Volume XXVIII Number 30 July 30, 2004

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How the San Diego Community Got Lost While Mapping Chicano Art

By David Avalos

Collage by David Avalos

Peace and Dignity

When native Elders meeting in Ecuador in 1990 invoked a prophecy foretelling the reuniting of all Indigenous Peoples of the hemisphere they set in motion a series of journeys, spiritual runs spanning the continents of America to unite the Condor of the South and the Eagle of the North. The 2004 Peace and Dignity Journey, the fourth such sacred event, began on May 1st this year with native runners on opposite ends of America in Chickaloon Village, Alaska and Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. The two groups’ convergence at the center of the hemisphere in the Kuna Nation in Panama City later this year will symbolize all Indigenous Peoples joined as prophesied.

On their journey to destiny the runners from the North stopped at the Pala Indian Reservation and then on the morning of July 18 set out for Chicano Park. On the way, inside the Centro Cultural de la Raza (Centro), they exchanged prayers and blessings with the Centro staff in the presence of Yermo Aranda’s La Dualidad, a mural tribute to the native spirit of our continent.

The runners graced the Centro at the same hour that a “Mapping Chicano Art” panel organized by the Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego (MCA) would have taken place had it not been cancelled only days earlier. The panel was supposed to be one of many events held in conjunction with the MCA’s Chicano Visions exhibition. It was the only event involving a local Chicano organization in a significant way.

While the runners from throughout North America expressed their gratitude for the existence of the Centro and Chicano Park, sharing their excitement to be in places many of them had only seen in pictures, those responsible for the protection of these consecrated sites of Chicano art and culture were not even talking to each other. The runners charted their commitment to their communities with each footfall on their Journey, while the San Diego art community lost its way mapping Chicano art. The panel’s cancellation disgraced everyone involved.

Al cumplirse 62 años de la firma del Tratado de Braceros entre Estados Unidos y México, se realizó una importante reunión binacional para conmemorar el hecho y reclamar justicia.
Por Eduardo Stanley
FRESNO, CA--Cuando los presidentes de Estados Unidos, Franklin D. Roosevelt, y el de México, Manuel A. Camacho, firmaron el Tratado de Braceros el 23 de julio de 1942, seguramente no pensaron que más de seis décadas después los sobrevivientes de esta experiencia aún estarían reclamando pagos de salarios adeudados.

In Boston, Seeking A Role In The Democrats’ Script
By Roberto Lovato
BOSTON—Headlines, video images and lead stories in the local press were all part of the script for the four-day Democratic Convention that opened this week at the Fleet Convention Center in Boston, Mass. But I came here to see what role the Democratic script would assign to us “people of color,” who are now the majority in Boston, Los Angeles and most other major American cities.

Phillippines Leader Did The Right Thing by Pulling Out of Iraq
By Rene P. Ciria-Cruz
American officials, several of their allies and many U.S. media criticized Philippines President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s decision to recall her nation’s small military contingent in Iraq in order to save the life of Filipino hostage Angelo de la Cruz. They called the move cowardly and said it sent terrorists “the wrong signal.” For most of De la Cruz’s compatriots, however, and from the standpoint of their national interest, it was a sensible, even courageous, move.


Watry/Galvez raise CV’s Dead
By Rudy Villaseñor
Though straight history lessons may be boring, new life has been breathed into the past by way of props, photos and drawings. Now the ancient Indians of Chula Vista are admired for their superior survival skills, Spain’s Father Junipero Serra is momentarily resurrected, and the ghost of Governor Pio Pico, the last governor of Mexican California, lives once again.

Ethnic Communities in a Health Crises!
Multicultural Health Festival Addresses Issues Affecting African Americans and Hispanics
Tests for blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity and more will be available at a comprehensive multicul-tural health festival on Saturday and Sunday, July 31 and August 1. In addition to a full range of health screenings selected especially to benefit the needs of the community, demonstrations and interactive health education workshops will be offered throughout the weekend by leading physicians from around the country and other qualified health care professionals.

Se Realiza Consulado Móvil y Feria de Salud en Oceanside
• Los interesados en tramitar documentos como pasaporte o Matrícula Consular deberán hacer una cita marcando el teléfono (619) 308-9963, hasta el viernes 30, como fecha límite.

