Volume XXV Number 25 June 22, 2001

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Campamentos de amor.

Por: Paco Zavala

La semana pasada, el viernes 15 del corriente mes, visitamos un Campamento de Verano de Párvulos en el "Jardín de Niños Benito Juárez", turno Vespertino que opera con la atinadísima dirección de la Profa. Martina Ballesteros Romo , Maestra del 3er grado y la Profa. Leticia Gomez Fernández, maestra responsable de la conducción del 2do grado "A" en esta H. Institución , cada una de ellas auxiliadas por sus respectivas asistentes.

Aspecto del campamento - "Los Niños

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Community Up In Arms Over Response To Police Shootings
By Leilani Nisperos
After his uncle, Gabino Benjamin Flores, was shot by police in April, Armando Tamayo became the angry one.

Fourteen Dead on the Border - For What?
By David Bacon
- Last month fourteen men and women left their coffee farms in Veracruz, and began the journey north. Within days, their bodies were found on the hardpan of the Sonora desert. On first look, they died of agonizing dehydration, like hundreds more over the last few years, trying to cross the same forbidding border.

Candidate lives in U.S., but so does half the state
By Ginger Thompson The New York Times
JEREZ, Mexico, June 19, 2001 — At first sight, the muscular, chocolate-colored steed intimidated Andrés Bermúdez. He had not sat on the back of a horse in more than 25 years, since he left a nearby farming settlement, climbed into the trunk of an old Buick and sneaked illegally into the United States in search of work.

Noticias de México...
Investigan a custodios
Todos los custodios y directivos de la Cárcel Pública local son investigados por la Procuraduría General de la República (PGR) y la Procuraduría General de Justicia del Estado (PGJE), en relación a la fuga de 14 peligrosos reos, ocurrida el martes.


Match Making Latino Style
By Yvette tenBerge
At some point, we all end up looking for the same thing when it comes to relationships. Some pour over entire sections of newspapers and magazines hoping to find their Prince Charming or their Cinderella. Others pay a small fortune for the chance to scan the video archives of countless dating services. And those who are more traditional attend function after function just to "get themselves out there."

Chicana Scholar Is Force Behind Book on Artist Santa Barraza
As a scholar of Chicano arts and culture, UC Santa Barbara Professor María Herrera-Sobek has been able to bring attention to many gifted Chicano and Chicana artists.

Mexico praises Texas bill to allow immigrants to attend university
The Associated Press
June 19, 2001 — Mexico's government on Monday praised a new Texas law that allows undocumented immigrants who attended Texas high schools to pay in-state tuition at state universities.

Californians Have Seen Only Good Results From Right To Sue HMOs; Deterrent
Effect Is Model For the National Patients' Bill Of Rights
— The Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights announced that the bipartisan, federal patients' bill of rights, which President Bush announced he would veto, deserves a second look, especially a look in the direction of California, which has the strongest patients' rights laws in the nation.

Sweetwater Seniors Win Creaser Foundation Scholarships
During its 15-year history, Sweetwater District's Creaser Foundation has awarded nearly 80 scholarships to seniors graduating from district high schools. Students are recognized based on their academic achievement and community service.

NEA Focuses on Low-Performing Schools at Joint Conference on Concerns of
Minorities and Women
Making Every Public School Great will be the focus of the 2001 Joint Conference on Concerns of Minorities and Women scheduled for June 29-30 at The Westin Bonaventure Hotel in Los Angeles. The conference is held each year in connection with the Annual Meeting of the 2.6 million-member National Education Association (NEA).

Nueva Coalición Comunitaria a Nivel Estatal Insta a Los Californianos a Participar
en la Encuesta de Salud de California
Más de 45 organizaciones comunitarias de todo el estado, que representan a varios grupos étnicos, participaron recientemente junto con el Centro de Estudios de Planificación de Salud de UCLA (UCLA Center for Health Policy Research) en Los Angeles para aumentar la participación en la Encuesta de Salud de California (CHIS); una encuesta telefónica sobre salud que se dirige desde ahora hasta agosto.

