June 15, 2001


President Bush Bent on Self Destruction

Incredibly, President George W. Bush is bent on bringing about his own self-destruction. The President can perhaps plead stupidity, since he is probably the most inept President this country has ever had. Or, he can blame his cabinet appointees for their inability to look beyond the greed and avarice of their class.

The signs are now surfacing which indicate that our country is headed for a full-scale depression reminiscent of the 1930's depression. The prices of goods and services that are necessary for the survival of the majority of the population are being priced too high for ordinary Americans to afford. His handling of the energy crisis, that very crisis that is now creeping across the entire country, will end up dooming the country to total economic collapse. President Bush appears only to be concerned with the health and welfare of the Corporate Moguls. He seems not to realize that he is the President of all citizens, and not just the Robber Barons. The people whom he represents would strip the country of its natural resources for the chance to fatten their coffers.

The runaway Industrialists and Merchants of Death exploit our work force and reduce them to human robots. Thousands upon thousands of American workers are forced to labor for third world country wages. Over half of our work force is currently unable to support their families, or provide them with adequate health care without the aid of government handouts. Yet Nero (Bush) fiddles while the country is debauched and raped by the rich and powerful.

Our youth are plied with mind numbing drugs that bring enormous profits to the drug cartels of both North and South America. This destruction of our youth is dooming our country to mediocrity. The trail of ill gotten gains mysteriously leads to off-shore cartels. These cartels function as the depositories and laundromats for the White American Corporate Moguls who rule our country through the President.

The Public Schools are no longer in the business of educating our youth. They now have become factories, producing workers to function in the interest of the national and international cartels that require a controlled, single-minded work force. Our universities are no longer in the business of producing graduates with a broad education. They are now bought and sold by Corporate sponsors who demand students with narrow focused educations that best fit the computerized, robotic work force of the moment. Then they will be discarded, as thousands of computer Tech's discovered. They were dot Com'ed out of a career.

What we have is a crisis in leadership in America. The chaos is increasing, yet we have no visionary leaders in office. In times like these, men and women of vision have their opportunity to rise and to serve their country. Let us pray that it is not too late. The wolves are at our doors.

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