Por Beverly Lyles
Latinas, luchen por su derecho a usar el condón de látex
En el contagioso clima sexual de hoy en día, toda mujer debe insistir —aún si ya usa alguna forma de anticoncepción— en el uso del condón de látex para protegerse contra el Virus de Inmunodeficiencia Humana (VIH) que causa el SIDA (Síndrome de Inmunodeficiencia Adquirida). El condón es un método de protección de barrera y, por lo tanto, reduce considerablemente el riesgo de que una mujer contraiga el SIDA al tener relaciones sexuales.

Be a Part of History .... UFW’s 17th Annual Convention
Inscribe your name as a “Compañero” in the UFW’s 17th Constitutional Convention commemorative book.

San Diego County’s First Community to Feature Zero Energy Homes Program Unveiled
San Diego County’s first community to feature the Zero Energy Homes (ZEH) program was unveiled Thursday at an opening ceremony for Soleil at Bordeaux, a Pardee Homes’ community in Pacific Highlands Ranch. These technically-advanced homes combine state-of-the-art, energy-efficient construction and appliances with commercially available renewable energy systems such as solar electricity generation to dramatically reduce energy usage.


National City Police Chief Faces A Daunting Challenge
National City made all the right moves, through an extensive, open search process that allowed the community more than enough opportunity to provide their input. Out of this Aldolfo Gonzales was selected as National City’s Police Chief.

Ship adrift
By Andrés Lozano
Shipwreck is the outcome when a boat adrift collides against the reefs. It makes little difference if it is due to the helmsman’s lack of navigational skills or an errant course adopted. The Mexican ship-of-state has wandered for nearly thirty-five years, without rudder for over four. It will ram unless steered clear, mostly of man-made hindrances. Careening must stop! Since 1970: improvisation, an impulsive style of governing replaced compass, sextant and charts. Nothing good can result from this.

Barco al garete
Por Andrés Lozano
Naufragio es el desenlace cuando una nave al garete choca contra arrecifes. Hace poca diferencia si se debe a impericia del timonel o la adopción de trayectoria errónea. La nave del estado mexicano flota a la deriva hace casi treinta y cinco años, sin timón desde hace cuatro. Chocará si no se despejan escollos de hechura humana. ¡Es crucial dejar de dar bandazos! Desde 1970, brújula, sextante y cartas de navegación se sustituyeron con arrebato e improvisación. Nada bueno puede salir de esto.

Leave My Homegirl Be
By Ernie McCray
Oh, I was in such a mellow groove the other night, just chilling with my wife and our kids, out at Humphrey’s by the Bay, a perfect place to be on such a balmy San Diego eve, listening to an old soulmate of mine, Linda Ronstadt, just pretty-fy, if you will, the evening air with music and song. I mean she was on.

Diplomacy and Development: CHC Priorities in Latin America
By Rep. Silvestre Reyes
As members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC), we are uniquely positioned to advocate for the increased involvement of Hispanic Americans in our nation’s foreign policy community and for the strengthening of U.S. relations with Latin America. As a result, the CHC has developed a broad portfolio of legislative priorities and issues for the 108th Congress focusing on international relations efforts with Latin America.

El cambio de estrategia de John Kerry
Por Humberto Caspa
Los demócratas empezaron la fiesta de su partido. Antes de la Convención, John Kerry punteaba en las encuestas con 47% sobre 46% del Presidente George W. Bush. El Partido Demócrata apuesta en cimentar una ventaja plena, inalcanzable de John Kerry, quien será nombrado oficialmente candidato del partido esta semana. La estrategia para alcanzar dicho cometido es crear una imagen positiva de John Kerry, que la gente sienta que tiene capacidad de liderazgo, tanto en materia de política doméstica y especialmente en cuestiones de seguridad.

Tezezomoc Speaks
Que paso???
The Chicano Democratic Association (CDA) endorsed a staunch Republican over a Democrat in local School Board race? Seems that Matt Camarillo, president of the CDA, acted on his own. Local Demos wondering what the payoff was?? Camarillo on the hot seat. The endorsement is probably going to be reversed. (something about their bylaws forbidding endorsements of non-Demos.) Four years of Bush and some folks still can’t seem to tell the difference between a Democrat and a Republican!

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

La Esquina
arte de la comunidad

“Comics” Make a Comeback!
By Geneva Gamez
With our all-time favorite comic heroes making their way to the big screen, it’s a big question whether there are new comic icons for our new and young generations on the way. It turns out, there is! There are a number of young comic artists making their way into the comic world of comic books, comic strips, and just plain comic art. As the highly anticipated and well-awaited annual Comic Con convention came and went, one of our local art galleries featured fifteen comic artists from across the United States and as near as Los Angeles.

