July 16 2004


The Buck Stops. . .

This past week the U.S. Senate put the official stamp on what most of us had known for sometime; there was absolutely no reason for us to go to war against Iraq! Like dominos, each and every reason originally provided has fallen, one by one. With each reason for war debunked, the President kept shifting his reasons for going to war on Iraq.

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is serving as the goat for this debacle. But, what about the Congress? It quickly empowered President Bush with the authority to wage this pre-emptive war. The system failed when, at more than any other time it was needed, it failed to function. The Congress failed the American people. The Democratic process is a checks and balance process to preempt the hasty actions of a small group. Instead of our Senators and Congressman failed in checking, questioning, and verifying the need for war, they allowed themselves to be manipulated. They showed a lack of intestinal fortitude to stand in the face of the public’s desire to extract a price for the terrorist attack on the United States. They jumped on the bandwagon to wage war, without question. This despite the fact that France, Germany, the United Nations often repeated that the information we were basing our decisions on was wrong.

While there is enough blame to go around for this debacle, the one person who is most responsible for this country rushing into war is President George W. Bush. He is doing his best rope-a-dope impression trying to deflect criticism and insisting that the reasons for the war are still good despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

Lost in all this are the facts that the United States bombarded Iraq for a month – “Awe an Shock” – in order to pummel a country that had no Army, Navy, or Air force. This was a country that had to endure constant bombing and endure the tragedy of thousands of innocent Iraq citizens being killed, families destroyed and innumerable injuries. Then there are the hundreds of American deaths, the injured and crippled (mentally and physically) and the billions upon billions of dollars that has been spent. And the prospect of the deaths, injuries, and the continuing drain on our economy, to end anytime soon is dim.

In the ‘40s, Harry S. Truman’s Presidency was defined by one simple term: The Buck Stops Here. And he made the State of Missouri and the Nation proud. While it may appear that the CIA will bear the brunt of the intelligence fiasco, the “Buck” still remains on the President’s desk. It was Bush’s ultimate responsibility to do what was right and best for the country, he sets policy and direction and in that he failed the American people! By his failure to assume Presidential responsibility, President Bush shamed the State of Texas and the Nation.


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