July 19 2002

Tezozomoc Speaks

Este Indio smoking la pipa and traveling the cosmos like me homie Carlos Castañeda.

Bakersfield: unemployment is up to 20 percent. Farmers complaining at the same time that they can’t get enough farm workers. Young chicanitos that are born here don’t want to work in the fields anymore. Mexican workers from Mexico are not seeking work in the fields anymore. THE FARMERS ONLY WANT TO PAY $5.10 PER HOUR. most OF LABORING FORCE IS 35 YEARS AND OLDER! On THE OTHER HAND HIGH SCHOOL AND COLLEGE GRADS WON’T WORK IN THE FIELDS, THERE ARE NO JOBS IN TOWN SO THEY ARE LEAVING TOWN!!!

BAKERSFIELD IS NOW 64% MEXICAN-LATINOS!! That is without counting illegals.

Tehachapi: Prison Guards threatening walk out if State doesn’t pay them regular salaries. State promising to pay them minimum wage until budget signed!

Sacramento: Local media has been blasting Bill Simon for refusing to answer questions on his income and how he avoided taxes on his corporate income. Here in Sacramento he is way down in the ratings and droping every day. Writers claim he is evasive, refusing to answer any questions on his income taxes. Says, he is a private citizen and he doesn’t have to publicize his personal life. HE IS BEING CHOPPED UP BY THE Davis FOLKS.

Papers here are pointing out that the Congressional Republicans are dumping the President for his lackluster performance on the economy, on the Corporate misdeeds, and the failure of his international problems. Bush is pictured as worried he is slowly being isolated by Republicans who now fear he is leading the party to disaster in the 04 elections. Republicans view Bush as unable to break from his corporate buddies, (not looking good from here)

Letters in the “B” running heavily against Bush and Simmon....Davis not hit as hard because there doesn’t seem to be any one else who can beat him. Willie Brown Mayor making signs he wants to come back to the capitol and “lead the DEmOs to victory! (Guess he wants to do it on the backs of Blacks and the Gay folks !!)

Cuando regresé a la casa, about chocked on mi pipa when I read that los homies were going to have to pay the National Football League $1.6 million BIG ONES for lost ticket sales when SD host the superbowl. Hey, when did San Diego become the world’s biggest pattsies for the professional MILLIONAIRE sports industry.

Not to be outdone by pro football, the Padres have the city paying their office rent at the rate of $43,252 per month for the next three years - something about the stadium renovation and the city feeling bad about the Padre staff having to deal with construction dust so the city promised to rent offices for them in valley. So lets see $43,252 per month for three years = a cool $1,557,000 million. This after they have already paid $2.4 million for office space the past couple of years..

Okay, I failed math in grammer school but let me see if I can add this up:

City agrees to upgrade stadium for $78 million. Fails to fullfill the deal so they have to pay $1.6 million to NFL. They pay the Padres rent because of the renovations, which didn’t happen, to the tune of almost FOUR MILLION. And this is not counting the $11.6 million Charger training camp, the TICKET GUARENTEE to the Chargers and of course the $300 million or so for the Padre’s new stadium. Hay caramba my head hurts, I can’t add that high.

Me think the city council been smoking mi pipa when I wasn’t looking. I know one thing - I need to get a pro team (and it doesn’t even have to be a winning team), move it to San Diego and watch the money roll in.

Hasta la vista.

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