Volume XXIX Number 25 June 24, 2005

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Like a brand-new book

Ten years after it opened, South Chula Vista Library gets major renovations

By Pablo Jaime Sainz

Ernesto Retes remembers when the South Chula Vista Library opened 10 years ago.

He was a high school student at the time, and said he owes much of his academic success to that building.

“At home there was always a lot of noise, people coming in and out, so I couldn’t concentrate,” he said. “I would come to this library and study, do my homework in a really quiet environment. Also, I had lots of resources available: Books, reference volumes, encyclopedias, help from the librarians. Without a doubt, I was able to graduate from high school and then go on to college thanks to this great place.”

Retes was visiting the South Chula Vista Library to use one of the computers with internet access.

He was in Chula Vista visiting his family during a short trip from Los Angeles, where he now lives.

Once he got to the parking lot, he started noticing something with the building –something good.

“I was amazed!” he said.

Just like other library guests, Retes is happy to see that, after 10 years of opening, the South Chula Vista Library has gotten a major face-lift.

The first obvious change is that the exterior has been repainted in the original sunflower yellow color and its two obelisks returned to a brilliant purple hue.

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Candidates Debate as Mayor’s Race Unfolds
By E.A. Barrera
Candidates for the Mayor’s office established a feisty tone during a June 23 meeting of Citizens Coordinate for Century Three (C-3). Five of the declared candidates were asked to speak to the group, which focuses on land use and planning issues within the city. Their remarks often echoed themes they have used since Mayor Dick Murphy’s surprise resignation last April. Each one spoke to the city’s current pension crises and what they felt was a lack of leadership at City Hall.

Too Many Myths and Not Enough Reality on Migration Issues: World Migration 2005
Washington, DC, June 22, 2005—Many concerns that surround migration, such as loss of jobs, lower wages, increased welfare costs and the belief that migration is spiralling out of control, are not only exaggerated or unfounded but contrary to evidence, according to World Migration Report 2005, released today by the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

Mujeres Mexicanas Presionan por Mejoras
A pesar de algunos cambios sociales recientes, las diferencias de género son todavía muy marcadas.
Por Eduardo Stanley
Cuando Oralia Maceda salió de su pequeño pueblo en Oaxaca para seguir estudiando, su madre sabía que estaba rompiendo una tradición. Aunque sólo fue a vivir a poca distancia, la costumbre indica que las jóvenes no deben salir del pueblo sino prepararse para casarse. “Mi mamá no quería este futuro para mí, quería que nos valoraran como personas y que no dependiéramos de un hombre, de un marido”, dice hoy Oralia, casi una década después y a miles de millas de distancia.


Los Impactantes Efectos De La Inmigración Hispana En EU
Por Manuel R Villacorta O
Estados Unidos posee casi 300 millones de habitantes, lo que lo tipifica como uno de los países más poblados en el mundo. Más de 40 millones son hispanos, o sea, un 13 por ciento de su población total. Al interior de este rubro (40 millones) el 50 por ciento son hispanos menores de 24 años. Pero según expertos en demografía y migración, esta cifra podría ser mucho mayor, ya que consideran la existencia de  indocumentados que no fueron contabilizados por el último censo oficial, cifra que oscilaría entre los 8 y 10 millones.

México del Norte
Por Jorge Mújica Murias
IME con quién andas
En estos días en que la mitad de los activistas mexicanos en el extranjero están comiéndose hasta los codos esperando la discusión sobre el voto exterior, llegan simultáneamente tres noticias electorales.

Institute Initiates Campaign to Increase Latino College Enrollment
Three years after its landmark study, College Knowledge: What Latino Parents Need to know and Why They Don’t Know It, the Tomás Rivera Policy Institute (TRPI) is undertaking a yearlong project that aims to provide Latino parents with information to prepare their children for college admission and attendance.

NCLB Funds Enrich For-Profit Companies, Study Says
No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) funds flow from the government, through the states, and into the hands of private, for-profit companies, according to “No Child Left Behind: Where Does the Money Go?” a policy brief released by the Education Policy Studies Laboratory at Arizona State University.

Technology Helps Hilltop High Transcend the ‘Great Wall’
Students and administrators participate in pilot video conference with sister school in China
Images appeared on a large screen and voices crackled over a video conferencing system with a simple greeting, “Hello.” Soon, a series of conversations were taking place in both Mandarin Chinese and English. Staff members at a middle school in China recently took part in an interactive, international video conference with Hilltop High students, teachers and administrators. It was the first of what is planned to be weekly presentations and lessons between the sister schools, beginning next fall.

