Volume XXV Number 24 June 15, 2001

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Hay un hombre

Por: Paco Zavala

De pie Oscar Gallardo (compositor), Lorena Oronia (interprete) y Hector Rafael Martinez (sentado).

Te quiero mucho papá

Te quiero mucho papá
y es el momento de podértelo decir
son tres palabras tan pequeñas
y con ellas va también mi corazón.
Te quiero papá te quiero papá
pues tengo miedo de perderte
sin haberte dicho nunca
cuánto te quiero.
Te quiero papá, te quiero papá
llevo tu sangre aquí en mis venas
y en el alma tu nobleza
si tu nobleza.

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Board Adopts Active Physics for 9th Graders: community says it's "comic book"

By Yvette tenBerge
Battle weary parents and science teachers within the San Diego Unified School District won a small victory on Tuesday, June 12th.

Police Tactics Questioned After Death Of Mentally Ill Man: Is Flores Shooting

By Leilani Nisperos
Benjamin Flores, Jr., 34, woke up at 7:15 a.m. on a Saturday morning in April to the sound of police officers pounding at his front door. He listened in disbelief as police informed him that they were responding to a call that they had received 15 minutes earlier from his roommate, who complained that his mentally ill father, Benjamin Flores, Sr., 60, was threatening him with a pair of scissors.

Noticias de México...
Alcanza 3.4 grados
Sacude temblor la región
Un sismo de 3.4 grados en la escala de Ritcher, sacudió la madrugada de ayer a Mexicali y Caléxico, pero el movimiento no causó daños o víctimas.


League of United Latin American Citizen Awards Scholarship Awards
Forty-four students, their parents, and guests attended the 16th Annual Scholarship Awards luncheon on June 9, 2001 at the Handlery Hotel, in Mission Valley. Beatrice Estrada, President of LULAC (League of United Latin American Citizens, Council 2842), assisted by Master of Ceremonies Vic Salazar, KNSD Anchor, 7/39 news, carried out an excellent heart warming program honoring the students.

SDCHCC Awards Scholarships to San Diego County Students
The San Diego County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (SDCHCC) is pleased to announce the awarding of fifteen —$1000 and two -$500 scholarship to students in San Diego County. The SDCHCC began awarding scholarships in 1989 with the purpose of promoting Hispanic education. For over twelve years, the SDCHCC Scholarship Program has presented opportunities for community minded companies and individuals to partner with the Chamber at events that raise funds for educational purposes.

Fifty Hispanics Students Receive RMHC-SD/HACER Scholarships
The burden of financing a college education is a little easier for 5 of San Diego's highest achieving Hispanic-American high school graduating seniors. Each received scholarships made possible by Ronald McDonald House Charities of San Diego (RMHC-SD).

Music, Multimedia Student at MiraCosta is Also Youngest Member of Tijuana's
Latest Musical Rage, Nortec Collective
With his tousled dark hair and fresh-faced smile, 20-year-old Anibal Silva looks like a lot of young students at MiraCosta College as he ambles around the computer lab and mingles in the Music Department.

Gisela Salgado Selected for Mortar Board
National Honor Society Recognizes Distinguished Achievement & Service
Gisela Salgado, a student at the University of San Diego, was selected for Mortar Board, a national honor society recognizing students for outstanding achievement in scholarship, leadership and service.

Conference Encourages Students to Become Teachers
FRESNO, Ca. — "We need to promote teaching," says Benne Hopson, board member of the Sacramento City Teachers Association. "It's one of the most important professions around. The word needs to get out. "It's the greatest thing."

Powell Seeks Hispanic Recruits for U.S. Diplomacy
By Elaine Monaghan
(Reuters) - Secretary of State Colin Powell on Monday underlined the Bush administration's increased focus on Hispanic issues by launching a drive for more Hispanic American diplomats.

