Volume XXII Number 26 ~ July 3, 1998


Front Page Stories

Largest Computer and Educational Center of it's kind opened in San Ysidro

Computer technician Ricardo Fitipaldi looks on as a young resident surfs the net.

By Robert Quintana

Amidst a wide range of economic, political and social attacks on the poor and the powerless, stands the Villa Nueva Low Cost Housing Complex. The 290 unit complex in San Ysidro is at the center of a waning hope for equality and fairness—in the form of access to computers and the internet.

At least in this community, the hopes for the future success of the children has unquestionably risen. 35 top of the line computers opened up for 1,500 community members at the Villa Nueva Computer Learning and Educational Center. To continue, click on the link.

Prelude to War For Independence From England

Nary a Yankee in Sight
By Raoul Lowery Contreras

An Immigrant's Wish
By Oyamel Gonzalez

The Other Side of NAFTA — Mexican Workers Grappling With `Flint' Problem of Their Own
By David Bacon

Noticias de Mexico


County's Largest Union agrees to Labor Pact

Organizaciones para niños anuncian la formación de la Campaña 100%: Seguro médico para todos los niños de California

SWC Plans Transfer of Archeological Collection
By Yvonne Manzo

Violence Preventers Reexamine What Works With Today's Youth

Nada Detiene Una Bala Como un Trabajo
Por Maria Elena Kennedy

Voices From Juvenile Hall — Any Town USA

EastLake Students Awarded For Their New Home Designs, Computer Skills

South Bay Head Start Offers Free Child Care for Low Income Families

Bill Silva Presents Rock N' Read Program

NSHMBA incrementa en un 100% las oportunidades de becas para los hispanos

NSHMBA Increases scholarship Opportunities for Hispanics by 100 Percent

Encienda una Vela
¿Dónde Está su Molokai?


Editorial ¡Viva el USA! ¡Viva el 4th of July!

Opinion: Día de la Independencia, Día de los Mercados Agrícolas
Por Dan Gickman

Tezozomoc speaks

Etc. Etc. Etc.

Sporting news, reviews and other tid bits

Young Playwright's Dreaming Pancho Villa Returns to San Diego
By Robert Quintana

Ritmo Latino.....

Calendar of Events.....

Bullfight World
A Sunday of Hello and Good-Bye in Tijuana

By Lyn Sherwood

World Cup: Underdog Role Is Familiar But Just Fine
By Stephan Nasstrom

¿Los cuatro grandes en las semifinales?
Por Pablo Elías Giussani

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