Volume XXVI Number 30 July 26, 2002

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Mexico’s New Saint — A Twisted Road to Tepeyac

By Alberto Huerta

MEXICO CITY—It has been a long and twisted road to Tepeyac, the hill near this city where the Pope is scheduled to canonize Mexico’s most controversial saint on July 31. While millions are expected to witness the ceremony at the shrine dedicated to the patroness of the Americas, Our Lady of Guadalupe, the event illuminates Mexico’s discomfort with its indigenous identity: the new saint is Juan Diego, a dark-skinned Indian who reported seeing the Virgin repeatedly in 1531.

Artis Carlota Espinoza's version of Juan Diego, honring the miracle of Our Lady of Guadalupe on the hill of Tepeyac outside Mexico City. Date of the drawing is unkown.

The official Mexican holy card makes him look “guero” — blond and Spanish, more like the conquistador Hernan Cortes than a humble “Indio.” Mexico’s indigenous population remains poorer and more marginalized than its non-Indian majority. Among the worst epithets one Mexican can hurl at another is “Indio.”

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Florida first to sign deal with INS
By Terry Frieden
WASHINGTON (CNN) — In a move likely to stir controversy, the state of Florida has become the first jurisdiction in the nation to agree to have state or local law enforcement officials assist the Immigration and Naturalization Service in enforcing federal immigration law, the Justice Department announced late Friday.

Group to tell Border Patrol of entrants
By Ignacio Ibarra
A California-based group that opposes illegal immigration is organizing a watchdog campaign in Southern Arizona to keep an eye on illegal border crossers and the U.S. Border Patrol agents assigned to stop them.

Ally Trouble — Bush Must Revive Friendships With Blair, Fox
By Andrew Reding
In foreign policy, as in personal affairs, it’s a sure sign of trouble when one’s closest friends begin concluding that the relationship is too one-sided. That is what is now happening to George W. Bush.


Policing The Cops — Time for a Police Compaint Database
By Joe Loya
OAKLAND — We alert cities to the danger of possible terrorist attack. We alert people to the presence of sex offenders in their neighborhood. Now, as the most recent police brutality case in the Golden State so clearly demonstrates, it’s time to alert people to the complaint and discipline history of their local police officers, so they can better gauge the risks in their communities.

¿Se Encuentra Amenazada la Biodiversidad en México? Sí, Mas No Por el Maíz Transgénico
Por Alan McHughen
La excitación emocional está creando confusión en cuanto a los temas verdaderos. Primero fue la publicación de un artículo corto en Nature, una revista científica respetable, demostrando que las mariposas monarca podrían sufrir daño al comer polen que contenga un pesticida que pueda encontrarse en el maíz transgénico.

Ciudad Juárez Economic and Political Crisis
by Greg Bloom
While it is has not been reflected in the US press or that of other border cities, the Ciudad Juárez newspapers have been filled for weeks with headlines, articles and editorials describing and analyzing political battles and maquiladora close downs. Bloody confrontations between political protesters and police have taken place over the issue of the annulled May 12 election while the outcome of the election is still uncertain pending word from a federal election tribunal. At the same time the city’s political future is uncertain, Cd. Juárez has also been hit with what seem to be daily announcements of maquiladora closings.

BC University Filled, Students Look for Other Options
Hundreds of would-be students that scored too low on entrance exams to be admitted to the programs of their choice at the Universidad Autónoma de Baja California in Tijuana, went to the university yesterday, Monday, July 22, 2002, to see what options they might have for next year.

Tomas Rivera Policy Institute Releases Country’s Most Comprehensive Study on Latino Parents College Knowledge
Institute Offers Real Solutions to Increase Latino College Enrollment
In the most comprehensive study of Latino parents ever conducted, the Tomás Rivera Policy Institute (TRPI) Center for Latino Educational Excellence revealed key findings on the lack of knowledge Latino parents face when it comes to knowing what it takes to get their children into college. The study also offers solid recommendations to increase college enrollment and close the knowledge gap.

Blockbuster Inc. Supports LULAC Education Program With Matching Scholarship Funds
Blockbuster Inc. announced it will once again be a major sponsor of the LULAC National Educational Service Centers (LNESC) Scholarship Fund at the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) national convention Friday. This is Blockbuster’s third year to sponsor the LNESC program, providing a $30,000 sponsorship each year.