El nombre del Prócer Mexicano Don Francisco I, Madero, es honrado en un Certámen Nacional de Ensayo
Por: Paco Zavala
Para iniciar ésta reseña aportaremos algunos datos históricos sobre la enorme figura de Don Francisco I. Madero, prócer político mexicano.

Cuando Salgo a Los Campos
Las piscas, los tiempos pasados, and my childhood - I wouldn’t change it for the world
A song sung and recorded by Ruben Ramos, Little Joe, Jessy Serrata and so many other artists SO PROUD of their heritage and up-bringing........Cuando salgo a los campos me acuerdo de un amor que yo ame tanto tiempo, hoy la miro y me da sentimiento, sentimeinto que me hace llorar.........

Superlitio: Going back to Cali
By Francisco Ciriza
Recently, when the Academy of Recording Arts announced this year’s nominees for the Grammy awards, Colombian rockers, Superlitio were recipients of their first Latin Grammy Nomination. The natives of Cali found themselves nominated in the Best New Artist category. The band has quickly become the darlings of the Latin Alternative scene with their recently released US debut, Tripping Tropicana on Cielo Music Group/BMG US Latin and are currently experiencing a very respectable amount of success with the first single, “Que Vo’ Hacer”. La Prensa San Diego spoke with bassist Pedro Rovetto as the group prepared to work on the video for the aforementioned forthcoming single.

Algunas Notas Relacionadas con las Actividades del H. Ayuntamiento de Tijuana
Por: Paco Zavala
Casi está a punto de concluir la contienda electoral para elegir a un nuevo munícipe, sin embargo en el municipio se continúa trabajando arduamente con el fín de entregar cuentas claras a la nueva administración, deseamos que quien gane en ésta contienda sea la ciudad de Tijuana.

La mejor actriz de cine viva de América
Meryl Streep disfruta de ciertos privilegios
Por Jose Daniel Bort
Su trabajo ha sido avalado por la calidad, pero la cantidad es tan abrumante que no deja lugar a dudas. Durante más de veinticinco años de carrera ininterrumpida, la actriz Meryl Streep ha creado un cuerpo de actuaciones que la consolidan como la mujer que mayor influencia ha tenido en la actual generación de Thespianos en el cine.

La relación entre Actor y Director
Joaquín Phoenix repite con M. Night Shyamalan en “The Village”
Por Jose Daniel Bort
Comenzaron juntos a trabajar hace dos años con la película “Signs”, pero todo fue por casualidad. El personaje de Merrill Hess le pertenecía a Mark Ruffalo (otro gran actor joven) pero cuando Ruffalo tuvo que ir de emergencia al hospital con una infección en el oído, el nombre de Joaquín Phoenix salio a flote y consiguió el personaje.

Mosaico de Actividades Culturales en Tijuana
Por Paco Zavala
En este periodo de vacaciones en Tijuana se han presentado muchos acontecimientos, la contienda política que se encuentra en plena efervescencia, de la que se espera que el ganador absoluto sea Tijuana, nadie más.

Young Latinas: Share Your Story
For TV show on significant struggles faced by Latinas
A documentary show on young Latinas caught between two cultures — struggling to balance their cultural traditions (what their parents want/expect) and their personal beliefs – is searching for subjects. We want to hear about your experience caught between these two worlds and what it’s like growing up Latina in the U.S.

Calendar of Events....
By Berenice Cisneros
El Legado de Los Papas
** Desde el 15 de mayo hasta el 6 de septiembre, el San Diego Museum of Art hospeda más de 390 artefactos, documentos y obras de arte prestados por el Vaticano, incluyendo ejemplos por Giotto, Michelangelo y Bernini. La exposición intitulada San Pedro y el Vaticano: El legado de los Papas, hace su última presentación en el San Diego Museum of Art después de una gira por los Estados Unidos.

Aztec Football Picked Third In Mountain West Conference Preseason Media Poll
Four SDSU players tabbed preseason all-conference
The 2004 San Diego State football team has been picked to finish third in the Mountain West Conference, earning 87 points, in a preseason poll of the con-ference’s media members released Thursday. The third-place nod matches the Aztecs’ highest ever placing in the poll since the con-ference’s inception in 1999.

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