Por Yhamel Catacora
Una celebración sin brindis
El fin del año escolar sig-nifica para muchas entidades, el armarse de información y diseminarla de mil maneras, y así evitar que por ejemplo, los bachilleres de secundaria con sus 18 o 19 años bien cumplidos no se desborden brindando demasiado y terminen el año en una sala de emergencia, si el fin no es más trágico. 

Tijuana is Trouble for Teenagers
By Tom Turpel
To a young eighteen-year-old male who craves wild, reckless, adventure, Tijuana, Mexico has been a haven from conservative American law. The legal drinking age is eighteen. Between each club and bar, a pharmacy sells everything from Vicatin to Viagra over the counter. Cock fights and donkey shows is popular theater, safe from the cry of animal rights activists.

Caring for my Caretaker - When an Elder Gets Alzheimer’s
By Angel Luna
It’s six in the morning and it doesn’t matter if I had a bad night or not — my grandfather needs me.

Take Advantage of the GI Bill when Attending School or Buying a Home
Thinking about attending college or a trade school? Contemplating buying a home? Are you serving or have you served in the U.S. Armed Forces? Then, consider tapping into the benefits of the GI Bill.


It’s one election after another, when does it all end?
You probably didn’t notice it but Tuesday the 21st, the first day of summer, was the longest day of year. Why is that significant? Well because right now we are in the midst of the longest campaign season known to man, but unlike the first day of summer we can’t help but notice it!

The Paradox of Mexican Americans at war
By Jorge Mariscal
A recent edition of the New York Times (June 20) reported that Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld hopes to promote Lt. General Ricardo Sanchez to four-star status and head of the Southern Command. Despite the fact that Sanchez was the highest-ranking officer in Iraq during the Abu Ghraib prison scandal, an internal Army inquiry exonerated him from any wrongdoing. According to the Times article, a key factor in the decision to promote Sanchez would be his ability to attract more young Latinos into the military.

The Elusive Truth
By Robert H. Linnell
We now know that Britain was discussing participating in a US led invasion of Iraq long before the actual invasion. A briefing paper for members of Tony Blair’s senior staff, meeting on July 23, 2002, pointed out that regime change was illegal so it was “necessary to create conditions” which would make it legal. The paper pointed out that “U.S. plans assume, at a  minimum, the use of British bases in Cyprus and Diego Garcia,” so the issue of legality “would arise virtually whatever option ministers chose with regard to UK participation.”

La Inoperancia del Embajador ante la ONU
Por Humberto Caspa, Ph.D
El rechazo de la nominación de John R. Bolton a la embajada de las Naciones Unidas es una respuesta congruente a una posición del Presidente Bush que, desde el inicio de su segunda administración, no simplemente quiere mantener la línea dura de su gobierno, sino llevarla a otros extremos.

The Public Forum . . . El Foro Público
Health Care Bill by Keuhl the Wrong Solution
Your editorial correctly says its “Time for a Universal Health Care Plan” when 25% of all Americans can’t get health coverage, including even larger numbers of Latinos. But the bill by Sen. Sheila Keuhl in the state legislature provides the wrong solution by trying to create an expensive, bloated, state-run health plan. MediCal is a failing program and putting all Californians on MediCal is unworkable and unaffordable to the state budget.

Notas Politicas
Its beginning!
Wannabe Políticos have begun to send their campaign materials to the media, yes even to La Prensa San Diego! It’s odd how politicos remember us when they want our vote! At all other times, they take us for granted or ignore us totally! First to cross our desk were the Mayor Wannabe’s, some not all! We shall take a little bit here and a little bit there to keep our readers informed but it’s much, much too early to jump into the muddy water’s of politics. As is our way, we shall analyze all the information received and gave our “profound” opinion of what the candidates are saying. Somewhere betwixt the large amounts of toro-popo we shall attempt to find the truth!

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

First Person:
Artistic Heart Beats No More
Self Help Graphics: use it or lose it?
By Mark Vallen
Self Help Graphics, East Los Angeles’ venerable institution dedicated to Chicano art, printmaking and grassroots community arts in general, was closed on June 7th, 2005. The artistic heart of Chicano LA beats no more. Amazingly enough, it was the organization’s own “Board of Directors” that closed the doors of SHG to the public, changed the locks on the building to bar staff and artists from entering, and locked-up the parking lot used by visitors and community members alike.

