July 31, 1998

Memories/Memorias With Vikki Carr

Vikki Carr

It's impossible to look at Mexican music in the United States without looking to Los Angeles. It was here that Mexican and Mexican-American music first flourished north of the border, eventually spreading throughout the Southwest and beyond. And if there is a Golden Age of Mexican music in the U.S., it surely was during the 1940s and 50s.

In a very special event KCET will host the 1998 Annual Awards Gala September 10, 1998 with a concert performance taking you back to the golden era of the 1940s and `50s when Mexican melodies crossed the border. "Memories/Memorias with Vikki Carr will take you back to a time when these melodies became enduring standards in the United States. Vikki Carr will be joined by guests such as Jose Feliciano, Tony Bennett, Juan Gabriel and Alejandro Fernandez whose talent showcases the best in Mexican-American popular music from these decades.

Legendary Mexican artists such as Jorge Negrete, Pedro Vargas, Pedro Infante and Tito Guizar were among those performers who crossed the border to Los Angeles often to keep their careers thriving in the city's growing Mexican and Mexican-Amer-ican communities. They shared the stage with newly popular Mexican-American stars Las Hermanas Padilla, Los Madrugadores, Lalo Guerrero and Andres Rábago -- Later known as Andy Russell in a series of Hollywood musical films.

At the same time, elegant Hollywood supper clubs like Ciro's and the Mocamob featured Mexican artists like Chuy Reyes and his Latin American orchestra while Agustin Lara, the Cole Porter of Mexico, headlined at the Hollywood Bowl.

Grammy-winning artist Vikki Carr takes the audience on a special musical journey back to an era when beautiful Mexican melodies crossed the border with new English-language lyrics to become Memories/Memorias and travels back in time.

The program is especially designed to bring pride to a Latino audience, who will remember these songs from night clubs and recordings in their younger years, and to their children who know the material from listening to their parents' records at home.

The hour-long concert will be taped in a Los Angeles theatre club setting at the Beverly Hilton Hotel and will be offered to PBS stations around the nation as a December Pledge Special. The gala event will be around this special performance: a pre-performance reception/dinner and post-performance dessert party.

For ticket/further information contact Nancy Rishagen at 213-666-6500 or write to Nancy Rishagen, Sr. Vice President, Development & Marketing, KCET, 4401 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90027.

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