June 19, 1998

CCC Jobs Now For Fire Season and Beyond

With the potential for a busy fire season ahead, the California Conservation Corps is taking applications now for CCC jobs throughout the state.

For more than twenty years, the CCC has provided firefighting agencies with assistance ranging from frontline attack to fire camp support. Many corps-members have gone on to obtain jobs as professional firefighters after the CCC.

In addition to preparing for possible firefighting work this summer, corpsmembers may be involved in energy weatherization work, landscaping, stream and channel clearance, fish habitat improvement, trail building, and more. They also work to advance their education, whether through GED classes or community college courses. Those corpsmembers with good work records have opportunities for internships, work exchanges, and a five-month backcountry trails program at Yosemite and other national parks.

Young people —men and women— who apply for the Corps now can be in the program within two weeks. The requirements for joining are few: they must be between the ages of 18 to 23, not on probation or parole, and California residents. They sign up for a year and have a choice of CCC locations throughout the state. The salary is $5.75 an hour, with room and board deducted at the residential locations.

The Corps has both residential centers, where corpsmembers live in dormitory settings, and nonresidential facilities, where they can live at home and commute to work each day. There are currently 11 residential centers and more than 30 nonresidential locations throughout California.

John R. Bañuelos, CCC assistant chief for corpsmember development, said the CCC is a great starting point for a young person unsure of what to do after high school.

"In the Corps you can find career direction, basic job skills, a chance to work outdoors, and a bit of adventure," Bañuelos said. "And joining is easy — young people need only call our toll-free number or contact a local CCC center."

Bañuelos said applicants are linked with a local CCC staff member who will provide an orientation and help them through the brief application process.

Those interested in joining the CCC should call, toll-free, 1-800-952-JOBS (1-800-952-5627). The CCC also has program information available on its website, "www.ccc.ca.-gov".

The California Conservation Corps is a state agency established in 1976. It is the oldest and largest conservation corps program in the world, with more than 70,000 young people having now participated in the CCC. The Corps motto is "hard work, low pay, miserable conditions... and more!"