Volume XXV Number 30 July 27, 2001

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San Diego Prescribes Cure for San Diego's Nursing Shortage

By Yvette tenBerge

Miriam Lizarde, 44, is a Registered Nurse (RN) at Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center. She smoothes her periwinkle blue scrubs and laughs when remembering her early nursing days. As a 19 year-old Licensed Vocational Nurse (L.V.N.), it was not unusual for her to man the front desk, rush three floors up to translate for a physician, and scurry back downstairs to prep a new patient in a matter of minutes. Ms. Lizarde's days of racing around the hospital have long been over, and she now holds the coveted position of Clinical Lead Nurse in the Special Procedures Unit.

Miriam Lizarde (right) and Neriza Tagulao, both registered nurses in Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center's Special procedures Unit.

Although Ms. Lizarde undoubtedly earned her assignment through hard work and dedication, she is quick to give credit for the majority of her success to an unlikely figure. She admits that many people have helped her along the way, but she can barely contain her tears of gratitude when she speaks about "Grandma Jones," an elderly missionary woman who taught a homesick little girl the importance of giving back to others through her kindness.

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Dollars For Fox, Votes For Bush - Two Reasons Why the "Amnesty" Word Won't
Go Away
By Martin Espinoza
After more than a year of promoting open borders between the United States and Mexico, last week Mexican President Vicente Fox suddenly toned down his demand for amnesty for some three million Mexican immigrants illegally residing in the United States.

Braceros or Amnesty?
By David Bacon
— Last week a vision of new rights and legal status seemed tantalizingly close to the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the U.S. But the limitations which dog that possibility were never clearer than in the mixed signals emanating from the White House. And as usual, the new faultlines in the immigration debate were more visible in Los Angeles than anywhere.

Wilson opposes Bush's immigrant-amnesty proposal
GOP blames ex-governor for alienating Latinos
By Carla Marinucci
July 21, 2001 _ When the Bush administration floated talk of amnesty for 3 million Mexican immigrants this week, political analysts pointed to one villain to explain the dramatic outreach to Latino voters — former Republican Gov. Pete Wilson.

What Went Wrong In Genoa? - A Movement At a Crossroad
By Paolo Pontoniere
What went wrong with the G8 protests in Genoa? Why did the city of Christopher Columbus get trashed by a movement that advocates humane globalization?

Noticias de México...
Son robacarros y "polleros"
"Revientan" hoteles: Cae banda criminal
Una banda de "polleros", que además se dedicaba al robo de vehículos, fue desmembrada ayer en un operativo de la Policía Ministerial del Estado (PME) en dos hoteles y una casa del Centro de la ciudad.


México Lava Carbono y se Suma a la Política de Calentamiento Global con Estados
Rosarito, Baja Ca. — Mientras en Bonn se lleva a cabo la reunión sobre cambio climático denominada COP6bis, en la cual nuestro país participa con una postura decididamente a favor de reducir las emisiones de gases que contribuyen al cambio climático, en México, la política energética está totalmente orientada a satisfacer las insostenibles necesidades energéticas estadounidenses y a propiciar el aumento en la emisión de gases invernadero, dió a conocer Greenpeace México durante una acción que llevó a cabo en este poblado del estado de Baja California.

Hertzberg Bill to Protect Farm Workers Passes Senate
Sacramento — The state Senate has approved legislation by Assembly Speaker Robert M. Hertzberg (D-Van Nuys) that would help curb abuse of farm workers by imposing increased fines on employers who fail to pay their workers.

When Teaching Becomes a Family Thing
Latina Mom and Daughters Give Back To Their Community As Educators
It is no surprise that the matriarch of the Castañeda family, Eunice Celinda Castañeda, is a teacher and it is neither a surprise nor a coincidence that all three of her daughters are teachers as well. Eunice remembers that in the small town in Sinaloa, Mexico, where she grew up, teachers were well respected and considered leaders of the community.

Cuando la Enseñanza se Transforma en Algo Familiar
Una Madre y Sus Hijas Latinas Contribuyen a su Comunidad Como Educadoras
No es sorprendente que la matriarca de la familia Castañeda, Eunice Celinda Castañeda, sea maestra, como tampoco es sorprendente, ni casual, que sus tres hijas sean maestras también. Eunice recuerda que en la pequeña ciudad de Sinaloa, México donde ella creció, las maestras eran respetadas y consideradas líderes de la comunidad.

