June 13, 2003

David Curiel is a local music talent

Por Pablo De Sainz

David Curiel’s music shows a musical maturity in this young singer from Chula Vista.

If it’s with a mariachi group or singing ballads and very modern pop songs, David’s voice has a touch of freshness that distinguishes him from other singers. And a few weeks ago, the 23 year-old guy delighted those who attended the Fourth Annual Latino Book and Family Festival.

“I feel this is something for the community. Participating in this festival is a way to contribute,” he said.

Although he’s currently looking for a record company to sign his first album, David already has several recorded songs and has sung in a number of stages, including the last Cinco de Mayo festival in Old Town.

“I have songs for everybody. But my music is especially popular among girls and teenagers. Elementary girls like my songs a lot. Maybe because my songs are fresh, danzable,” David said.

In addition to singing, David also writes his own songs, such as “Tu veneno” and “En ti.” These songs are really modern, moving, full of vibrant rhythms that make you feel good and relax you.

“They’re inspirations that I feel and that I would like to share with people,” he said about his lyrics.

But he hasn’t always been near musical stages. David remembers how his father, before passing away, was opposed to his music career. Don Arnulfo Contreras was the owner of popular restaurant chain “Karina’s,” here in San Diego.

Nevertheless, he said that after his father’s death, there came a moment in his life when David made his own decisions and fully entered the world of music. It was then that he enrolled in a singing and music academy.

“For me, my father’s death was a moment of reflexion, of knowing what I really wanted to be,” he recalls.

His sister Karina said that David always wanted to be a singer. She remembers how as a teenager David spent his free time writing songs.

“Today we can see he’s taking this seriously. This is something he wants to do professionally,” she said.

And really, David Curiel is already a music professional and has opened concerts for international artists such as Charlie Zaa and Rogelio Martinez.

In a recent interview, David told us about his plans as a singer-composer and gave us a copy of his demo. Through this cd we could probe that he’s a young man who, without a doubt, will succeed in pop en español music.

According to David, his first inspiration is his mother, who was born in the state of Nayarit. She’s also a singer, but at an amateur level. David said his mother has also participated in church choirs, and back in her native Nayarit she would participate in music festivals.

“I always remember my mom singing at home,” David said.

This way, David Curiel is giving his best to create a name for himself in the world of pop music. Without a doubt, he’ll make it, since his songs show a young man with a good voice.

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