Volume XXVIII Number 24 June 18, 2004

FrontPage Stories

LULAC Does It Again!

From the parking lot of the Handlrey Hotel and Resort in Mission Valley a steady stream of happy Hispanic students and their proud parents walked into the hotel adjusting their coats and patting down stray strands of hair. They were on their way to be recognized and rewarded by the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) and the community for exceeding all expectations and graduating at the top of their class.

5-year old Headstart students lead the audience in the Pledge of Aligance at the start of the awards luncheon

For 19 years now LULAC’s has recognized the need to encourage, award and assist local Hispanic students as they strived to achieve educational success. This year, this event was biggest and best yet thanks to the continued support of Anheuser-Busch Sales of San Diego and with the addition of new sponsor Altria, Inc., parent company of Kraft Foods, Philip Morris USA, Philip Morris International and Philip Morris Capital Corporation, an overflowing crowd filled the hall.

The theme of this year’s scholarship awards luncheon, held June 12, was “Great Expectations” and once again the program featured the very entertaining style of Master of Ceremonies Vic Salazar, Anchor, NBC 7/39 news and guest speaker was J. Antonio Falcon Jr., Special Agent, FBI San Diego.

But the real stars of the day were the 45 students who were recognized and the 13 Head-start – 5 years olds who received the annual “Motivational Awards”, they always steal the show they are so cute.

Renovando Tratamiento Médico en Chula Vista
Por Carla Stayboldt, MD y James Santiago Grisolía, MD
La expansión impresionante de la ciudad de Chula Vista le califica como la séptima ciudad en crecimiento de los Estados Unidos. Ésta exige mucho de la infraestructura cívica, incluídas las facilidades de salud: consultorios de médico, servicios ambulatorios y de pacientes hospitalizados. El lado del este de la ciudad tiene la mayor necesidad de servicios y facilidades completamente nuevos, mientras el oeste tiene una población más diversa y con más personas mayores, tal, que los servicios médicos tienen que adaptarse a los cambios en sus necesidades.

Revitalizing Health Care in Chula Vista
By Carla Stayboldt, MD and James Santiago Grisolía, MD
The City of Chula Vista´s rapid expansion makes it the seventh fastest growing city in the United States. This creates heavy demands on all civic infrastructure, including health care: physician offices, outpatient therapy and diagnostic services, and inpatient hospital services. East CV has the greatest need for new facilities and services, while West CV has the greatest population density, where increasing diversity and an aging population create changing needs for new health services.

Presenta Fox iniciativa de voto en el extranjero
Plantea el primer mandatario reformas para que los mexicanos residentes fuera del país puedan votar por Presidente en 2006
Por José Luis Ruiz
En la víspera de iniciar una gira de trabajo por Estados Unidos donde se reunirá con la comunidad mexicana en ese país, el presidente Vicente Fox, firmó en Los Pinos la iniciativa de ley para regular el voto de los connacionales en el extranjero, durante los comicios presidenciales a partir de 2006.



Mundo de Ilusiones Gives Hawkins a Special Send-Off
By John Philip Wyllie
Hundreds of students, educators and administrators were on hand last week at the Bonita Golf Course to say goodbye to Dr. Angela Hawkins, the outgoing Sweetwater Union High School District Director of Special Education. The gala event was a celebration of Hawkins’ remarkable 40-year career, a career that benefited thousands of students and touched a countless number of lives. Among the many paying tribute was Mundo de Ilusiones, a 10-member folklorico group composed of district students and former students with developmental disabilities.

Federal Investigator Finds No Evidence of Serial Femicides in Juárez, Chihuahua Disagrees
In a strange turn of events, after a new federal investigation turned up no evidence of serial killings among the first 50 women’s murders it examined in Ciudad Juárez, it is now Chihuahua state law enforcement that is arguing for a pattern of serial murders in the border city.  In the past, while federal officials were considering their possible involvement in Cd. Juárez, it was the state that was attempting to push the number of deaths downward.

The Story of a Stamp
By Michael Kroll
Editor’s Note: While the media and legislature scrutinize the suicides, scandals and studies that continue to characterize California’s prison system, we rarely hear the voices of prisoners themselves.

At 100, World Soccer’s ‘Govt’ Still Autocratice, Secretive
By Marcelo Ballve
In most countries it is recognized as one of the world’s most powerful organizations. This spring, it is celebrating its 100th anniversary with pomp and circumstance, including photo exhibitions, emotive tributes and a flurry of press attention.

Health Care Crisis in California Hits Latinos Hardest
1 in 3 uninsured, as safety net crumbles
By Tenoch Flores
On June 22, California legislators will face a momentous decision. On that day, the Assembly Health Committee will decide whether to advance —or set back— the drive to provide health care to every Californian.