DNC Chairman McAuliffe Establishes Hispanic Business Council to Strengthen Commitment with Latino Community
Washington, D.C. - Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chairman Terry McAuliffe today announced the creation of the Hispanic Business Council (HBC) in support of the Democratic Party’s continued commitment to the issues that matter the most to the Hispanic community. Hispanic professionals, business leaders and prominent community leaders joined Chairman McAuliffe and members of the DNC’s Hispanic Outreach Project in a golf outing event in Clifton, Virginia to officially kick-off this groundbreaking initiative.

El Presidente del DNC Terry McAuliffe crea el Hispanic Business Council
WASHINGTON, DC. — El presidente del Comité Nacional Demócrata, Terry McAuliffe anunció la creación del Hispanic Business Council (HBC) —Consejo de Negocios Hispanos— con el objetivo de apoyar el continuo compromiso del Partido Demócrata con los temas que afectan e interesan a la Comunidad Hispana. Profesionales, hombres y mujeres de negocios y líderes de la Comunidad Hispana junto con el Presidente Terry McAuliffe y los miembros del Hispanic Outreach Project del DNC, celebraron el lanzamiento oficial del HBC, en un campo de Golf de Clifton, Virginia.

New and Improved SBAExpress Offers Innovative and Simplified Solution for Small Business
 Newly implemented changes to the SBAExpress pilot loan program will significantly expand the number of lenders participating in the program and increase access to capital for small businesses, the U.S. Small Business Administration recently announced. 

Martinez Promotes National Campaign to Educate Americans about the Homebuying Process
WASHINGTON – Housing and Urban Development Secretary Mel Martinez today joined executives from the Wells Fargo Home Mortgage company and the American Library Association to announce a national education campaign, ”The Path to Homeownership Begins @ your library,” designed to help increase minority homeownership among low and moderate income Americans.

Por Diego Alvarez
Despidiendo al moho del hogar
El moho, o mold en inglés, es un organismo microscópico que puede crecer en casi cualquier lugar, ya sea dentro o fuera de casa. Las esporas de moho son minúsculas y son invisibles a los ojos. Sus esporas se transportan por el aire de una manera muy similar al polen.

Relay for Life Gives Hope to the South Bay
Scripps Memorial Hospital Chula Vista and American Cancer Society Team Up
For twenty-four hours they were on their feet, either walking, running or serving meals, all for a good cause. Scripps Memorial Hospital Chula Vista recently partnered with the American Cancer Society to raise money for cancer awareness, and help the fight against cancer.

Community Notes:
Martha Lerma Honored: At the state convention for The Air Force Sergeants Association, held in Oxnard, Ca., Martha Lerma was named Member of the Year for her dedication and volunteerism, to the Auxiliary of that organization.

It’s a Question of Free Speech:
when is it good for one and then not for another?
By Victor Menaldo
Sometimes in the United States, social principles come to loggerheads. For instance, the quintessentially American theme of progress and efficiency versus traditional values and beliefs connotes a familiar rivalry, which recreates cyclically. Similarly, many groups see free speech in stark contradistinction to tolerance, diversity and concord.

Government Accounting Fraud Far Outweighs Corporate Mismanagement
By Chad Bayse
When fraudulent accounting takes place in the business world, it is big news. Politicians and government bureaucrats so frequently mismanage our money, however, that their misdeeds go virtually unnoticed by the media. To draw an analogy, deliberate business accounting failures are about as rare as an airplane crashing, whereas government mismanagement of our money is as frequent as the thousands of automobile crashes each day. Even a brief look at the government’s accounting practices reveals neither politicians nor bureaucrats are in a position to criticize-or effectively regulate- business accounting.

Endangering the ability to own a piece of America
By Robert H. Linnell
Senator Phil Gramm (R TX), opposed an amendment to Senate legislation that would limit the use of stock options, stating “More than six million nonexecutive workers in America receive stock options every year”. He went on to say “we want to be sure that we are not endangering their ability to own a piece of America”. These statements are not true. Perhaps Gramm has been influenced by the fact that he received handsome campaign finance donations from Enron and his wife was a Director, profiting considerably from that connection. Ken Lay and other top dogs at Enron earned hundreds of millions from their options.