Martinez to Lead Interagency Homeless Council, Outlines New Vision to Combat
Washington — US Housing and Urban Development Secretary Mel Martinez today told 600 advocates for the homeless that he is reactivating a federal council that will coordinate the activities of 15 agencies as part of a comprehensive effort to improve the delivery of federal services to homeless individuals and families.

On-line Class Registration Now Available For Grossmont, Cuyamaca Colleges
El Cajon — Brad Tiffany remembers when registering for classes meant enduring lines rivaling those for tickets to a blockbuster movie.

Exito Parcial de Nuevos Programas de Asistencia Pública
DAVIS - UC — Han pasado más de 4 años desde que el Congreso aprobara la ley conocida como CalWORKS, la cual estableció cambios drásticos a los programas de bienestar social, requiriendo que sus beneficiarios pasaran a formar parte de la fuerza laboral y estableciendo un límite de cinco años para recibir asistencia pública. California fue uno de los últimos estados en implementar esta ley, en agosto de 1997. Aunque hasta la fecha se ha logrado reducir en 30% el número de personas que reciben asistencia pública, y las reformas han tenido un éxito parcial, aún quedan muchos problemas por resolver.

Por Yhamel Catacora
En busca de la esperanza perdida
Hace algunos meses la opinión pública se centraba en la toma de mando del Presidente Vicente Fox, el carismático líder que logró lo impensable: dar un importante giro en la historia política de México, y al mismo tiempo brindar un aire renovado, fresco y por supuesto lleno de esperanza.

California's New Crime Wave
How to Protect Yourself Against Identity Theft
By California Attorney General Bill Lockyer
Despite historic lows in violent crime rates, Californians today are more at risk than ever of becoming a victim of crime. The fastest growing crime wave in our state and America today is the crime of identity theft. An estimated 750,000 Americans per year are victims of identity theft schemes, up from 40,000 in 1992 - an 18-fold increase.

U.S. Bank Brings America's Pastime to Barrio Logan Kids
On Saturday, July 21st, U.S. Bank brought eighty kids ages 6-14 years from Barrio Logan, to Qualcomm Stadium for a baseball skills clinic. The kids took the field at noon at the Q and received instruction in fielding, batting, pitching and running the bases from the San Diego Padres coaches, including first base coach Alan Trammel, bench coach Rob Peciollo, hitting coach Duane Espy, and pitching coach Greg Booker.

Fair Workshops Planned for Local Chula Vista Businesses
A week of local business assistance-related events and activities is being sponsored by the City of Chula Vista's Local Employer Assistance Program (LEAP) from July 30 through Aug. 2. Events will include a business fair and mixer, workshops about storefront merchandizing and coping with high energy costs and a business appreciation luncheon.

Encienda Una Vela
Mons. Jim Lisante
El Sacerdote Desconocido
Animar un programa de televisión le da a uno la oportunidad de encontrarse con gente extraordinaria. A veces, leyendo los datos biográficos, uno tiene grandes expectativas y se imagina que el invitado al programa va a ser magnífico. Pero a veces la anticipada publicidad no coincide con la realidad. Sin embargo, hace poco, me ocurrió lo contrario: la invitada fue mucho más especial de lo que yo esperaba.


"El Papa" Tests President Bush's Christianity
For the first time in his life, President GEORGE W. BUSH felt the full "Magni nominis umbra" of Pope John II, the titular leader of over one billion Catholics. As many other world leaders have discovered, Pope John is the singular most powerful voice in all Christendom when it comes to matters of faith.

Bienvenidos a Oakland
By Domenico Maceri
"Don't I have any rights" I asked the INS (Immigration and Naturalization Service) official in Los Angeles after a long and fruitless wait as I was trying to jump all the hoops to become a US citizen. "When you become a citizen you'll have the right to write to your Congressman," the INS official fumed.

Destroying Our Health Care System
By James Santiago Grisolía, MD
Across San Diego, hospitals are falling like dominos: Sharp-Cabrillo, Scripps-East County, Mission Bay, Harborview, Hillside, Vista Hill. Meanwhile, three major doctor groups have gone bankrupt (Family Health Network, Paradise Valley IPA, Palomar-Pomerado IPA) while Scripps Clinic was just rescued from bankruptcy by the ScrippsHealth system. At a time when medical science is opening up amazing new vistas of human health, the foundations of American medicine have been eaten away by a fatally flawed insurance system. The damage has spread further and faster in California, threatening health care for Latinos and Anglos, rich and poor, young and old.