3 Pasos Sencillos Para Obtener Una Tarjeta de Descuento Para Medicinas Recetadas Aprobadas por Medicare
Muchas personas tienen necesidades diferentes y prefieren obtener sus medicinas de distintas maneras. Para comparar las tarjetas y decidir cual tarjeta de descuento para medicinas recetadas aprobada por Medicare es la mejor para usted, llame GRATIS a Medicare al 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227) o a su Programa de Asistencia para Seguro de Salud Estatal (SHIP, por sus siglas en inglés).

Ixchel Ahau
Síndrome de abstinencia
Por Diana Gomez
Mis queridos lectores, tenemos el permiso para volver a publicar este artículo, reflexionar en este tema, es tán profundo… necesitamos paz y amor para sobrevivir… fue escrito por Kurt Vonnegut.

En Memoria
Joe Alcoser
Buen Amigo y Compañero

Joe Alcoser
Inclusive Exclusion ...
By Eric Garza
(In Memory of Joe Alcoser we are reprinting a story Joe’s early life that was first published in the Fall of 2000 as part of the Oral History Project: Latinos and Latinas & World War II, by the University of Texas at Austin, Department of Journalism)


Harassment by the INS Against Mexican American Communities Will Not be Tolerated!
During the ‘70s and 80’s Chicanos, by the thousands, hit the streets to protest and demand the end of Migra sweeps. At that time the Immigration and Naturalization Services (INS) were targeting migrant workers camps, Mexican American communities, restaurants, schools, churches, and shopping malls. Wholesale sweeps were made through the neighborhoods, often at night, arresting and deporting men, women and children. The reports were horrifying. These raids were made despite the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, which protected everyone from these forms of terrorist raids.

Fighting Reagan’s Legacy
By Garry Leech
On June 5, one of the most popular U.S. presidents of the 20th century died peacefully in California. Yet, Ronald Reagan’s eight years in the White House were far from peaceful, especially for Central Americans. Since his death, the mainstream media have heaped praise upon this cold warrior, constantly reiterating his “great achievements.” Occasionally, they briefly mention the Iran-Contra scandal or the record budget deficits run up by this champion of small government, but for the most part—as during his years in office—Reagan’s Teflon-coating remains as slick as ever.

Reagan and Roosevelt
By Andrés Lozano
As we mourn the passing away of Ronald Reagan, the 40th President, comparisons with the 32nd, Franklin D. Roosevelt, are inevitable and irresistible. After all, these two larger than life men mostly define, as no one else, the American experience during the 20th century. There is a before and an after America surrounding both administrations. Roosevelt’s America expands from 1932, until 1980 and Reagan’s, since then. Roosevelt’s legacy is tied with the fight against recession, which he did not sort out; World War II did, winning said war, and losing the peace for half a century almost to the date. A fifty years span covers the sneak Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 and the demise of the Soviet Union on December 26, 1991.

Reagan y Roosevelt
Por Andrés Lozano
Al tiempo que lamentamos el deceso de Ronald Reagan, el cuadragésimo presidente, las comparaciones con el trigésimo segundo, Franklin D. Roosevelt, resultan inevitables e irresistibles. Después de todo, estos dos personajes, a escala mayor, definen como ningún otro la experiencia americana durante el siglo XX. Hay unos EUA antes y después en torno a ambas administraciones. Los EUA de Roosevelt corren de 1932 a 1980 y los de Reagan desde entonces. El legado de Roosevelt está ligado con la lucha contra la recesión, que no solucionó, la segunda guerra mundial lo hizo, haber ganado tal contienda y perdido la paz durante medio siglo. Medio siglo casi exacto corre entre el ataque en Pearl Harbor el 7 de diciembre de 1941 y el deceso de la URSS el 26 de diciembre de 1991.

Las redadas, estrategia política de Bush
Por Humberto Caspa, Ph.D
Las redadas contra los inmigrantes latinos —documentados o indocumentados— por el personal de la oficina de migración coinciden con los bajos niveles de popularidad del Presidente George W. Bush. Las encuestas lanzadas recientemente por los periódicos más importantes de la nación, incluyendo a Los Angeles Times, demuestran claramente un deslizamiento de popularidad del Presidente en los estados considerados “claves” para vencer las próximas elecciones. De modo que las redadas no sólo intentan dar cumplimiento a las políticas migratorias, sino que también buscan objetivos políticos. Están directamente relacionadas con las elecciones presidenciales de Noviembre.

Aquí estamos devuelta, en la misma. Seems like the good old days with La Migra rounding up nuestra gente from la linea to Riverside, San Bardo, back to Chicano Park the roundup is off and running again. If you are Brown, look out, you got-to- be an alambrista!

The Public Forum . . . El Foro Publico
Letter about who we are and what our goals are: CROSSROADS II
We are taking the time to write this letter because comments we have heard recently lead us to believe there may be some misunderstanding about the independence and mission of CROSSROADS II (CII). 

