July 28, 2000

LATNN.com and MBN to provide live webcasts at GOP Convention

PHILADELPHIA — The Latino Online News Network (LATNN.com) and Media Bureau Networks (MBN) will present The Slant, a one-hour webcast featuring news, interviews, and live reports from the floor of the Republican National Convention.

The program will air at 11 a.m. each morning and feature a reporters roundtable with CNN's Maria Hinojosa and Politicomagazine.com's Editor & Publisher James E. Garcia, as well as in-depth discussions regarding Hispanics, the Republican Party and Governor George W. Bush's record on issues like immigration, bilingual education and crime. LATNN.com also plans to provide updated news coverage each day of the convention, as well as interviews, analysis and features via GRAFICO: LATNN.com's news magazine.

"Too many times, Latinos are pigeonholed by the media as a `special interest group' that simply is asking for pandering," said LATNN Content Director Michael Collazo. "The Slant will show the world that Latinos are a proactive, politically aware group that are engaged actively in the political process."

"With the Latino vote being heavily courted by both parties, it is critical that MBN and LATNN .com provide a voice online for that vote," said Benjamin Barnett, MBN's New Media Specialist. "We look forward to both parties presenting their views and ideas and providing media coverage from the Latino perspective."

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