The Amnesty Frenzy - What is the Rush?
By Fernando Oaxaca
Amnesty, to illegal immigrants, says in one word, "we ignore your tresspasses; come out of hiding; join our family!". This past weekend the news included talk of amnesty in ongoing U.S.-Mexico immigration negotiations.

Tezozomoc Speaks...
Peligro Güeros!
Once the children of Cortez y la Melinchi have taken all they can, the JAGUAR Warriors will rise in fury against the oppressors. They can only take so much. Their homes (jacales) are being taken away to build a ballpark. Their familias are once again being victimized by the insatiable greed of the Güeros.

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

Lanza Mariah Carey Su Nueva Produccion Intitulada Glitter
Por: Paco Zavala
La millonaria y super estrella Mariah Carey, lanzará el próximo mes de agosto un nuevo albúm que contiene 11 temas.

Antonio Banderas y Angelina Jolie en Una Peligrosa Aventura en "Original Sin"
En el puerto de un bello y húmedo paraíso terrenal llamado Santiago de Cuba, una pasajera desconocida desembarca de una gran nave. Esta cambiará la vida de Luis Antonio Vargas (Antonio Banderas) para siempre. A pesar de ser un hombre rico, poderoso y respetado por sus compañeros, Luis aún no ha encontrado a la persona con la cual compartir su vida —hasta que se ve frente a frente a Julia Russell (Angelina Jolie) proveniente de Wilmington, Delaware en respuesta a su invitación de matrimonio por

Calendar of Events...
"The Wizard of Oz"
Starlight Theatre Balboa's Park open-air theatre under the stars, will stage The Wizard of Oz July 26 through August 5. A mystical, metaphoric fairy tale of a girl named Dorothy who awakens to discover that she and her dog, Toto, are in a strange land of the Munchkins.

Convocatoria para el Concurso Internacional de Pintura Infantil y Juvenil en
Por: Paco Zavala
El Instituto de Baja California en coordinación con el programa Alas y Raíces a los niños del Consejo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes (Conaculta) invita a todos los niños y jóvenes de 5 a 15 años de edad que les guste pintar y dibujar a participar en la Primera Exposición Internacional de Dibujo y Pintura Infantil y Juvenil en Buenos Aires, Argentina.

"El Padre de la Música Chicana" Fue Seleccionado Para Conducción en la
Campaña Contra Contaminación de Pestes Extranjeras
Lalo Guerrero será el portavoz para la campaña del Departamento de Alimento y Agricultura en los cinco mercados más grandes por incrementar la concentración en pestes extranjeras. CDFA se enfocará en los esfuerzos de Fresno, Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Diego y San Jose.

Los Angeles Latino Film Festival Honors Screen Legend Anthony Quinn
Los Angeles
- Major Hollywood stars will come out on Saturday, July 28 to honor the late Anthony Quinn, who will receive the Gabriel Figueroa Lifetime Achievement Award at the Fifth Annual Los Angeles Latino international Film Festival (LALIFF).

La Armonía Social y Otras Notas Culturales de Tijuana
Por Paco Zavala
Haciendo uso de varias alternativas el sistema Educativo Estatal del Estado de Baja California, está buscando y logrando la cristalización del encuentro de la armonía social.

Award Winning Old Town San Diego Event Feature Stunning Latin American Folk
Art and Deft Demonstrations
Top artists will fly in from their native countries to showcase an extravaganza of folk art treasures at the Bazaar del Mundo's 19th annual Latin America Festival, Friday-Sunday, Aug. 3-5.

San Diego Sockers Rise Again
By John Philip Wyllie
Like the phoenix rising from the ashes, the San Diego Sockers have reemerged in San Diego. Though the team will don their traditional blue and gold uniforms when their indoor season kicks off in mid-August, it might have been more appropriate if they had selected Tricolores green, white and red as the team's colors.

Unrestricted Free Agency Period Ends; 73 Re-Sign, 93 Switch Teams
Seventy-three veteran free agents re-signed with their old teams this year during the unrestricted free agency signing period, while 93 signed with new teams, the National Football League announced. The four-month UFA signing period, under terms of the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the league and players, ended July 22.

Sugar Ray Leonard Presents Friday Night Fights on ESPN II
Sugar Ray Leonard officially launched Sugar Ray Leonard Boxing, Inc. (SRL Boxing), which will promote exciting, entertaining competitive and extremely well matched boxing events. SRL Boxing announced a strategic partnership with ESPN, the worldwide leader in sports television, which will bring the fights to ESPN II's 73 million viewers the first Friday of every month for one year. The debut event will take place on August 3, 2001 at Legends Casino in Toppenish, Washington.

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