higher Taxes

By Jon Coupal
Taxpayers, hold on to your wallets. Proposition 26 on the March 7, 2000 ballot could lead to a doubling of property taxes.

Don't Be Fooled by Lying Politicians Vote No on Proposition 21
By Linda R. Brown
As an attorney practicing criminal law, I have been incensed by the media coverage on both sides of the Proposition 21 issue.

MAPA Faces its Greatest Challenge
By Julio C. Calderón
History, although written as seen by those who survived it, is still the ultimate teacher for those who will lead into the future. When more than 140 Mexican American and Latino political activists heeded Ed Roybal and Hank Quevedo's call to convention in April 1960, they gave birth to the Mexican American Political Association (MAPA).

The Taxman at Your Service
by Sheldon Richman
At a time when federal revenues are the highest percentage of gross domestic product since the peak of World War II-over 20 percent-we are asked to feel sorry for the IRS. According to the tax agency, recent legislation has turned it into a shell of its former self. It is unable to collect what is "due." The number of audits and property seizures has slipped. Agents are even afraid that if they collect revenue as they used to, they might lose their jobs. Oh horror!

Memo from "YES on Prop 22" folks: "If at first you don't succeed… Blame someone else and seek counseling."

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Sporting news, reviews and other tid bits

By María Elena Gaitán
Greenville South Carolina
**La Superior** is a Mexican mercado and taquería in Greenville South Carolina. A rare bird.

Festival de la Canción Cumple 20 Años
Ya está abierta la inscripción para el 20avo Festival de la Canción Latinoamericana de California. El año 2000 marca el vigésimo aniversario de este popular evento que durante dos décadas ha mantenido su marcha ascendente, hasta ser considerado, en la actualidad, uno de los festivales musicales más queridos y respetados en el mundo de habla hispana.

Calling All Bellezas Latinas!
Cover Girl Cosmetics & People en Español Host the First Belleza Latina Model
For the first time ever, Cover Girl Cosmetics and PEOPLE en Español are partnering to conduct a nationwide Hispanic model search known as Belleza Latina.

Concesionarios Lincoln Mercury Del Sur de California Presentan El Festival de
Cine Latino 2000 de San Diego
Concesionarios Lincoln Mercury del Sur de California presenta el Festival de Cine Latino 2000 de San Diego, presenta a las estrellas más importantes y famosas de América.

Calendar of Events...
by Berenice Cisneros
"Jurassic Park"
Dinosaurs will make their biggest invasion ever in San Diego's Balboa Park on March 4. Forty dinosaurs from all corners of the earth, some never seen before in North America, will be on exhibit at the San Diego Natural History Museum.

Bullfight World...
by Lyn Sherwood
Matador Joselito Huerta Remains Hospitalized, Suffering Hepatitis C
The great, retired Mexican Matador Joselito Huerta has been hospitalized in Mexico, suffering Hepatitis C, reportedly the result of a blood transfusion, which threatens to progress to cirrhosis of the liver, a potentially fatal affliction.

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