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

Fourth Annual ¡Viva El Mariachi! Festival An Evening of Traditional and Classical Mariachi Music
San Diego Symphony to Accompany World-Renowned Mariachi Vargas
Local families and residents can enjoy performances by world-renowned mariachi groups and colorful ballet folklorico groups at the fourth annual ¡Viva el Mariachi! Festival, Sunday, August 11, at the Navy Pier in downtown San Diego.

Se Convoca al VI Premio Nacional de Poesía Tijuana 2002
Por: Paco Zavala
Por conducto del estudio y del impulso de las Bellas Artes, el individuo se humaniza y logra con más facilidad realizarse como un verdadero ser hu-mano en toda su potencialidad, logrando cristalizar sus anhelos y deseos con una transparencia virtuosa y asombrosa.

Mely Barragán Presents “Raw Art”
By Pablo De Sainz
What kind of painting would hang on your house’s living room? Would it be a pretty one, with beautiful landscapes where everything is peace and perfection? Or maybe a portrait of a woman who looks straight into you, full of happiness?

Mely Barragan Presenta “Raw Art”
Por Pablo De Sainz
¿Qué tipo de pintura colgarías en la sala de tu casa? ¿Sería una bien hermosa, con bellos paisajes donde todo es paz y perfección? ¿O tal vez un retrato de una mujer que mira fijamente, llena de alegría?

Mosaico de Actividades Culturales en Tijuana
Por Paco Zavala
En pleno proceso vacacional las actividades que se relacionan con la cultura y las artes también continúan su curso, sin distorción, sin detenimiento.

“Perfume de Violetas” Abrirá el Cuarto Ciclo Anual de Películas Mexicanas
El Media Arts Center San Diego se enorgullece al anunciar el Cuarto ciclo anual de cine mexicano que se realizará del 9 de agosto al 14 de noviembre de 2002.  El ciclo de este año iniciará con la altamente aclamada realización mexicana “Perfume de Violetas”, que se proyectará durante la semana del 9 al 15 de agosto. Al igual que el resto de las películas del ciclo, ésta se podrá ver en las salas del nuevo Madstone Theaters - Hazard Center, localizado en Hazard Center, en San Diego´s Mission Valley.

Expanded Exhibit to Include “Torture Today” Addition
Working in conjunction with Amnesty International, the Survivors of Torture, International and San Diego Friends of Tibet, the San Diego Museum of Man has re-opened and expanded the most popular — and eye-opening — exhibit ever displayed in its more than 90-year history.

26 Artists Selected for the Athenaeum’s 11th Annual Juried Exhibition
The Athenaeum’s annual Juried exhibitions are eagerly anticipated by local artists, who know that these shows are among the most prestigious in the area, and cherish the exposure they will receive. The exhibitions are also not-to-be-missed by art collectors with an eye for new talent. The opportunity for artists to be evaluated by local curators and gallery owners has been one of Executive Director Erika Torri’s goals throughout the eleven-year history of this exhibition; and she —and the Athenaeum— take great pride in helping to launch many artistic careers.

Calendar of Events . . .
by Berenice Cisneros
Swimming Show
The City of Oceanside will host the 36th annual Synchronized Swimming Show: “Under The Sea,” to be held on Friday, July 26 at the Marshall Street Swim Center.

Equipo de Baile de un Colegio Secundario Sobrepasa Obstáculos en su Camino y Compite por el Máximo Campeonato de Baile “Gotta Kick It Up”
Estudiantes Latinas muy motivadas alientan a su nueva profesora a que reviva el equipo de baile del colegio; le inyectan a sus coreografías un toque étnico; y van detrás del sueño de ser campeonas, en la tierna y positiva historia de “Gotta Kick It Up”, una película original de Disney Channel

Inner City Soccer Kicks Off in San Diego
By John Philip Wyllie
The San Diego Spirit and the city of San Diego’s Department of Parks and Recreation have teamed up with a new program that will provide San Diego’s inner city children with a rare opportunity. The program, called “Soccer in the City,” will provide free soccer clinics hosted by San Diego Spirit players at 11 parks throughout San Diego.

Espinoza Tops Home Town Fight Card
Platinum Boxing Promotions’ inaugural boxing event “The Quest”, will take place at Sweetwater High School, August 3 at 6:30 pm.

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