July 14, 2000


White America Has Lost Its Way

America is finding it difficult to live up to the precepts of the founding fathers, which are included in the Declaration of Independence, the Preamble of the Constitution of the United States of America and its attendant Articles, as well as the Amendments to The Constitution commonly known as the "Bill of Rights."

The continuing animosities and hostilities carried out against many of this country's minorities i.e. those who do not fit the mold and look of what is an acceptable "American" citizen is destructive and dangerous to America. Those who see themselves as the only rightful inheritors of these United States of America are those who carry within them the genes, appearance, mores, values and the `proper' Euro-etheno. These traits are fast becoming a minority among competing minorities. A situation which brings fear to them. The manifestation of these fears is exemplified by irrational attacks, whether physical or psychological, that are occurring on a daily basis against those whom are perceived as being of non Euro-etheno origin.

Perhaps the Founding Fathers never thought that they were creating a country that would eventually lose its large Etheno-European population. Or that it would have to come to terms with the fact that America would, if it lived up to its founding precepts, be a country with a diverse multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, multi-racial society. Or perhaps they did foresee this eventuality and that is why they wrote our founding "Bible" as they did.

What is troubling is that certain elements of our society have been trying to skew the founding documents when they imply that if your not European, White, Anglo and share only the European culture that you are not an American and are not welcome as such.

Perhaps what is needed is for the people of this country is to go back and re-read and absorb those truths and fundamentals which were so important to our country. You either believe them or you don't. What is clear is that our country is being destroyed piecemeal by some of the descendants of the Euro-Etheno Colonists of this country. Perhaps all of American society should remember that a great number of those founders were Hispanic, Mexican-Mestizos and indigenous who settled and lived in North America, Mezo America, and South America way before the Euro-Ethno invasion began.

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