June 1, 2001

Bullfight World...
by Lyn Sherwood

Antonio Barrera Cuts Only Ear in Tijuana Corrida

Cool, overcast weather greeted the 6,500—7,000 fans who attended last Sunday's corrida de toros in Plaza El Toreo de Tijuana, to see Oscar San Roman, Enrique Espinosa "El Cuate," and the Spaniard Antonio Barrera deal with a herd from Tequisquiapan.

According to Tijuana correspondent Gary Sloan, the bulls were genuine Toros Bravos, with an average weight of 535 kilos. The largest was "Don Peny," with 575 kilos, while the smallest, "Don Marcelo," weighed 495 kilos. Well armed, they presented problems that are always anticipated from mature, heavy bulls.

Oscar San Roman

Turning in the best performance of the day, San Roman opened with a set of beautiful verónicas to "Giraldez" (545 kilos), climaxing with a grand media verónica. After taking the bull to the horse for a good, hard pic, the matador requested the change of act.

What followed was a grand faena, one with great depth on both sides, demonstrating wonderful temple. It was an excellent third act, which lost ears due to problems with the sword. The matador was rewarded with light applause.

Then, Oscar's day really went downhill. San Roman was discreet with the capote, but due to the animal's sentido, the torero was unable to accomplish much with the muleta. He entered with the sword nine times, heard one aviso, and was lustily booed.

El Cuate

I don't know what Enrique Espinosa did before becoming a torero, but whatever it was, he should, in my humble opinion, go back to it. He was terrible! With his first bull, he did nothing with the capote, allowed the animal to be pic'ed to machaca, then delivered an insulting excuse of a faena. He did, however, have a great estocada, for which he was applauded.

With his second bull, "Don Peny" (575 kilos)—the largest and most wicked of the en-cierro, he did nothing with the capote and allowed his peones to bring the bull to the horse, almost resulting in a tumble. El Cuate clearly wanted no part of this toro. After a couple of half-hearted, wide, testing passes, he lined up to kill. Seven pinchazos, one aviso, and a disgraceful bajonazo in the lungs and it was, thank goodness, finally over. Pitos.

Antonio Barrera

The Spaniard greeted his first bull, "Don Jesus" (535 kilos) with a large cambiada against the boards, then quickly took control with a strong set of verónicas, followed by the media. The bull took two strong pics and still had plenty of gas for the third act. Antonio opened his faena with a péndulo, followed by a good, albeit rapid, faena on both sides. He was better on the right. After one sword and one descabello thrust, the after-noon's only ear was awarded.

His second bull, "Don Hector" (510 kilos,) was manso in the first act. The toreros had a hard time getting a good pic, for the animal didn't want any part of the horses. However, the toro warmed up, nicely, for the third act, allowing Barrera a pretty good faena on both sides. He made a good bull out of Don Hector. Bad luck with the sword limited his awards to applause.



In Juárez, last Sunday, Mariano Ramos won two ears from his first bull and was applauded for his second. Uriel Moreno "El Zapata" was applauded for his first and cut one ear from his second. José Luis Angelino was awarded an ear from his first and silence for his second.


Young Mexican novillero Alejandro Amaya continues to impress in Spain. The young torero, who is managed by Juanito Silveti, cut the after-noon's only ear, May 27, in Plaza Vistalegre, Madrid.


With 22 corridas and 36 ears already to his credit, Julian López "El Juli" leads all other matadors in number of actions in the young season. On May 28, in Cáceres, Spain, El Juli cut two ears and left the plaza on shoulders.


The great Spanish Rejoneador Pablo Hermosa de Mendoza, who suffered a broken ankle during a recent performance in Madrid, is recuperating well and is expected to return to the arenas in early June.


Spanish banderillero Juan Carlos de Los Ríos Mateos "El Formidable" is recuperating after suffering three, very grave gorings, two weeks ago, in Madrid. In all, the three wounds, mostly in the groin and stomach, totaled 70 centimeters.

And, last Sunday in Las Ventas, another banderillero, Juan de los Reyes, suffered a severe cornada in the scrotum, doing great damage to his left testicle. A secondary cornada was in the inside of the left thigh. His condition is grave.


During his most recent return to the rings, Antonio Lomelín won two ears from his first bull and was applauded for his second. Also appearing in the Acapulco corrida were Eloy Cavazos (three ears) and Rejoneador Gerardo Trueba, who heard an aviso and was soundly booed for his singular performance.


A bull fought in San Luis Potosí by Alfredo Ríos "El Conde" was granted the in-dulto, two weeks ago and left the ring alive. Also appearing in the afternoon were Oscar San Roman, who was applauded, and Spaniard Antonio Barrera, who heard an aviso on his first bull, but returned to win an ear from his second bull.


It seems that Manuel Benitez "El Cordobés" is serious about his most recent return to bullfighting. In a recent performance in Estepona, Spain, Benitez won three ears and a tail. The judging did, however, seem a bit liberal, as Miguel Angel cut two ears and Salvador Vega cut four ears.

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