June 19, 1998

OPD Offers "Challenge Grant Program" to the Community

The Oceanside Police Department's Neighborhood Enhancement Team (NET-Work) is working in conjunction with the Public Safety Commission (PSC) to make the City of Oceanside an even better place to live. How will this be done?

Residents and organizations in Oceanside are again being challenged to pitch in and help coordinate the beautification efforts for communities within the City. Together a difference can be made.

Grant funds will be available to individuals and organizations in Oceanside to make physical improvements, assist in public safety and livability projects and to support social service pro-jects within the City. Typical grants will be $250.00 to $500.00 but may be increased depending on the merit of the proposed project. A total of $10,000.00 is allocated annually to fund this program

Applications are available in English and Spanish and can be obtained at any one of OPD's seven police resource centers throughout Oceanside. They can also be picked up at the front counter at the Oceanside Police Department located at 1617 Mission Avenue. Applications will also be mailed on request. For additional information on the program, call Senior Officer Steve Tiplitsky at (760) 966-4711. To obtain an application by mail, contact the front desk staff at (760) 966-4901.