Volume XXIV Number 26~ June 30, 2000

FrontPage Stories

LULAC Honors Students With Scholarships

Manny Aguilar of Pacific Bell delivered a heartfelt keynote address recognizing the students and families. Seated at the head table (top left; left to right) Congressman Bob Filner, Manny, and Mistress of Ceremonies Sally Lowery with her husband.

Presenter: Phyllis Muñoz(lower left), Vice Principal at Nicoloff presented scholarships to Evelyn Lopez and Vanessa Araujo of Mar Vista High.

KNSD-7/39 reporter (right), Stacey Baca presented awards to Aracela Lopez, Denise Silva and Carolina Venegas.

Four hundred parents, friends, and more joined the 45 scholarship recipients at the Handlery Hotel on June 24 at the annual LULAC Scholarship Lunceon. The scholarships are presented annually to students from the elementary grade level to adult scholars.

Strikers Beaten At NAFTA-Sponsored Hearing
By David Bacon
TIJUANA, BAJA CALIFORNIA (6/23/00) — The Camino Real is a swanky Tijuana establishment full of men in expensive business suits — a modern concrete blockhouse, garishly painted in violently clashing shades of purple and yellow. It's very appearance makes it an appropriate choice for a meeting about labor conflict, and last Friday morning it was the scene of a conflict that suddenly turned immediate and violent.

Two Mexicos — The Real Choice In Mexican Elections Does Not Appear
On The Ballot
By Andrew Reding
Mexico will have not one, but two elections on Sunday. One might as well be in Spain, the other in Peru. Virtually the only thing they have in common are the names of the presidential candidates.

The North American Development Bank to Provide $49.2 Million in
Grant Assistance

San Antonio — The North American Development Bank (NADB), through its EPA-funded Border Environment Infrastructure Fund (BEIF), will provide $49.2 million in grant assistance to the communities of Nogales, Arizona; Nogales, Sonora; San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora; and Tecate, Baja California. In addition, the NADB will also make $9.2 million in loans available to assist in financing infrastructure projects in San Luis Rio Colorado, Tecate, and Allende and Morales, Coahuila.

Noticias de México...
Recupera terreno peso frente al dolar
CALEXICO, Ca. — El peso recuperó ayer entre 10 y 15 centavos frente al dólar, en cotización registrada en casas de cambio de Calexico. El billete verde se vendió entre 9.80 y 9.85.


Fusion to Provide Portal Services to LULAC's 673 Community Councils
and 115,000 Members

New York — Marketing Services Group, Inc., an Internet and integrated marketing services industry leader announced that Fusion Networks, a minority-owned business of MSGi, and the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) announced that Fusion Networks will provide exclusive and customized Internet portal hosting, technology and services to the organiza-tion's 673 community councils and their 115,000-plus members

UCSD Honors Cajon Valley Middle School for Math Score Improvement
Farrell Foreman, an assistant director in UCSD's Early Academic Outreach Program (EAOP), recently present Martin Jaquez, principal of Cajon Valley Middle School, with EAOP's "Raising the Bar Award" honoring the school's eighth grade students for showing the most improvement in math scores among the state's low-income middle schools in a major assessment test taken last year.

Reduque Prepares to Stand Guard in Kosovo
By Elaine Tarello
Friedberg, Germany — When he joined the Army, the son of a San Diego couple figured he would spend his days training for war, learning how to shot a rifle, throw a grenade and maneuver a battlefield.

VA Fights Hepatitis C — The Silent Stalker
by Oziel Garza
A silent killer is stalking veterans. It is the most common chronic blood-borne infection in the United States, responsible for about 10,000 deaths each year, a figure the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) expects to triple during the next 10 to 20 years.

El VA Lucha Contra La Hepatitis C — El Amenazador Silencioso
by Oziel Garza
Un asesino silencioso está amenazando a los veteranos. Es la infección sanguínea crónica más común en los Estados Unidos, responsable por más de 10,000 muertes cada año (de acuerdo con el Centro de Control y Prevención de Enfermedades (CDC) y se espera que las cifras se tripliquen durante los próximos 10 a 20 años.

