Volume XXVII Number 26 June 27, 2003

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18 Years of Awarding Scholarships to Our Youth

18 years ago, in 1985, the local League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) Council 2842, started out by giving $200 dollars in scholarships to five high school students. This was LULAC’s first luncheon recognizing the need to encourage, award and assist local Hispanic students as they strived to achieve educational success.

Veronika Muñoz, educator at Rice Elementary, presents LULAC Incentive Awards to Ariel Bayless, Sandra Rodriguez, Mario Diver, Sarah Sandoval, and Roxanna Cueva.

From those humble beginnings the annual luncheon and awards program has grown to today’s totals where 54 students were recognized and $11,000 in scholarships and incentive awards were presented this last weekend at LULAC’s 18th Annual Awards Luncheon.

Under the direction of their president, Bea Estrada, LULAC members have devoted themselves to this, one of their most important endeavors each year, where they work all year long to raise the funds, identify the deserving students, and putting the awards program together.

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New Leaders “Graduate” From USD’s Principal Academy
Twenty-two new principals and school administrators are set to fill leadership positions in the San Diego City Schools, following completion of an innovative training program at the University of San Diego.

¿Dónde Está Davis Cuando Necesita el Voto Etnico en Elecciones de Sustitución?
Por Mary Jo McConahay
Nota del Editor: A medida que la elección de sustitución se acerca, el gobernador Gray Davis ha hecho poco por llegar a su base tradicional de apoyo en las comunidades étnicas y minoritarias - actitud que algunos encuestadores y activistas comunitarios consideran “sorprendente”.

La Represión del 10 de Junio de 1971
Nota del Editor: El 10 de junio de 1971, centenares de estudiantes fueron atacados por un grupo de paramilitares denominado Los Halcones en San Cosme, Ciudad de México—más de 30 fueron asesinados—como parte de la política oficial contra el movimiento estudiantil, originando la guerrilla urbana.
Por Arturo Martínez Nateras
Fábrica de Letras

On the Inside of the Human Smuggling Business
By R. M. Arrieta
El Tecolote
June 20, 2003 - The tragedy at a South Texas truck stop in which 19 migrants died in an abandoned airless trailer packed with more than 100 undocumented migrants, has brought more attention to the plight of migrants crossing from Mexico to the U.S. and to those who smuggle them. The incident, which took place in Victoria, Texas, has been called the deadliest migrant-smuggling attempt in the United States in more than 15 years. Earlier this year, in Nogales, Mexico, I interviewed a young man who was trying to get out of the smuggling business. The 15-year-old, whom we will call “Manuel,” was a guide, or ‘guía’. He lives in one of the poorest colonias in Nogales. He told me he was trying to get out of the business because he says it is too dangerous.


Middle School Researchers Go Back in Time
Sweetwater students learn how to investigate the past
Seventh graders are getting ready for the rigors of high school—and even college—by learning about the day, the month and the year in which they were born. These students are being taught the steps of research through the “I Search” process, brought to life by the year-long federal Improving Literacy Through School Libraries grant.

Local Teen Prepares to Examine Field of Medicine
National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine Offers Career Exploration
Phoenix, AZ — Miss Elsa Lopez of San Diego recently enrolled in the prestigious National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine (NYLF/MED), taking place in Phoenix, AZ from July 6 to July 15, 2003. During this career development program, Lopez will join more than 350 other high school students from around the country who demonstrate academic excellence, leadership potential and an interest in medicine.

Feeling for space:
James Hubbell and his soul called home
By Mariana Martinez
There is a quiet noise whispering in my veins as I sweetly lay and seek the sky in the mountain top, no clouds: The roofs look like meringue and there is a firebird on the floor of a room with seashells on the walls. The pathways -swirling rivers- through green landscape, there’s a fountain and a black pool, where a dragon lays and waits for me to wake up. This is James Hubbell’s House.

El sentido del espacio:
James Hubell y su alma en forma de hogar
Por Mariana Martinez
Vibra un ruido sordo entre mis venas, postrada aquí en la cima, en la mira de un cielo sin nubes. Los techos son merengue y hay un ave fénix en el piso del cuarto, con conchas marinas como parte de las paredes. Los caminos, cual ríos serpenteantes rozan el verde paisaje, luego una fuente y una alberca negra, en cuyo fondo habita un dragón, que acecha mi despertar. Este es el hogar de James Hubbell.

San Diego County Designates June as Latino Health Awareness Month in Response to Latino Health Crisis
Recognizing the startling health risks facing the local Latino community, representatives from the California Latino 5 a Day Campaign and dignitaries such as Congressman Bob Filner, Councilmember Mary Salas, Supervisor Ron Roberts, Mayor Dick Murphy, presented a resolution to the San Diego county declaring June 2003 as Latino Health Awareness Month in San Diego.

Por Diego Alvarez
Protéjase del sol
Ya está aquí. El verano hizo su entrada triunfal en el horizonte climático. No más días de lluvia, ni frío que cala en los huesos. El sol brilla ahora más que nunca, y todos pensamos: ¡Es hora de la diversión, de recibir el sol!... ¿sin medida?

Scripps Gives Chula Vista School District $25,000 for Health Needs
South Bay District receives one of first Scripps Health Community Benefit Grants
A program to increase the number of children with health insurance in the Chula Vista Elementary School district and retain those who are already insured received a $25,000 grant from Scripps Health as one of the first recipients of the Scripps Health Community Benefits Fund.

