July 30 2004

Be a Part of History .... UFW’s 17th Annual Convention

Inscribe your name as a “Compañero” in the UFW’s 17th Constitutional Convention commemorative book.

Forty-two years ago César Chávez was joined by a group of farm workers and supporters in Fresno, Calif. for the first constitutional convention of the National Farm Workers Association—and a dream began to take shape.

On August 28 & 29, 2004 we will once again come together in Fresno for the United Farm Workers’ 17th Constitutional Convention. Hundreds of farm workers will gather as our members set the future course for our union. Convention highlights include honoring California state Senate leader John L. Burton for his tireless work in carrying and ensuring passage of the historic UFW-sponsored 2002 farm Worker mediation law. Joining Senator Burton will be farm workers from Excelsior Farms and Pictsweet Mushroom Farms who won their first union contract as a direct result of this new law.

Please join us for this historic celebration at the Fresno Convention Center.

To memorialize this unique event, we will be publishing a special commemorative book. For your $42 contribution to our union cause, your name will appear in the book within a section dedicated to our companeros(as). We will also send you a copy of this historic book as a keepsake.

Thanks to friends like you we’ve come a long way since Cesar’s first meeting in Fresno more than four decades ago. I hope as we celebrate 42 years of our movement’s history and look forward to the future, we can continue to count on your support.

To be listed as a Compañero go to: https://secure.ga3.org/08/convention.

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