U.S. extends benefits to immigrants with asylum
June 16, 2000 - In a sweeping policy shift that could affect thousands of asylum-seeking immigrants, a federal agency has extended the same educational and financial benefits now received by refugees to immigrants who have won asylum cases.

Hispanic Radio Network/La Red Hispana
Por Yhamel Catacora
Tu casa propia y tus derechos
La raza, el color, la religión, nacionalidad, el género, estatus marital, la edad, son sólo algunos de los aspectos que un prestamista debe, legalmente, pasar por alto cuando otorga un préstamo hipotecario.

Encienda Una Vela
Padre Thomas J. McSweeney
Reflexiones del 4 de Julio
El nombre más prominente en la historia de los Estados Unidos es el de George Washington. Generación tras generación, Washington se mantuvo constante, no simplemente como el héroe de la revolución de la independencia de los Estados Unidos y como el padre de una nueva nación sino también como el hombre que definió nuestro carácter nacional.


Abject View of the Good ol' Boy System at Work

It recently came to light that Councilmember Valerie Stallings made an incredible profit trading stocks in a company owned by San Diego Padres owners John Moores during the time that the San Diego City Council was making a determination on the Padres' downtown ballpark.

From Campesinos to Doctorates
by Raoul Lowery Contreras
San Diego State University ranks third in the entire country in the number of master's degrees awarded to Hispanics. It ranked number six in the country in the number of bachelor's degrees awarded to Hispanics and number 37 in the country in the number of doctorates awarded to Hispanics. In fact, there are 400 doctoral candidates this year. Good job, alma mater!

Large Budget Surpluses Should Force Latinos To Think About the Future
By Jerome DeHerrera
Last week President Clinton announced that the federal budget surplus for this year will be $224 billion dollars, and if the current economic forecast prove true, the surplus for the next ten years will be $4.2 trillion dollars. These dramatic numbers should force Latinos to look at our community's needs when choosing a presidential candidate.

Grandes Superávits Deberían Forzar a los Latinos a Pensar en su Futuro
Por Jerome DeHerrera
La semana pasada en Presidente Clinton anunció que el superávit del presupuesto federal para el presente año será de 224 billones de dólares. Si el actual pronóstico es correcto, el superávit para los siguientes 10 años se pronosticaría por 4.2 trillones de dólares. Estas cifras tan dramáticas deberían forzar al pueblo latino a considerar las necesidades de la comunidad para cuando elijan a su candidato presidencial.

George W. Bush: the Education President?

by Starita Smith
Texas Gov. George W. Bush is trying a new tack for Republicans: He is claiming a deep commitment to the education of black and Latino young people.

Notas Politicas...
The California Statewide MEChA will stage a Protest at the Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles on August 14-17, 2000, Calif-Aztlan by participating in efforts of mass protests in conjunction with other student and community organizations

(Since Mr. Hanks Commentary on the Highland Ave police blockade appeared in La Prensa San Diego (6/23/00) citizen reaction was swift.)

El Foro Público... ....The Public Forum
USA Contra Las Reglas de NAFTA
Somos la directiva de APEAM que es la asociación de productores y empacadores de aguacate de Michoacan a los E.E.U.U. y nuestros nombres y puestos están al final de esta misiva. A continuación me permito realizar algunos comentarios con respecto a la exportación de aguacate mexicano a USA:

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

Chapter V
By Jeannine Diego

Sal remembered once hearing something about dreams transpiring in real time. That couldn't be true. He'd only been asleep for a couple of hours, and his dream seemed to have encompassed much more than that.

Poet's Corner
Oyamel González
El sol vanidoso convirtiendo todo en un espejo, se va reflejando por la calle.