Legislación Buscando Educar a Padres sobre el Sistema Educativo Pasa el Senado
El Senador Bob Margett (R-Arcadia) anunció que el Proyecto de Ley del Senado (SB) 1118 pasó unánimemente el Senado Estatal de California ayer. El proyecto esta diseñado para proveer un folleto con información detallada a padres y guardianes sobre los requerimientos de graduación, requerimientos para ingresar a la universidad, e información sobre fondos estatales disponibles para asistir a la universidad como Cal Grants.

No More Federal Taxes for ScholarShare Account Holders
New Bill Eliminates Federal Taxes on College Savings Plan Withdrawals
SACRAMENTO — College sav-ings plans such as California's Golden State ScholarShare College Savings Trust (ScholarShare) go from tax-deferred to federally tax-free next year under the new federal tax bill, expected to become law this week.

San Diego Latino Art Center Entrusts Its Past to UCSB's California Ethnic and
Multicultural Archives
It started in 1970 when the burgeoning Chicano art movement in San Diego needed a home and convinced city officials to provide space in an abandoned building in Balboa Park.

Señora Irma Cota Nombrada "Mujer Distinguida Del Año 2001"
La organizacion Soroptimist International de Oceanside acaba de nombrar a la senora Irma Cota, como "Mujer Distinguida del ano 2001". Desde el ano 1997, la senora Cota ha ejercido la direccion ejecutiva de North County Health Services, una organizacion sin animo de lucro que presta ayuda medica y dental a mas de 50,000 pacientes de bajos recursos en el norte del condado de San Diego.

Governor Davis Introduces the Health-E-APP
Internet Sign-Up Program
Governor Gray Davis announced that California will utilize the Internet to significantly speed enrollment in the Healthy Families program, the State's low-cost health insurance program for low income working families.

Hispanic Radio Network/La Red Hispana
Yhamel Catacora
Justicia, Venganza, Muerte
El pasado lunes 11 de junio el país entero despertó con la idea colectiva de que la ejecución de Timothy McVeigh por inyección letal, pondría un punto final al atentado terrorista que él mismo perpetró en 1995; 168 personas fallecieron como resultado, entre las que se encontraban 19 niños.

Language Mustn't Be Barrier To Better Health Care
Interpreters Are A Critical Link Between Doctors, Non-English Speaking Patients
By Dr. Elena Rios
WASHINGTON, D.C. - As the nation becomes more diverse and multilingual so must our approach to health care. That need was dramatically illustrated recently when a 23-year-old woman gave birth in the stairwell of a downtown Bethesda, Md. restaurant while trying to get help.

El Lenguaje No Debe Ser Barrera a Mejores Servicios de Salud
Los Intérpretes Son un Eslabón Crítico Entre los Doctores y Pacientes Que No
Hablan Inglés
Por la Dra. Elena Rios
WASHINGTON, D.C. - En la medida en que la nación se vuelve más diversa y multilingüe, así también debe volverse nuestro enfoque hacia la salud. Esta necesidad se vio dramáticamente ilustrada hace poco cuando una mujer de 23 años dió a luz en el descanso de una escalera en un restaurante del centro de Bethesda, Maryland, mientras buscaba ayuda.

Expansion of Assistance For Low-Income Customers; CPUC Changes Mean More
Eligible Customers, Increased Discounts
San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) officials today applauded actions by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) to increase discounts and expand eligibility standards for the limited-income utility customers to participate in the California Alternate Rates for Energy (CARE) rate-discount program.


President Bush Bent on Self Destruction
Incredibly, President George W. Bush is bent on bringing about his own self-destruction. The President can perhaps plead stupidity, since he is probably the most inept President this country has ever had. Or, he can blame his cabinet appointees for their inability to look beyond the greed and avarice of their class.

Save Immigrants: Tear Down Our Wall
by Jacob G. Hornberger
On the heels of his recent regret for the drug-war deaths in Peru of a missionary and her baby, President Bush has now expressed condolences for the deaths of 14 Mexican citizens on the Arizona desert. The men died of thirst and exposure after crossing into the United States from Mexico.

