July 31, 1998



Chicanos From Ontario Got no "Bang" in the 4th of July Parade


The 4th of July Parade (in Ontario, Ca.) the City had the local cable company edit the only Latino float claiming it was "political"!

Funny though, the Grand Prize Winner (float) was the local Cheffey Republican Women's float. Ontario is the only city I know that has a member of the D.A. office as Mayor, the Fire Captain, and Police Sergeant are the Councilmen. Is this `conflict of interest?

Mayor Scropos is now lobbying for a new court house. The Fire Chief, gave a 17% pay raise to the local firemen. The Police Sergeant/Councilman Wapner is now lobbying for a brand new police station all to be paid from city taxes.

On top of it all, the city is now fining businesses for having too much Spanish advertisement on their windows. Is Ontario the most racist city in California or not?

Henry (last name withheld)
Ontario, Ca.

(Comment: Ontario running a close third to San Diego and Orange County. Sounds like you have grounds for a Federal Grand Jury investigation... Keep La Prensa informed how it goes. How about this situation in Otario Senator Baca?)


I'm a designer of military, firemen and police metal badges. I am 40, single and looking forward to receiving a letter from a sincere, friendly, and unmarried woman. I'll also be very glad to get in touch with those of your readers whose hobby or professional interests somehow intersect with my field of occupation. You can write to me in English to the following address: Vladimir Nedelski, P.O. Box 257, Saint Petersburg, 191025 Russia. Or telephone 7(812) 484-15-26. I will be very obliged to you for publishing my letter .

Vladimir Nedelski

(Comment: Having La Prensa San Diego on the World Wide Net sure gets us some interesting mail. La Prensa can no longer be considered only a `community' newspaper.)

Girl Scouts Do Not Appear To Have Diversity In Its Leadership

This week I read the letter in El Foro regarding the Girl Scouts. I want to say that my neighbor's little daughter is a Girl Scout and has A VERY NICE TIME whenever she goes on activities with her troop. She is very enthusiastic about being Scout and goes around the neighborhood selling cookies and calendars. I am happy to buy these things from her because I know that the Girl Scouts is a good organization for girls.

I was surprised to read that the top management of the Girl Scouts does not have Asians or Hispanics, because I know from Lupita that her troop has girls from all races. And also I thought that a lot of the people involved were volunteers.

I had already noticed that on the Girl Scouts calendar I bought, there is a picture of the girls who achieved the highest honor in Girl Scouts. And there are no Asians or Blacks (MEXICANS?). I don't know if it's a coincidence or a pattern that the highest positions and the highest honors do not have diversity.

Luisa Aceves
San Diego


So what's new? They don't have diversity in management. I bet the Boy Scouts don't either. This is normal in organizations that have been around for a long time. It would take a big effort by the Board of Directors to make changes in management. And who want's to fight the institution when you are volunteering your time?

Al Smith
San Diego

(Comment: Local groups reflect the attitudes of the society around them. Check out the Boy Scouts, Brownies, Cub Scouts, Fire-Birds etc. While you are at it, check out the organizations of adults and count the number of persons of color that are in leadership roles. Change sometimes is difficult to achieve when nurtured in soil contaminated with racism, prejudice and hatred.)

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