June 19, 1998

The Public Forum...

...El Foro Publico

Like Always for La Gente y La Causa

`I have tapped into the WEB and I have successfully gathered all the info and history that La Prensa had to offer. It is very informative. The calendar of events that I retrieved from the WEB is great. I was thinking, when I was accessing, that I would only get the calendar of events for one week. Little did I know that I could get the whole month and more. Thank you for all the great info.

When it comes to our gente, I think we, as a people, are doing a great job in dealing with society and all its imperfections. I feel a sense of unity among our people and I think a lot of it has to do with the great work done by people like you at La Prensa... WAY TO GO!!... As always por LA GENTE Y LA CAUSA!

Ricardo Arellano
San Francisco

(Gracious Ricardo for your kind words.)

Thank You For Speaking Out On Our Behalf

Congratulations to you for the fine book review you wrote on Roberto Suro's "Strangers Among Us." I was pleased to read your response in defense of La Raza. I just hope that Suro, too, reads the article. You really sent him to the cleaners.

Setting straight the record was very important, particularly, at this point in time. The other Hispanic groups, who came to this country only yesterday, Cubans, Puerto Ricans and South Americans need to know that we, the Mexican/Americans, have been around here even before the Anglo Saxon clans.

Your article is commendable. It's historic and thorough. La Prensa is on top of current issues and I feel proud to be a reader of your editorials. Thank you for speaking out on our behalf and for saying it like it is. I wonder what Tezzi has to say about all this???

Luis Rodriguez
National City

(Comment: Book reviews are sent to the publishers and agencies that are promoting the book. They in turn are supposed to send the author of the book, copies for his information. But just in case they don't, the front office of La Prensa sends a copy to the author. If Tezzy can avoid the "Bounty Hunters" I'll ask him what he thinks!.)


Latino Publications Rarely Analyze The Big issues.

Thanks for the feedback on my "ethnic media" article. You make a good point, especially about the ethnic media's influence in defining the issues. Originally, I dedicated some paragraphs in my article on that subject by concentrating on the Univision/La Opinion gubernatorial debate. But it didn't survive the final cuts made to my article, mostly due to space reasons. I agree with you, rarely have Latino publications analyzed the bigger issues.

Alfonso Serrano
Los Angeles

(Comment: Unfortunately La Opinion is owned and controlled by the Los Angeles Times... He who pays controls what you say. Lozanos are no longer in control. Doubly unfortunate, Univision is owned by Mexican owners who contributed more money to Governor Pete Wilson (Republican) than any other group in California. What they do and say is very suspect. There are only six major daily Hispanic newspapers in the nation. NONE ARE OWNED BY HISPANICS! Now you know why they have little to say about the major issues in America. The only media power we have is in the weekly's. And you are right, few of them tackle the issues... too much fiesta, beisbol, quinceañeras and bodas...what you need is a subscription to La Prensa. We talk about everything!)