Volume XXV Number 23 June 8, 2001

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Parents and Teachers Unite: Bersin's Blueprint Provides Shoddy Foundation For San Diego Kids

By Yvette tenBerge

The parents, teachers and community members who have attended the San Diego Unified School District board meetings over the past three years have had to develop a tolerance for disrespect.

Jorge Delgado, Teresa Delgado and their son Alejandro attend the Lincoln/Gompers/Morse Parent Leadership Council meeting on Tuesday, June 5th. Attendants discussed issues affecting the San Diego Unified School District.

It is Tuesday, May 22nd, and a crowd is gathering for the district's biweekly board meeting at 4100 Normal Street. Although many concerned parents have taken time off from work simply to observe the proceedings, a large number of them have made the trip especially to speak out on issues that affect their children.

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Powerlines: The Era of Bad Feelings
Jim Hahn sets a city against itself, and comes out on top
by Harold Meyerson
I. Sucker-Punched
The future is on hold here, at least for a few more years. Give Jim Hahn credit: He organized one last victory for the old Los Angeles. In a city that's increasingly young and Latino, Hahn put together enough older white and black support to defeat Antonio Villaraigosa in Tuesday's mayoral contest. Dispatching Villaraigosa required Hahn to engage in the kind of sliming the city had not known since the heyday of Sam Yorty, but Hahn proved equal to the task.

Los Angeles No Pudo Tener Alcalde Latino
Por Jesus Hernandez Cuellar
Después de grandes esfuerzos comunitarios y dos rondas electorales, Los Angeles no logró tener un alcalde latino como se esperaba al ser derrotado el 5 de junio el ex presidente de la Asamblea de California, Antonio Villaraigosa, a manos de su rival el procurador muncipal James Hahn.

President Bush Signs Tax Relief Bill
(The following is an adbridged statement by President Bush at the signing ceremony for this tax cut.)
Some months ago, in my speech to the Joint Session of Congress, I had the honor of introducing Steven Ramos to the nation. Steven is the network administrator for a school district. His wife, Josefina, teaches at a charter school. They have a little girl named Lianna. And they're trying to save for Lianna's college education.

Noticias de México...
Hay avances sobre policías asesinados: AGA
Niega Procuraduría arresto de asesinos
Mientras tres presuntos asesinos de otros tantos agentes ministeriales permanecen detenidos y se espera su consignación hoy al Juzgado Penal en turno, la Procuraduría General de Justicia del Estado (PGJE) dijo desconocer el arresto.


First Person
"I Survived A Colombian Paramilitary Death Squad"
EDITOR'S NOTE: About one in four of Colombia's 42 million citizens are black — but they account for some 70 percent of those forcibly displaced by violence and are also over-represented among those killed by aramilitaries. Luis Gilberto Murillo, one-time governor of Choco, found that trying to find a neutral position and protect resources nearly cost him his life. Now 35, Murillo, the youngest popularly elected governor in Colombian history, spoke to Mary Jo McConahay, who transcribed and translated his story.

PROBEA: Successful Binational and Bioregional Environmental Education
by Greg Bloom
The Proyecto Bio-regional de Educación Ambiental (Bioregional Environmental Education Project, PROBEA) teaches educators how to teach their Baja California students about the environment. Based on the notion that the environment offers an integrated context for learning, PROBEA centers its programming on the watershed in which its students live, according to Doretta Winkelman, one of the organization's directors. This focus on watershed means that PROBEA is a bioregional organization as much as it is a binational one since Tecate, Ensenada, Tijuana and San Diego share the same watershed.

Pilot Fifth Avenue Academy Meets Individualized, Special Education Needs for

Most traditional schools and even special education classrooms cannot always provide the highly specialized instruction required by some students in the special education program. To serve this very small group of students, districts often turn to independent, non-public schools—at a cost of about $27,000 annually per student. Districts only recuperate a fraction of that cost from the state.

Transfer Admissions to UC From California Community Colleges Up 9.1 Percent;
17.9 Percent for Underrepresented Minorities
University of California campuses have admitted 12,221 California resident transfer students from the California Community Colleges for fall 2001, a 9.1 percent increase over the previous year. Among underrepresented minorities African American, American Indian and Chicano/Latino students the increase is 17.9 percent.

Las admisiones de transferencia de los colegios comunitarios a la UC aumentan
9.1%; 17.9% para las minorías sub-representadas

Los recintos de la Universidad de California han admitido a 12,221 estudiantes transferidos residentes de California procedentes de los Colegios Comunitarios de California para el otoño del 2001, lo cual representa un aumento de 9.1 por ciento sobre el año anterior. Entre las minorías subrepresentadas chicano/latinos, afroamericanos e indios americanos el aumento es de 17.9 por ciento.

Cal State San Marcos Program Offers Degree Opportunities for Working Adults
A flexible schedule adult education program at California State University San Marcos gives full-time working students the chance to complete a four-year degree without attending daytime courses. The Program for Adult College Education, or PACE, is an upper division program that offers majors in liberal studies, social sciences, sociology, and history. Applications are currently being accepted to Cal State San Marcos and to PACE for fall 2001.

