June 27, 2003

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Angry Reponses to Health Care for Mexicans

The Mexican government is the most parasitic embarrassment in the world! (Refering to “Better safe than sorry” by Mariana Martinez, published 6/20/03.) First they encourage their poor to risk their lives by entering the United States where they are not wanted. … They screw up our entire state of California and give them time, eventually the Mexicans will screw up our entire Country!

I am not sympathetic to this health care BS because most Americans do not have access to health care. Our senior citizen (sic) are doing without their prescriptions in most cases!

I would urge Mexico to get the hell out of the United States as this WAS the most wonderful Country in the world before the Mexican government stuck it’s big nose here!

Mexico get … out of the United States! Take care of your own … people, you have 13 billionaires in your Country, only about 2-3 more than Britain has! You don’t see the English people sponging on us like the Mexican do!

As an American taxpayer, I do not owe your Mexican people a … thing!

Priscilla Espinoza
Nuevo, California

I loved the part about referring to illegal aliens as “law abiding immigrants who pay taxes and perform work that many Americans refuse to do...”.  The fact is that these “immigrants” are not law abiding since they have broken our laws coming here.  Not only that, but 25% of the federal inmate population consists of illegals, so how can anyone refer to them as “law abiding”?  The part about these illegals paying taxes is a cruel joke upon those of us who do. What taxes do they pay besides sales tax?  Certainly not federal or state income, medicare, SDI or health insurance like I do. When they get sick or give birth they go to taxpayer funded hospitals. As far as doing the jobs that Americans won’t, the fact is that until the recent tsunamis of illegal immigration, jobs in construction, meat packing and janitorial services just to name a few were performed by American citizens, often unionized, and middle class occupations.  Not anymore!

Anyone who is in this country illegally should be deported, not rewarded.

Randle C. Sink
Brea, CA

An Open Letter to Ron Ottinger

School Board Member, San Diego City Schools

As a citizen of this city and a parent and grandparent in this school district, I wish to raise a point of order concerning the continued presence of Mr. Ron Ottinger on this board. In light of recent facts that have appeared in the local print and electronic media concerning the legality of Mr. Ottinger’s continued presence on this Board of Trustees, I believe that Mr. Ottinger should immediately resign from this board or at the very least recuse himself from any further votes until a final disposition has been made of this issue by appropriate state and local legal agencies having jurisdiction.

On June 19, 2003, (in) an article … entitled “School Official Has Two Homes” (it) raised material questions as to the legal residency of Mr. Ottinger. (It) pointed out that it is a violation of the law for a member of a school board to hold office when his actual domicile exists outside the district he represents. Furthermore, on August 8. 2000, Attorney General Bill Lockyer published his official position with respect to another case in Lost Hills Union School District concerning this very same legal point. He reached the following conclusions (among others): (a) “Residence within a school district is a qualification for election to the governing board of the district”; (b) “Continued residence within the school district is required during the entire term of office of a governing board member.”

Because Mr. Ottinger has 18 remaining months of term (as was not the case in the Lost Hills case), I believe that the citizens and children of this city would suffer irreparable harm if Mr. Ottinger is allowed to continue to occupy his current seat on this board, inasmuch as there is a considerable body of evidence to suggest that he may have violated the law in gaining his current board seat and may have committed other violations of law in connection with his multiple residencies in San Diego County.

For these reasons, I urge Mr. Ottinger and this board to save the taxpayers and citizens of this city a good deal of money by requesting that he resign or at least recuse himself from any further votes until this matter has been finally resolved.

Mike MacCarthy
San Diego

Bush no friend of the Hispanic community

I feel compelled to respond to your editorial of June 6, 2003 entitled, the Republican Controlled FCC Betrays Our Constitution.

I find it ironic that … just now (you) are realizing the giant mistake that minorities made in this country when they voted for George Bush and the Republicans just two short years ago.

Did you actually believe the Republican lies of compassionate conservatism, and that no child would be left behind?

Do you think that your child will not suffer as a result of Bush’s hands-off policy regarding his corporate-criminal friends like Enron, a tragedy that has plunged California into a $35 billion debt, that will invariably result in the elimination of much needed programs for minorities in your community?

Did you think that Bush would favor you over his wealthy campaign contributors?

Did yoou know that members of your community are now fighting and dying in Irak, in order to protect and preserve not the Constitution, but Iraqi oil wells?

It is my sincere wish that you and other members of your community do not make the same mistake twice, and return a man to the White House who has absolutely no concern for you, your children or any other member of your community.

Rodney Johnson
San Diego

A Note of Appreciation

As Treasurer of Cook County, Illinois, I would like to congratulate you on the 27th Anniversary of your publication, “La Prensa San Diego.”

It is a pleasure to recognize members of our ethnic communities on their hard work and dedication to maintaining the cultural pluralism that makes our country great. As you know, it is important for our ethnic communities to celebrate our heritage as a means of preserving our rich traditions. Your publication serves as an important connection to your community, as well as an educational outlet for your readers.

I commend your commitment to the Hispanic community. The dedication that goes into each and every publication is very much appreciated.

Maria Pappas
Cook County Treasurer.

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