Tres Noches, Tres Conciertos, Tres Historias y Más
Por: Paco Zavala
Hemos llegado ya casi a la cintura del año, a la mitad, faltan aún unos días, pero eso que importa, acaba de transcurrir el día más largo del año y cuantos sucesos han acontecido en éste medio año, muchos, pero.....el show debe proseguir sin parar, si acaso algo lo detiene, éste continuará hasta terminar para cada quien.

The Sparks Will Fly at the 2005 “Celebrate Chula Vista” 4th of July Spectacular
The Port of San Diego, the Chula Vista Convention & Visitors Bureau, Chula Vista Chamber of Commerce and the City of Chula Vista are excited to once again invite you to their annual “Celebrate Chula Vista”! This years FREE 4th of July event will take place on Monday, July 4th, 2005 from 12:00 Noon to 9:00 PM at Bayside Park in beautiful Chula Vista, California.

Summer in the City Never Looked So Good…
San Diego Symphony Summer Pops Lights Up The Night With Music And Fireworks
On July 1, the San Diego Symphony kicks off its Summer Pops music extravaganza complete with the San Diego Symphony Orchestra featuring Summer Pops conductor, Matthew Garbutt, an exciting line-up of guest artists and crowd-pleasing fireworks that light up the night.

Segundo Festival de Opera en la Calle
Por: Paco Zavala
La joven, trabajadora, vigorosa, amable, dulce, acogedora y protectora ciudad de Tijuana, en la actualidad cuenta con un verdadero fortalecimiento en el mundo de las artes y la cultura, promovidas y apoyadas por sus habitantes, sus instituciones públicas, sus instituciones privadas, mecenas y artistas e instituciones nacionales y extranjeras.

Romeo and Julieta crossing the border
Old Globe presents bi-national, trilingual production of the classic play
By Pablo Jaime Sainz
Old Globe director Peter Webster believes theater should be a reflection of the world it wants to reach.

Romeo y Julieta cruzan la frontera
El Old Globe presenta una versión binacional y trilingüe de la obra clásica
Por Pablo Jaime Sainz
El director del Old Globe Peter Webster cree que el teatro debe ser un reflejo del mundo al que quiere llegar.

¡Levántate y baila!
Rize descubre las implicaciones sociales del nuevo baile en las calles pobres de California
Por Jose Daniel Bort
En las culturas alrededor del mar caribe, desde el Yucatán hasta las Azores y Trinidad, bailar es una cuestion de estatus. Pre-adolescentes, justo al despertar de su sensualidad, descubren en el baile “pegao” la solución a sus problemas de acercamiento al sexo opuesto y el medio de expresión idóneo para el crecer y convertirse en hombres.

“Mi sangre cubana y gallega es muy importante para mi”
La leyenda del cine George Romero vuelve con ‘Land of the dead’
Por Jose Daniel Bort
Es reconocido universalmente como uno de los cineastas más influyentes en los últimos treinta años. Sin embargo, muy pocos latinos conocen a uno de los suyos, el cineasta George Romero.

Arena Names 23-Man Roster to Compete in 2005 CONCACAF Gold Cup
U.S. Opens Gold Cup in Seattle on July 7 vs. Cuba and July 9 vs. Canada, Before Moving East to Foxboro for Costa Rica Match on July 12
U.S. Men’s National Team manager Bruce Arena has selected the 23 players that will compete in the 2005 CONCACAF Gold Cup, the regional championship of North America, Central America and the Caribbean. The 12-team tournament runs from July 6-24 in six cities across the United States.

Surf Dawgs’ Garcia Hoping His Luck Will Improve in S.D.
By John Philip Wyllie
Fate can be cruel sometimes. In professional baseball the difference between making it big and struggling to maintain a career can often be decided as much by bad luck as it is by talent. Take San Diego Surf Dawgs shortstop, Tony Garcia.

Robles Living His Dream With The L.A. Dodgers
By John Philip Wyllie
Growing up on both sides of the border, Tijuana native and former Montgomery High School 1994 CIF Player of the Year Oscar Robles dreamed back then of one day playing professional baseball. When the three-time All-Metro star was drafted by the Houston Astros following his senior year, local pundits expected to see him regularly soon after in Jack Murphy Stadium making the Padres miserable. But after four seasons of minor league baseball in this country without receiving that long awaited call, Robles headed south and began a successful career in Mexico. Playing first with the Oaxaca Warriors and later with the Mexico City Red Devils, Robles hit for an impressive .334 career average in his five years of Mexican League baseball.