June 1, 2001

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Otay Water Board Disrespectful

The Otay Water District announced that they are going to give rate payers a rebate. Rate payers and the citizens are much more concerned about the future of its water resources. It appears to us that the Otay Water Board needs to focus on resolving their political issues and bitter infighting before making any drastic financial decisions. I am afraid that their latest move does not appear to be fiscally and administratively sound.

If the Otay Water District thinks for one minute that throwing money at the public and making these grandiose gestures will defray our attention on the unresolved and serious issues affecting the Otay Water Board they are mistaken. It is disrespectful for the Otay Water Board to treat us this way by attempting to buy our trust with a mere rebate.

To think, that some of these folks govern our children's schools - the Sweetwater Union High School District.

Lorraine Staffiero Ramirez
Chula Vista

Otay Water Board up to their necks in crazy stuff

I enjoyed the "Jaime Bonilla Speaks Out" (May 25, 2001) article. The fact that he is now trying to place all the blame on his recent past good friends is quite funny.

Jaime was very active with Tony (Innocentos) and Fred (Cardenas) during the campaign. I may be able to provide a credible eye witness to this fact. I also thought it funny that anyone would believe it was all the other guys that hired all Mr. Bonilla's friends and associates. One thing for certain, all three are up to their necks in this crazy stuff. Jose is a good guy in all this and is voting with Jaime only to keep things locked up until the appointment by the Board of Sups.

Last, Mr. Bonilla claims as a good thing accomplished by this board the reserves and rebates. One of Mr. Bonilla's campaign themes was the horrible amount of reserves, too much. Now I guess that is a positive. In any case those reserves and the capital improvement plan were there when Mr. Bonilla stepped in. On the rebates, the district has a history of rebates starting back in 1997. So again, Mr. Bonilla did not bring this to the district either. A (hopefully) short sad chapter in the Otay story, and what happens when public officials like these (including Mr. Bonilla) only want the position for their own ego, power and enrichment.

Mark Watton
Former Otay Water Board Member

A New Way to Spell Bologna

There is a new way to spell bologna in San Diego, B-o-n-i-l-l-a! Does Jaime really think we are going to swallow his act of innocence. Jaime Bonilla and Xico Leyba ruined the PRI in Baja California. Their looting of the state of Baja of it's assets in the late 80s of hundreds of millions of dollars and of thousands of acres of real estate along the coast was criminal. Voters in Baja were so disgusted in the PRI after Leyba and Bonilla were kicked out of office (by their own party none the less!) that the PAN came to power. Now PAN has taken over the presidency of Mexico.

Jaime Bonilla is the reason Tijuana lost it's minor league baseball Los Potros. He ruined the city's over 30 year franchise in short order when he was unanimously banned from baseball for life for being the most corrupt owner. Bonilla is the reason Tijuana no longer has minor league baseball!

True to form it has not taken long for this tyrant to ruin the Otay Water District. I can't believe Bonilla has the nerve to go public. There are many of us now here in the U.S. who were in BC in the late 80s that know him and his ways too well. Many in Baja laughed when they learned he had been elected. We all said it won't be long for the truth to come out!

Sorry Jaime I will not swallow your baloney!

A. A. Quinones
Chula Vista

Ethics Commission set up to fail?

I wonder if the proposed Ethics Commission will fulfill the public's expectations. It seems the council has set up defenses against this very same Commission.

The ordinance provides for each member of the city council to nominate the members of the Commission and the mayor appoint seven from this group. This means each council-member will have their own person to render judgments about the councilmembers's conduct. This is the first line of defense for the city council.

The second line of defense is that the council must approve the executive director. If the director is really tough on crime, how long will he or
she last?

The third line of defense is the City Attorney and District Attorney who have both said that they don't prosecute politicians when they break the law, instead, they "inform" them.

The fourth line of defense is that only the council can hire an outside attorney. Will the council agree to hire a special prosecutor to pursue one of their own members? Don't count on it.

Melvin Shapiro
San Diego

We need another congressional district in the North County

Calling for another congressional district in the north county makes good sense. Latinos in San Diego County are in desperate need of representation at all levels and it must start with our congressional representative. I have grown sick seeing Latinos in San Diego County treated as a second class. In the "conservative" north county there are blatant violations of human/civil rights of Latinos that make up the labor pool for the hospitality, commercial and farm industries in the north county. It's a good idea and it makes good sense.

Henry Palma

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