Volume XXII Number 24 ~ June 19, 1998


Front Page Stories



Bounty Hunters to Seek Out Immigrants!

INS plan seeks to save lives?

By Daniel L. Muñoz

U.S. and Mexican officials in Washington D.C. announced a here-to-for secret plan to pay up to $5,000 for civilian "Bounty Hunters" to seek out those that they believe are illegal aliens seeking to enter the United States.To continue, click on the link.

McCaffery: Sending Troops To Border Would Be `Wrong Tool'

Professor George Lipsitz leads protest at UCSD Graduation
By Robert A. Quintana

Denver Council Members Blast Affirmative Action Proposal

Noticias de Mexico


A Conversation with San Diego Businessman Ralph Pesqueira.
By Robert Quintana

Community Voices

Hispanic Border Leadership Institute Meets in San Diego

HMO Patients Share Concerns With Rep. Filner

Voices From Juvenile Hall — Any Town USA

Famed Mexican Artist Slated to Lecture at the Museum of Man

Race and the Environment is Topic of CU-Boulder Conference

Russian and Chinese Students to Build "Pearl of the Pacific," the Third Link in a Ring of Parks

Poll Reveals 82 Percent of County High School Students Are Looking for Summer Jobs; New Program Bridges Gap Between Youth and Employers

Museum School of the Children's Museum/Museo de los Niños to Open in Fall 1998

OPD Offers "Challenge Grant Program" to the Community

Housing Commission, Other Housing Organizations Revise Tax Savings Program For Home Owners

Actividades para el verano

New Junior Lifeguard Program Splashes into San Diego

CCC Jobs Now For Fire Season and Beyond


Commentary Fathers' Day Message
By Eloise Anderson

El Foro ... Public Forum

Etc. Etc. Etc.

Sporting news, reviews and other tid bits

Latinos Artists Proud of Their Work in "Mulan"
by Amy Boothe Green

Ritimo Latina

Calendar of Events.....

Bullfight World
A Less Than Memorable Afternoon in Tijuana

By Lyn Sherwood

World Cup: Whining and Complaining All Right With Sampson
By Ronald Blum

Three Rookies Seek Perfect Father's Day Gift -- Following In Dad's NFL Footsteps

First and Second Place Teams Collide Friday at Devore

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