June 1, 2001

Dual Admissions Policy Receives Strong Support from UC Faculty

By a vote of its systemwide Assembly of the Academic Senate (on May 23), the University of California faculty gave strong support to a "Dual Admissions" proposal that would provide eligible high school students with simultaneous admission offers to UC and a California community college.

The program, proposed by UC President Richard C. Atkinson in September 2000, would grant UC admission to students in the top 4 percent to 12.5 percent of their high school's graduating class, provided they satisfactorily complete a transfer program at a community college. The Dual Admissions Program would create a new path for students to enter UC, in addition to graduating in the top 12.5 percent statewide or the top 4 percent of their high school.

The faculty approval includes recommendations that adequate funding be provided for the counseling and support components of the Dual Admissions Program and that an evaluation system be implemented to allow the faculty to review the functioning of the plan.

The next step in considering the proposal is a vote by the UC Board of Regents, which could take place as early as July.

"The University of California has always sought creative and innovative ways to increase educational opportunities for the next generation of Californians," Atkinson said upon introducing the proposal last fall. "I believe that more must be done to recognize and reward high-achieving students from all areas and backgrounds across the state."

He added that the Dual Admissions plan "strengthens our relations with the California Community Colleges and extends the long-term viability of the Master Plan for Higher Education. Most importantly, it will send a clear signal to students all over the state, from urban and rural schools, from all ethnic groups and all socio-economic groups, that they have a clear path to a UC degree."

The Academic Assembly, which serves as the legislative body of the universitywide Academic Senate, is composed of faculty representing each UC campus. Assembly members include the chairs of the nine campus divisions, chairs of major universitywide Senate committees and 40 representatives appointed or elected in proportion to the number of Senate members in each division.

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