July 14, 2000


No se deje Gente, the Corporate Utility Barons are ripping you off with their rate hikes!! One of the reasons vital utilities where regulated, initially, is for exactly what is occurring now CORPORATE GREED!! The people are at the mercy of the profit oriented Barons who CARE LITTLE ABOUT THE WELFARE OF THE PEOPLE!

They are exploiting the natural resources of this country at the expense of the people. When those natural resources are vital to the continued existence of the human race, such as water, electricity and natural gas they must be controlled by government. If necessary they must be totally a government entity just like the Army, Navy, etc... Boycott paying your utilities until our elected officials come to their senses and remove private profit making entities from playing any role in the production and distribution of our natural resources necessary to our very survival!


Guess we know now that our Senator Steve Peace is a total NERD and should never hold public office again. Perhaps he should go back to making movies like "The Attack by the Killer Tomatoes" which he produced before he decided he was smart enough to be a politician! His betrayal of the people of this state on deregu-lating the Public Utilities is rank amateurism or a complete sell out to the Utilities industry...


PREGUNTA: Is the rank smell of the utility de- regulation by `Short Circuit' Peace akin to the Quackenbush stench over his sell out to the multi-billion Insurance Industry????


The U/T rode to the rescue of Cowboy George Waters and his police desperadoes who launched a holy Jihad against the Mexican people and all the businesses on Highland Ave. from 3rd to 30th st. The U/T boys never did respond to the issue of the "hot dogs" of National City only enforcing the municipal code in the Barrios and not where the multi-billion dollar polluting auto industry Along "The Mile of Cars" is located at.


PREGUNTA: Any one else besides Tezzy notice the irony that these dudes on the "Mile of Cars" are the ones that encourage Americas love affair with cars and are mostly responsible for our "cruising" in their shiny car toys.


The City Clerk of Chula Vista swore in, at this week's Council Meeting, Daniel H. Muñoz Jr., as a member of the City's Economic Development Commission. Muñoz Jr. is the son of Daniel L. Muñoz Sr., and is the Editor and part owner of La Prensa San Diego. He is a resident of Chula Vista.


Congratulations to Don Rafael and Señora Amelia Ortiz on the occasion of their 39th wedding Anniversary! A family reception-celebration was held in their honor at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Art & Carmencita Ortiz in Chula Vista. Ca. The Ortiz' are retired after a long career working as a sub-contractor for the major home developers of San Diego County.


El Jefito is also pleased to announce the employment of his son Ruben Muñoz by Thielen & Associates, an advertising Agency home based in Fresno, Ca. As Media Director, he will be responsible for the firm's offices in Fresno, Sacramento, and San Diego. He is moving to Fresno where he will be making his home.

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