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

Local Artist Plans to Shed Light on Misconceptions of Cuba
By Raymond R. Beltrán
With Miami, Florida’s Cuban exiles anxiously waiting to see the end to what they perceive as Cuban tyranny upon the death of President Fidel Castro, shrouds of North American fables attempt to consummate the U.S.’s, somewhat, inevitable takeover of a revolutionary island that hasn’t seen a capitalist system in 45 years.

La Esquina arte de la comunidad
Carmen Linares Kalo Synthesizes the Art and the Activism
By Raymond R. Beltrán
When the local artist and muralist, Carmen Linares Kalo, first exhibited her painting “La Virgen Zapapista,” she remembers that some people really hated it and questioned how someone could ever cover the face of the Vírgen.

Carmina Tinoco, Expondrá Fotografías de Desnudos Artísticos Proximamente
Por: Paco Zavala
Carmina Tinoco, es una joven artista sinaloense, dedicada en cuerpo y alma a realizar el trabajo artístico de tomar fotograf ías de desnudos y semidenudos. Actualmente radicada en la ciudad de Tijuana. Carmina ha expuesto sus trabajos en su tierra natal y ahora en Tijuana ya ha expuesto en dos sitios y proximamente pondrá a consideración del público y de la crítica especializada parte del trabajo fotográfico que ha realizado hasta hoy en día.

“Arrecife de Coral, La Aventura” Se Estrena en el Cine Omnimax del Centro Cultural Tijuana
Por: Paco Zavala
El Cine Omnimax, estrenará para el próximo sábado 19 de junio, la película que es un viaje por los ecosistemas marinos más bellos y frágiles del planeta, expuestos en este documental, denominado “Arrecife de Coral, la Aventura”, nos permite vivir una inolvidable aventura en las profundidades de los mares del Sur y descubrir lo maravilloso de los arrecifes de corales más importantes del mundo ubicados en la Gran Barrera de Australia, y que se extiende a lo largo de su costa oriental, en una longitud de 2 mil kilometros, así como los bellísimos yacimientos coraliferos de las Islas Fiji, Morea, Bora Bora, Tahití y Rangiroa en la Polinesia Francesa.

Las dos caras de la misma moneda
Diego Luna y Zoe Saldana juntos en Terminal

Por Jose Daniel Bort
Son tan diferentes como el cielo y la tierra. Uno es centrado, elocuente y “cool”, la otra vivaz y carismática. Uno no puede ser más mexicano, la otra se enorgullece del combo caribeño en sus raíces. Pero lo que sí tienen en común el güero Diego Luna y la morena Zoe Saldana es su profundo amor por su trabajo, lo que les trajo la oportunidad de destacar como pareja en la nueva película de Spielberg, “Terminal”.

El arte de repetir
Nueva versión de “La vuelta al mundo en 80 días” se enfoca en la acción

Por Jose Daniel Bort
En 1956, la versión original de “la vuelta al mundo en ochenta días” combinó más de tres horas de entretenimiento (con el acostumbrado intermedio y música ambiental que se estilaba en la época) con ingenuidad cinematográfica a la hora de presentar sus elaborados decorados y paisajes. Esta ingenuidad le llevó a conquistar cinco Oscares incluyendo el de mejor película, batiendo a la favorita de ese año: el épico religioso “Los diez mandamientos”.

Andrea Echeverri and Ely Guerra are scheduled to perform at the 5th Annual Latin Alternative Music Conference (LAMC) as part of the “Women Who Rock” concert during the week-long conference (August 11-14, 2004). The show is collaboration with the Santa Monica Pier’s Twighlight Dance Series on Thursday, August 12, 2004.

Mosaico de Actividades Culturales en Tijuana
Por Paco Zavala
El artista Gerardo Navarro, reestrena con nuevos efectos su espectáculo multidisciplinario “El Mnemónico”, nadie puede ver más allá de lo que no recuerda. “El Mnemónico”, es un espectáculo original de ilusionismo, mentalismo y psicoteatro. Este evento estará presentándose los próximos jueves 24 y viernes 25 de junio en el Multiforo del ICBC.

Barrera vs Ayala: Friends Turn Foes
By Fiona Manning
They are two of the biggest little fighters in the world. They are genuine Mexican superstars, both are former world champions whose epic ring battles have been christened “fights of the year.”

Fight Nite at Swiss Park
On June 24, 2004 FightNiteSanDiego.com will once again present an exciting evening of live boxing for the San Diego community. The promotion looks to carry the momentum it picked up from its Brawl at the Hall series, by invading historic Swiss Park, located in the City of Chula Vista. No stranger to hosting boxing events. The new venue will mark the jump start to the promotion’s Coors Light Boxing Series.

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