`¿Para que no sufra quién?
Por Alfredo Ortega-Trillo
"Anticipar la muerte, por muy cierta que sea, y por insorporable que parezca la vida, es otorgarse un derecho que sólo a Dios pertenece", declaró el español y padre jesuita Jorge Lorin durante la conferencia titulada: Eutanasia, que ofreció el pasado 16 de mayo en el restaurante Jardín del CECUT.

Hispanic Radio Network/La Red Hispana
Eduardo Salinas
Disfrutando de un verano saludable
Con el verano en marcha cobijando el territorio continental estadounidense millones de personas disfrutarán durante esta época de diversas actividades bajo el sol. Cocinar a la parrilla, nadar en la piscina, hacer deporte o viajar a la playa son tan solo algunas de las preferencias de quienes, dependiendo el tiempo, estarán buscando sacarle el mejor provecho al verano del 2001.

The Newly Formed "Drug Free-Border Coalition" Seeks Regional Solutions to
Drug Abuse
The Drug Free-Border Coalition is a binational organization recently established after a series of addiction prevention workshops were held by organizations from Mexico and the U.S. last November in Calafia, Baja California.

¿Podemos Hacer Algo Para mejorar la Humanidad?
Por Sergio Nogues
Cuando yo era joven había una canción en la que el autor contaba que había tenido un sueño en el cual toda la humanidad vivía en paz, todos eran amigos y se ayudaban unos a otros y cuando despertó, su deseo fue hacerlo realidad. La letra de esta canción me llamó mucho la atención y mi deseo siempre ha sido de que podamos vivir en un mundo de paz, donde todos expresemos amor unos por otros.

Political and Business Notes:
. Antonio Villaraigosa, seeking to become the first Hispanic mayor of Los Angeles in modern times, lost to James Hahn in a June 2001 election by 54-46 percent. Whites cast 52 percent of the mayoral votes; Latinos, 22 percent; Blacks, 17 percent; and Asians, six percent. Villarai-gosa received 82 percent of the Latino vote, and Hahn received 80 percent of African-American vote.


San Diego Unified School District Superintendent Imposes Censorship!
A serious turn of events has occurred within the San Diego Unified School District that has teachers, parents and administrators in turmoil. La Prensa San Diego has been banned from the public school Internet system! Our crime? We published a series of articles on the numerous confrontations that have been occurring between parents, teachers, students and the Superintendent of Schools, Alan Bersin!

The Nation Needs a Strong Patient's Bill of Rights
By Art Torres
The federal patient's bill of rights sponsored by US Senators McCain, Edwards, and Kennedy currently before the Senate is a major step in reforming our troubled health care system.

Crímenes de la piel

Por Pablo Padula
La reciente ejecución del narcotraficante Juan Raúl Garza volvió a encender la mecha del racismo en el sistema judicial norteamericano. Sus abogados argumentaron desde un principio que Garza recibió la pena de muerte simplemente por ser hispano aunque, en mi opinión, fueron sus crímenes y los despiadados métodos que utilizó como jefe de una banda de traficantes de marihuana los que lo llevaron a la muerte, no su raza.

The Public Forum ... El Foro Publico
Impressed with tenBerge
I am writing to let you know how impressed I have been with Yvette tenBerge's articles reporting on the issues of the San Diego Unified School District. I have been an education reform activist for many years and rarely have come upon anyone (particularly a journalist) who was able to grasp the issues and dynamics involved as quickly and astutely as Ms. tenBerge!

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

Museum of Contemporary Art, Highlights Work of Tijuana Design Consortium
Torolab in Exhibition at MCA Downtown
On view at the Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego's downtown location July 1 through September 25, 2001 is Torolab: Laboratorio of the Future in the Present, organized by MCA Curator Toby Kamps. This exhibition brings together for the first time in the United States the diverse works of Torolab, a Tijuana-based consortium of artists and designers whose work encompasses fine art, architecture, clothing, graphic design, and electronic music.