Book Review:
A Democracy Derailed: How The Initiative Petitions Undermine Our Republic
Dr. Franklin, What have you given us?
A Republic, if you can keep it.
-Benjamin Franklin
by Daniel L. Muñoz
Democracy Derailed Initiative Campaigns and the Power of Money

CDFA, Perry Ellis y Los Premios Americanos de Moda 2000
Por Sheila Fialho
El Consejo de Diseñadores hizo la entrega de Los Premios Americanos de la Moda en el Avery Fischer Hall del Lincoln Center en Nueva York nombrando al dominicano Oscar de la Renta como Diseñador del Año.

McDonald's en Busca del Mejor Talento de la Música Latina
McDonald's presenta Lo Máximo de la Música Latina, un concurso nacional de música y talento para futuros aspirantes y cantantes de la música y la canción. El campeón del boxeo Oscar de la Hoya, quien pronto realizará su debut como cantante con la casa disquera EMI Latin, servirá como uno de los distinguidos jueces de éste concurso, y será el protagonista en los comerciales de televisión en los que él invita y hace un llamado a todos aquellos interesados.

"Don Francisco" Recibe Estrella en el Paseo de la Fama de Hollywood
Mario Kreutzberger, más conocido como Don Francisco (el animado anfitrión de Sábado Gigante), obtuvo una estrella para televisión en el Paseo de la Fama de Hollywood. Don Francisco fue uno de los animadores seleccionados entre cientos de personalidades nominadas por el Comité del Paseo de la Fama de la Cámara de Comercio de Hollywood. La ceremonia de descubrimiento de la estrella tendrá lugar en 2001.

Calendar of Events...
by Berenice Cisneros
Featuring some of today's hottest Latino movie actors including, Cheech Marin, Seidy Lopez, Liz Torres, Lupe Onti-veros, and Evelina Fernandez. Luminarias was released on theatres throughout California on May 5th and due to it's overwhelming success will be making it's release in San Diego's CinemaStar Luxury Theatres

Vicente Fernandez and General Motors Team Up on 2000 Concert Tour
to Raise Money for Hispanic Scholarship Fund
Thousand Oaks, Ca. — General Motors announced today a partnership with "King of Mexican Music" Vicente Fernandez in an effort to raise money for the Hispanic Scholarship Fund (HSF). As title sponsor of Vicente Fernandez' 2000 Western U.S. concert tour, General Motors continues its ongoing support of HSF, with contributions nearing $1 million to date.

Rocking' Summer Nights Sizzle At Sea World
SeaWorld San Diego sizzles this summer with extended park hours, special shows, more thrills, and more adventure. Enticing aromas fill the air, costume characters mingle with guests, and a 320-foot-hight red, white, and blue Flag of Lights appears at sundown.

Tour del rock en español "Watchás 2000" en beneficio de estudiantes adultos

Por Sheila Fialho
Por mucho tiempo, las audiencias del rock en español consistieron sobre todo de "fans" de México y de América Central, cuyo primer lenguaje era español. En el presente el movimiento ha crecido, la audiencia incluye tanto a Hispanos, si no como, a entusiastas cuyo primer lenguaje es el inglés. En un esfuerzo por aplacar el reciente interés por todo lo latino, la música de rock en español y se ha recreado en el Watchá Tour para beneficiar a la comunidad estudiantil adulta hispana.

Por Lucero Luna Campos
Guadalupe Pineda Rinde Homenaje A Trios Mexicanos
MÉXICO, D. F. (NOTIAMERICA) - El romanticismo se moderniza. Su nuevo exponente es una mujer con una de las más bellas voces de México. Ella es Guadalupe Pineda, quien con sus magníficas interpretaciones rinde homenaje a tres tríos mexicanos: Los Tres Ases, Los Dandys y Los Tres Reyes, en un súper álbum de colección.

Food Page:
Happy Birthday, USA
Celebrate Independence Day With a Traditional, All-American Picnic
ndependence Day is a time for families, fireworks, parades and picnics-a combination that has been the all-American way to celebrate the Fourth of July since the early 1800s.

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