Death Penalty is a Sign of Moral Failure, Not Justice in a Civilized Society
By Joe Loya
With the execution of Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh, we are bound to hear once again that opponents of the death penalty never think about the victims.

Wasting Minds?
By Domenico Maceri
Imagine being the valedictorian of your high school and not being able to go to college because of lack of money. Difficult to conceive? Easy, if you are undocumented.

Huge Racial Disparities Found in Juvenile Sentencing
by Fred McKissack
First the good news: Youth crime is down. But before anybody says, "See, the system works," I have some bad news. When prosecutors make the decision on trying juveniles as adults, the race of the juvenile makes all the difference.

Biotech Protesters - Why Are We Here?
by Brian Tokar
Why are hundreds of concerned people from all over the country coming to San Diego to protest this month's biotechnology industry convention? Reviewing recent media reports, one might conclude either that people are protesting just for the safe of protesting, or that we are simply uninformed about the nature of the scientific and medical breakthroughs that the biotechnology industry promises. But, as usual, there is another side to the story.

The Public Forum ... El Foro Publico
INS intimidates local student
I've been meaning to write for a while regarding an incident at the San Ysidro checkpoint on 5 de mayo. An incident that the INS has not resolved to my satisfaction, nor have they alerted me of any action taken or not taken.

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

Te quiero mucho papa
Por: Paco Zavala
Indudablemente que en la vida de todo ser humano existen dos seres de carácter invaluable en todo lo habido y por haber, estos dos seres son los padres, por tradición la madre siempre ha tenido un lugar preponderantemente preferencial en esta determinación, el padre ha sido relegado en casi todas las circunstancias a ocupar un segundo lugar, sin embargo de un tiempo a la fecha se ha intentado darle el valor que tiene en la gestación de la familia misma que de ninguna manera y forma, puede considerarse en segunda posición, creemos que es tan importante su función en la formación de la familia, que de ninguna forma puede ser discutible esta posición, con la salvedad de algunas o muchas excepciones.

El Otro Yo y Abrecaminos
Por: Paco Zavala.
El otro yo, es un grupo musical con características del genero "Alternativo", como se le dice ahora a esta clasificación musical.

Calendar of Events...
by Berenice Cisneros
Autograph Signing
Come meet members of the San Diego Charges and hear the Charger Band, Saturday June 16, 11 AM - 1 PM at APEX Music, 6210 El Cajon Blvd. Refreshments and other musical entertainment for the whole family. Also, a free Blues Concert featuring the Shell-town Horns, Friday, June 15. For more information, call 583-1431.

Daimlerchrysler Anuncia su Sexto Concurso Nacional de Arte Jeep
Los Ganadores Recibirán Más de $20,000 en Premios
Toma la complejidad metalúrgica de un vehículo y fusiónala con tu estilo de vida, tu familia, tu cultura. Ahora captura esa precisa imagen pintando sobre un lienzo para expresar la esencia que has creado. Este es el reto y oportunidad que DaimlerChrysler le brinda a artistas de todo el país en el concurso anual de "El Arte Que Nos Mueve" (Art That Moves Us) de Jeep, cuyo enfoque es el totalmente nuevo Jeep Liberty, la adición más reciente a los vehículos todoterreno de la marca Jeep. Con más de $20,000 dólares en premios, ¡el reto se pone en marcha!

Montoya Selected for ERA Max Hustle Award
By John Philip Wyllie
For someone who began the WUSA inaugural season on the San Diego Spirit bench, Erin Montoya has certainly come a long way in a short time. In only her second start of the season, Montoya, a former University of Santa Clara star (1994 -97), walked away with the Spirit's first ever ERA Max Hustle Award. As a result, $1,000 dollars will be donated in her name to the Women's Sports Foundation.

Roland Garros and Paris Make a Memorable Experience
By J. Fred Sidhu
The French Open, an event filled with tradition and history, is the world's premier clay court tennis tournament.

Torneo Regional de Fútbol Soccer-San Diego
(Copa México 2001)
· San Diego, sede del Torneo Regional.

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