June 15, 2001

SDCHCC Awards Scholarships to San Diego County Students

The San Diego County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (SDCHCC) is pleased to announce the awarding of fifteen —$1000 and two -$500 scholarship to students in San Diego County. The SDCHCC began awarding scholarships in 1989 with the purpose of promoting Hispanic education. For over twelve years, the SDCHCC Scholarship Program has presented opportunities for community minded companies and individuals to partner with the Chamber at events that raise funds for educational purposes. "As Hispanic youth reach their educational goals, they will provide inspiration and serve as an example that it can be done," said Tom Rodriguez, Education Chair of the SDCHCC. "Our youth have the potential, we only need to give them the support and encouragement to continue their quest," added Mr. Rodriguez. The SDCHCC believes that business must take an active role in promoting this ideal.

The SDCHCC would like to congratulate the following students selected to receive scholarships: Ilhulcamina Aguilar - Eastlake High School; Leticia Baca - Mt. Miguel High School; Alexandra Borboa - Eastlake High School; Veronica Chalco - Castle Park High School; Aoiffe Edwards - Palomar High School; Adriana Gomez - Oceanside High School; Vanneza Gonzales - Chula Vista High School; Annabel Mojica - Fallbrook Union High School; Melissa Morelos - Escondido High School; Michelle Palomares - San Diego City College; Jessica Peyon - Garfield High School; Rosalba Rangel - Castle Park High School; Karen Rique - Eastlake High School; Karisma Rodriguez - John Muir Alternative School; Alberto Sandoval - Hoover High School. Criteria used by Selection Committee to select scholarship recipients included personal narrative, community service, academic grades and letters of recommendation.

The SDCHCC will be hosting the 3rd Annual "Viva el Mariachi" festival on Saturday, October 13, 2001 at Coors Amphitheater. A portion of the proceeds raised from this signature event will benefit the SDCHCC Education Program. The SDCHCC is the leading organized business group in the San Diego community supporting Hispanic business and serving as a resource for those wishing to do business with the Hispanic community.

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