Governor Davis Launches Program to Help Low-Income Families Pay Energy Bills
Sacramento — Governor Gray Davis today announced a new, enhanced energy assistance program designed to help California's low-income residents reduce energy consumption and pay their energy bills.

Nueva Información Sobre Apagones Publicada en las Facturas de SDG&E en Junio
Los Números de Circuito y Bloque Proveen Valiosa Información con Aviso por
Como parte de sus permanentes esfuerzos por ayudar a los clientes a prepararse ante las interrupciones del servicio ya previstas a ser ordenadas por el estado de California durante este verano, a partir del Viernes, San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) comenzará a publicar información específica sobre el corte de energía en sus facturas. Todos los clientes de SDG&E sabrán a qué bloque de reducción de electricidad y circuito individual pertenecen, de manera que puedan recibir un aviso anticipado sobre los cortes de energía rotativos.

California Bank & Trust Partners with Freddie Mac to Provide Affordable Housing
Unique Housing Finance Plan Helps Low- and Moderate-income Families Realize Dream of Home Ownership
California Bank & Trust announced this week its participation in a landmark $25 million private-sector initiative that will significantly help more California families overcome income, credit and savings barriers to home ownership without public subsidies.

Hispanic Radio Network/La Red Hispana
Eduardo Salinas
Tragedia de Yuma, icono de un viaje sin destino ni retorno
Edgar Adrián Martínez era un joven lleno de inquietudes, ajeno a los vicios, fanático del fútbol, y que se ganaba la vida trabajando. Soñaba con la autosuficiencia económica para llevar a casa las cosas que su modesto salario siempre le había negado.

Community Notes.....
San Diego Swings For Seniors at Inaugural Golf Classic
Golf aficionados will hit the greens to raise money for low-income seniors at Senior Community Center's inaugural charity golf classic. Penned "Swinging for Seniors," proceeds from the tournament will benefit the center's nutrition, social work and health programs.


County Redistricting Committee Set to Submit Decennial Redistricting Plan
Once every ten years, after the census count is taken, the law requires the Board of Supervisors to change the existing supervisorial district boundaries. This is done to divide the districts into sections that are roughly equal in population. As the ebb and flow of county migration occurs, and as babies are born and people pass away, the actual population of an individual, supervisorial district changes. Disparities in the number of people that a supervisor represents may limit his ability to serve his district.

Donna Frye Fries Danon, Union Tribune & Ron Roberts
The political winds of change are blowing throughout San Diego. Donna Frye, a liberal Democrat, environmentalist, people person and a non-establishment person, defeated Steve Danon, Republican, prodigy of Supervisor Ron Roberts (R). Danon was known as a friend of Developers & of the Real Estate industry and was endorsed by the Union Tribune, the voice of the Republican establishment.

Villaraigosa's Loss Raises Questions Amongst the "People of Color"
What first appeared to be a "slam-dunk" for the "people of color" in Los Angeles' mayoral race, has instead brought to light the serious breach between the African-Americans and the Mexican-American/Latino communities in L.A.

Bush Meeting With Hispanic Caucus Resolves Little on Issue of Vieques
By Ed Morales
President George Bush recently met with the Hispanic Caucus of the House of Representatives. They presented him with a petition signed by 110 Democratic members of Congress, asking him to order the immediate and permanent cessation of bombing tests on Vieques, a small island of Puerto Rico's east coast.

Honoring Our Commitment to Our Nation's Veterans
Our veterans deserve deeds as well as words!
By Congressman Bob Filner
The new movie "Pearl Harbor" is breaking box office records as millions of Americans of all generations are filling theaters around the country to see a story that depicts one of the most traffic wartime events in our nation's history. Plans for a World War II Memorial on the National Mall are under way. There seems to be a renewed interest in remembering and honoring our nation's veterans.

Microsoft Derails In The Hispanic Market
By Efrain H. Logreira
Bill Gates introduced a cheap freight car to be added to the powerful train of the U.S Hispanic market. In February, the software giant launched a seminar "tour" in New York City labeled "Build Your Business," which is running throughout 14 cities across the nation until next October. The purpose of the program is to attract and persuade Hispanic and other minority entrepreneurs to embrace e-commerce and to purchase Microsoft's desktop products and "bCentral which features various Internet tools.

The Public Forum ... El Foro Publico
Chavez and Contreras, Oreo's
I read your two editorials of June and May 25 about George W. Bush and I agree with your ideas completely.

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

Just Another Poster? Chicano Graphic Arts In California'
The stories of Chicanos are told in the vivid art of posters, which were originally displayed on building walls, telephone poles, and other surfaces within the urban landscape. These powerful graphic works, created by artists to raise awareness and rouse conscience, will be shown in the groundbreaking exhibition, "Just Another Poster? Chicano Graphic Arts in California," on view at the UCLA Fowler Museum June 16 through December 9.

