June 3, 2005


Spring –Graduations a Rite of Passage Important To All of Us

With June upon us, schools of all grades supply the news media with the happy news of our children finally graduating from their respective schools of learning, be it Elementary, High School, or College level. Thousands of our children enjoy the rite of passage from one level to another. Indeed June is a rite of passage for our growing children. Our homes are recipients of happy invitations to attend our children’s and friends graduation rites.

As sure that flowers will bloom and birds will wing into our yards and gardens to lay their eggs in nests snuggled against a roof top, tree branch, or a favorite flower bush, the rite of spring will occur in our human life. It is as important to humans as it is to the birds, the plants and fruit trees and the continuance of life itself.

It is impossible to witness the annual spring rite of Graduation and not feel that indeed life goes on most wonderfully in the flowering and growth of our children. Life indeed is eternal and forever. Life is a procession of changes that exposes us to the miracles of the birth and resurrection of eternal life and growth of all that exists miraculously on planet earth.

As we see the development and growth of our children’s minds year after year, we internalize the miracle of life. To be a witness to the beautiful process of growth, development, and assimilation of knowledge, we sense and accept the greatness of the creative power that made us all. As the mother bird teaches the fruit of her body, the little one, to learn to flap its wings, and sense the path to the various currents of wind that will guide its flight path, we see in the little bird, the same miracle of the fruit of our own bodies; our children. They are the miracle of growth and development that happens and assures our existence.

Indeed the graduation of our children from Elementary, High School and/or College is a rite of passage that pre-establishes the order of growth and development of human kind on this earth. It is a process that is necessary to the continuance of life on earth. Without that process, we would still be living in the caves and mountains of our ancestors.

To all the Graduates and their Families may Spring and its miracles of growth bring you happiness and contentment………….

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