David con la piedra en la mano
Calixto Chinchilla se enfrenta a todos con su Festival de cine Latino en Nueva York
Por Jose Daniel Bort
Calixto se inventó su propio Goliat, producto de la indiferencia con que muchas instituciones públicas y privadas han visto al cine Latino. Tiene dos años apuntándoles su frustración directamente a los ojos con su festival.

Destellos de Cultura y del Espectáculo
Por: Paco Zavala
Gaby Bojorquez estupenda intérprete, dueña de una voz bonita y bien timbrada con el gusto de las voces claras de las mujeres latinoamericanas, se presenta el próximo viernes 22 en "El Nopal" a las 9:00 p.m., interpretando: trova, folklore, boleros y otros rítmos, también en este lugar el sábado 23, escuche a la casa de la trova, con la inigualable voz de El Gume a las 9.00 p.m. y para cerrar el mes el día 29 se presentan Matequila, Banda Fusión, noche de Pop-rock latino.

Frida a Escena
Por: Paco Zavala
La compañía de Teatro Hispano de San Diego que atinadamente dirige el Sr. Jesús Sierra-Oliva, anuncia la puesta en escena de la producción en inglés y español de la obra teatral "Frida, del Infierno a la Gloria", trabajo que se debe a la inspiración y a la pluma del propio maestro y dramaturgo Jesús Sierra-Oliva.

La Ley en Crazy/Beautiful
Por: Paco Zavala
Siempre (Every Time), tema que interpreta el grupo "La Ley" en los idiomas inglés y español y que aparece incluída en la banda sonora de la película Crazy/Beautiful , drama adolescente y que lanza al mercado Hollywood Records en el presente mes de junio.

Calendar of Events...
by Berenice Cisneros
The Civil War - A Musical Event
The sweeping musical event of life and loss, inspired by the men and women who defined a nation, comes to San Diego on June 26-July 1.

The Fast and The Furious - Emocionante Mundo de Carreras Callejeras de Autos
Para Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) los carros son su mundo, y en el mundo de las calles, él es el rey. Durante el día prepara carros de carrera, instalándoles sistemas de velocidad computarizados que los hace volar, sin importar la marca o modelo. Por las noches, Dom se la pasa en las calles, compitiendo y retando a cualquiera que tenga el valor de enfrentársele, con apuestas que a veces llegan a $10,000.

Spirit Need to Re-double Effort in the Second Half
Assistant Coach Vasquez to help lead the charge
By John Philip Wyllie
Having reached the half-way mark in their inaugural season, the San Diego Spirit will have to redouble their efforts if they expect to continue their season beyond the August 12 regular season finale. With a record of 2-5-2 and only one point out of last place (as of 6-20-01), the Spirit need to improve their scoring efficiency, become more physical and stop allowing game-killing goals. It's a tall order for Spirit head coach Carlos Juarez.

Bullfight World...
by Lyn Sherwood
Cavazos and Barrera Triumph in Mexicali
Beneath nearly intolerable heat, all three matadors —Eloy Cavazos, José Daniel Ayala, Antonio Barrera, and Rejoneador Enrique Fraga— registered impressive triumphs, June 17, in Mexicali, in the annual Rosa de Mexicali corrida. The trio faced a herd from San Pablo and one from La Mision, which proved to be excellent toros.

El invicto Francisco "Panchito" Bojado ha sido añadido a la cartelera de Showtime
championship boxing

Nueva York, NY — Una de las más brillantes estrellas jóvenes que ha tenido el boxeo en años, el invicto Francisco "Panchito" Bojado, se enfrentará a Glenn Forde en la primera pelea de la cartelera de SHOWTIME Championship Boxing el sábado 23 de junio, desde el Mohegan Sun Casino en Uncasville, Ct.

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