Volume XXII Number 22 ~ June 6, 1998


Front Page Stories



Simpler look returns due to fashion trends

By Brian Trusdell

PARIS - If the uniforms of the teams at the World Cup seem a little simpler in France this time, it's not just by design - it's by FIFA fiat.

Weary of the mixtures of stripes and swirls, the blending of reds and greens and blues, FIFA has told the Gianni Versaces of the sporting goods industry: enough! To continue, click on the link.

Jorge Campos epitomized a special
flair when it came to soccer fashion.

Who's Meaner Than Mean Kids? — Adults Bent On Retalliation
By Robin Templeton


¿Quién es más malévolo que los adolescentes? — Los adultos obsesionados con represalias
Por Robin Templeton


Voices From Juvenile Hall — Any Town USA


President Clinton Names Edward L. Romero as U.S. Ambassador to Andorra

Voters Say No To Bilingual Education, Others Vow To Keep Fighting
By Michelle Locke


Noticias de Mexico




Latina Elected Student Leader at San Diego State University


UCSD Chancellor Outlines Plan for Diversity


California Center for the Arts Honors William A. Virchis


Nueva Encuesta Muestra que las Mujeres Desconocen que su Riesgo de Desarrollar
Cáncer del Cuello del Utero Continúa a Medida que Envejecen


Hispanic Radio Network/La Red Hispana
Ahora a los Votantes de California les Espera la Indigestión de la 227
Por Javier Sierra


IN MEMORIA Conrad G. Cubillos



State Primary Election Spanish-Surname Winners

Ganadores Eleccion Primaria Con Nombre Hispano


Analysis: Carmicael Has Treasured Memory of Goldwater
By Jack Elliott Jr.

Etc. Etc. Etc.

Sporting news, reviews and other tid bits

Book Review: Strangers Among Us: Short On Facts Long On Assumptions
By Daniel Muñoz


Calendar of Events.....


Bullfight World
Weak Bulls Made a Lame Afternoon

By Lyn Sherwood

Romario dice que hubiera podido jugar el mundial

Jugando a media máquina, Brasil golea a Andorra


Del Piero jugará el mundial, Boksich no
Por Robert Millward


Just Fontaine's Record 13 Goals Looks Daunting 40 Years Later
By Raf Casert


Univision to Air All 64 Games of the 1998 World Cup


Univisión Transmitirá los 64 Juegos de la Copa Mundial de Fútbol


CNNenEspañol.com Ofrece Cobertura Completa de la Copa del Mundo 1998

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