Y-ME San Diego Ofrece Un Nuevo Proyecto de Cancer del Seno Para las Mujeres Hispanas en el Condado de San Diego
Y-ME San Diego ha recibido fondos de Y-ME National Breast Cancer Organization y AVON Foundation Inc, para un proyecto de dos años sobre Cáncer del Seno en el Condado San Diego. El proyecto, Un Día Para Tí, está dedicado a ayudar a las mujeres hispanas que no tienen aseguranza y que residen en el condado de San Diego.


Supreme Court Upholds AFFIRMATIVE ACTION!
United States Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor wrote in her 5-4 majority opinion, upholding Affirmative Action: “Effective participation by members of all racial and ethnic groups in the civil life of our nation is essential if the dream, of one nation, indivisible, is to be realized.” The decision was rendered on June 23, 2003 preserving affirmative action in the University Of Michigan’s admission program that considered race for admission to its law school.

Latino Voter ‘Si,’ Black Voter, No?
By Earl Ofari Hutchinson
Conventional wisdom holds that while Latinos now convincingly outrank African Americans as the nation’s largest minority group —38.8 million to 36.6 million, according to the Census Bureau— they are still light years behind blacks politically. This is a myth. In fact, Latinos’ rising political star is giving some black politicians and leaders the jitters.

If bonds are part of the budget, voters must have a say
By Harold Johnson
For all the rancor in Sacramento over how to fashion a budget, Gov. Gray Davis and Republican leaders are in accord on one element: big borrowing. Both sides favor floating more than $10 billion in bonds, to be paid off over five years or longer, to shrink the state’s mammoth deficit. Where they are stuck is over funding for this new debt. The GOP would use existing revenues. Davis proposes a hike in the sales tax.

A California Tax Nightmare
By Senator Dennis Hollingsworth
It’s well known Governor Davis has proposed $8.2 billion in tax increases to fix a $38 billion budget deficit caused by his and Democrats’ overspending. His proposal increases taxes on retail sales, tobacco, the “rich,” and triples the car tax.

The Public Forum . . . El Foro Publico
Angry Reponses to Health Care for Mexicans
The Mexican government is the most parasitic embarrassment in the world! (Refering to “Better safe than sorry” by Mariana Martinez, published 6/20/03.) First they encourage their poor to risk their lives by entering the United States where they are not wanted. … They screw up our entire state of California and give them time, eventually the Mexicans will screw up our entire Country!

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

Joseph David Gallery Introduces Metal Mania
Exclusive Showing of Mixed-Media Sculptures Mingling Metal, Fused Glass & Stone
Joseph David Gallery is pleased to announce an exclusive showing of innovative mixed-media sculptures mingling metal, fused glass and stone by local artists Jeffrey Melle and Hugo Heredia Barrera. An opening reception, hosted by Joseph David Gallery on Saturday, June 28 at 6 pm, kicks off an exclusive two-week Metal Mania exhibit June 28 to July 13, 2003.

Athenaeum Mozart Festival, Part I, With Gustavo Romero, to be Presented in July
On July 28, 2002, at the conclusion of the Athenaeum’s two-season Beethoven Festival with pianist Gustavo Romero, audiences at the sold-out concerts wondered what could possibly top this. That evening, at the final gala post-concert dinner, those in attendance found out: Gustavo Romero would be playing the complete solo piano works of Mozart in the summers of 2003 and 2004.

Paletas en un Rollercoaster
Presentación del libro “Lejos del Noise” de Rafa Saavedra
Por Mariana Martinez
Pon un disco de Blondie, prende la televisión -y no la veas-, chatea con tu ex-novia que está lejos, abraza a un freak, Baja MP3 masticando palomitas; empieza a leer Lejos del Noise.

Tepoztlán, sitio de ruinas, sabores y de encanto
Por: Paco Zavala
¿En dónde está situado Tepoztlán? Tepoztlán es un poblado situado en el estado de Morelos en la República Mexicana. Cerca de la población se encuentran las ruinas de un templofortaleza prehispánico, construído por los antiguos tlahuicas. Se levanta en la cima de una alta roca, que forma con el teocalli una gran pirámide de tres cuerpos que se eleva a 370 metros sobre la llanura circundante. En la base de la pared más baja se puede observar un banco de piedra con notables esculturas en bajorrelieve. En lo alto de la pirámide aparece la verdadera fortaleza, que es una construcción rectangular , con sus cuatro lados orientados hacia los puntos cardinales.

De San Diego a Hollywood
Cameron Diaz revela su lado fuerte en “Los Angeles de Charlie”
Por Daniel Bort
De todas las “Charlies”, ella es la que más destaca.

Popular Mexican Film “La Ley de Herodes/Herod’s Law” in San Diego For Limited Engagement
Media Arts Center San Diego’s new “Cinema en tu Idioma” series will present the long-awaited San Diego theatrical release of the highly acclaimed and entertaining Mexican film “La Ley De Herodes/Herod’s Law.  La Ley will be released on July 11th. La Ley is in Spanish with English subtitles and is recommended for mature audiences only.

Deception And Betrayal: A Trainer’s Disgrace
By Fiona Manning
After almost every fight, the guy who loses quite often has an excuse. On Saturday night, Yoni Vargas, one of the most popular fighters on the boxing circuit, lost a brutal four-round fight to Phillip Ndou.

Mexico to Battle Japan for a Berth in WWC
By John Philip Wyllie
The good news is that Mexico’s women’s soccer team is in position to gain the 16th and final berth in the Women’s World Cup, which will be played September 20 – October 12 across the United States. The bad news is that in order to qualify Mexico will have to defeat Japan in a two-game home and away series.

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