"Bead and Roses"
Introducción de Andrew L. Stern, Presidente Internacional del SEIU
Sólo los personajes de ""Bread and Roses"" (Pan y Rosas) son ficticios. La alentadora historia es verdadera y continúa sucediendo en miles de empresas de los Estados Unidos cada día. Los empleados de limpieza de Los Ángeles realmente tomaron parte en esta heroica lucha por defender su dignidad y porque se hiciera justicia económica. Y ganaron - y siguen ganando - uniendo sus fuerzas en la campaña del sindicato SEIU Justicia para los Empleados de Limpieza.

Bread and Roses
Maya es una vivaz joven mexicana a quien sus sueños la mueven a buscar una vida mejor en América. Después de una peligrosa experiencia con la guardia fronteriza y con unos "coyotes" sin escrúpulos que la introducen ilegalmente en el país, llega a Los Ángeles preparada y deseosa de encontrar trabajo. Su hermana mayor, Rosa, una mujer casada con dos hijos y un marido enfermo, es muy consciente de la dolorosa realidad que aguarda a los latinos en los Estados Unidos. Pero Maya se siente inexorablemente optimista y agradecida por cualquier oportunidad que se presenta, incluyendo la posibilidad de trabajar junto a Rosa limpiando edificios de oficinas durante la noche.

Concurso Literario Nacional.
Por: Paco Zavala
Tijuana en su afán de progresar y destacar en la comunidad, en el estado, en la nación y en el mundo entero, siempre atenta a las inquietudes que diariamente brotan en sus habitantes, que alertas a los acontecimientos que suceden en el mundo entero, constantemente solicitan, piden y exigen actividades que de una manera o de cualquier otra los lleven por la senda de la realización y de la canalización de sus necesidades para destacar en los panoramas que invaden el ámbito mundial.

Reflejos Culturales en Tijuana.
Por: Paco Zavala.
Ya se están anunciando por todos los contornos en la ciudad de Tijuana la finalización del ciclo escolar en todos los niveles, ya se planea hacia donde se dirigirá la brújula que transporte a la familia, que dizque para descansar del trabajo y del ajetreo que implica ser estudiantes y para los progenitores atender a estudiantes.

Gane $2,000 en el Concurso Nacional del Cartel del Festival de la Hispanidad
El Festival de la Hispanidad invita a artistas, amateurs o profesionales, a participar en el Concurso Anual del Cartel Conmemorativo. El cartel ganador será utilizado para la promoción local, nacional e internacional del Festival de la Hispanidad celebrado en Miami, Florida. Desde hace catorce años el concurso tiene una proyección nacional, habiéndose recibido el año pasado más de 100 obras de artistas de todos los Estados Unidos.

Calendar of Events...
by Berenice Cisneros
"The Soprano's Last Supper"
Producers of "Joey & Maria's Comedy Italian Wedding," are pleased to announce the opening of "The Soprano's Last Supper" beginning Friday, June 15th at 7:30 p.m. in its new location at the historic Culy Theatre.

Invitación para todas las poetas del mundo
En noviembre del año 2001 se reunirán en México las más importantes poetas del mundo. Será el IX Encuentro Internacional de Mujeres Poetas por lo que ésta es una invitación a todas aquellas mujeres autoras de la poesía contemporánea en cualquier parte del mundo.

Talking to Myself: Culture, Fantasy and the Domestic Condition
Porter Troupe Gallery, 301 Spruce Street, in the Hillcrest area of San Diego, announces the opening of Talking to Myself: Culture, Fantasy and the Domestic Condition, a multi-media exhibition of art and design. Exhibiting artists include Angel Adame, Pilar Agüero, Marlene Angeja, Candida Alvarez, Susan Bee, Alex Gano, Wendy Maruyama, Nora Moore, Marie Najera, Lezley Saar and James Watts.

Two Old friends get together; both looking to end losing streaks
By John Philip Wyllie
Saturday's San Diego Spirit soccer game was more than just another date on the 21 game schedule for Mexican national team defenders, Gina Oceguera and Lisa Nanez. For the Spirits' Oceguera and the CyberRays' Nanez, the game, which ended in a 1-0 CyberRay victory, provided a perfect opportunity for these two old friends to get together.

Ringside Notes
On June 15 at Philadelphia's famed Blue Horizon, Vivian Harris will headline an ESPN2 "Friday Night Fights" fight card when he battles Golden John-son in a 10 round junior welterweight bout.

DIRECTV PARA TODOS Presentará a Oscar De La Hoya en su Lucha por el
Campeonato Superwelter del Consejo Mundial de Boxeo
DIRECTV, el proveedor líder de entretenimiento por satélite para los hogares hispanos, ofrece uno de los eventos boxísticos más anticipados del año cuando el "Golden Boy" Oscar De La Hoya se enfrente a Javier Castillejo por el Campeonato Superwelter del Consejo Mundial de Boxeo.

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