June 24, 2005

Notas Politics

Its beginning! Wannabe Políticos have begun to send their campaign materials to the media, yes even to La Prensa San Diego! It’s odd how politicos remember us when they want our vote! At all other times, they take us for granted or ignore us totally! First to cross our desk were the Mayor Wannabe’s, some not all! We shall take a little bit here and a little bit there to keep our readers informed but it’s much, much too early to jump into the muddy water’s of politics. As is our way, we shall analyze all the information received and gave our “profound” opinion of what the candidates are saying. Somewhere betwixt the large amounts of toro-popo we shall attempt to find the truth!

First off, we think Mary Salas wants to announce that she is going to run for the 79th Assembly District seat (the one currently held by Juan Vargas). It seems she will be having a Fund Raiser on the 30th of June. She announced on three different flyers that she was running for “State Assembly 2006”! On a third flyer, she announced she was running for the “State Assembly 79th District 2006” We couldn’t get it straight just who really were the honorary co-chairs, or who was on the Host Committee. Alas, one couldn’t tell whether the contributions asked were for “$75 to $500 per person”, $75- $100-$250- $500” or Other! And if you’re confused, one flyer says to call Mary Darling at (619) 665-2879; another one says phone (619) 518-365! Pregunta: two of the flyers list A.Y Casillas and Joe Casillas on the Host Committee. However another of the Invitation flyer leaves the Casillas off the Host Committee entirely! Problemas Mary Salas??? It’s going to be a long campaign!

First it was Steve Francis and now where the SURF meets the TURF! Donna Frye is asking to meet with La Prensa San Diego to discuss the Mayoral campaign. As long as you don’t ask to meet in the middle of the Ocean, we won’t make the Chili peppers too hot for you! La Prensa’ unhappiness with the current administration has been evident on our editorial pages. El Jefito knows that the Raza Vote is going to make a big difference in the Mayor’s race this year!

The “DUKE” bites the dust! El Congressman from the North County finally got exposed with his hands in the payola cookie jar. Randy “Duke” Cunningham (50th Congressional District-R) has been apparently been taking payola from a Defense Department Contractor! What sticks in my throat is the disgrace that he brings to all past and present Naval Officers….Where did you go wrong, Duke?

Pregunta: Why don’t the Chargers take their team COUNTY wide? Why should only the San Diego Voters/residents have to shoulder all the expense of keeping the team in town? Don’t the resident of the County attend football games? The team is a County asset. Perhaps, the County Supervisors should help out and contribute. Perhaps, the Chargers should build their stadium somewhere in the wide open spaces of the County???

Once again, Mexican Citizens, residing in the United States (where they work), are trying to get the right to vote, by mail, for their Country’s leaders. Mexican workers send more money to Mexico to support their families than the United States gives in loans and aid to the political figureheads in Mexico. It is well known that money given to the politicos is akin to sending money into a bottomless well. It never gets to those that actually need the money. Most of it ends being misspent, misused, or misplaced. The Migrant workers know that if they can vote, they can determine who the leadership will be in their country and bring about the change that is needed. The USA then could cut back on all the money that is squandered supporting the political Caciques.

Governor Schwarzenegger has appointed 57 county judges in California. Only one (1) was a Latino! And the Governor thinks he is doing a good job of representing Latinos in the State?? No wonder his approval rating among La Raza is down from 40 percent to 25 percent and dropping! This is a warning signal to all our Gente to watch closely what he does and don’t believe anything he says. “Entre el dicho y el hecho hay un gran estrecho”! Have you noted, Mexican Americans, Latinos are over a third of California’s 35 million population, yet, he hasn’t appointed a single Latino to a Cabinet position! He is totally surrounded by Anglo-Saxons, mostly extreme NeoCons from the Pete Wilson mold!

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